Commercial for The North Face with Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold & Guillermo

  • 添加 2018年10月11日
  • Alex Honnold is a free solo climber who recently climbed a 3,000 foot rockface called El Capitan without a rope, and inspired Guillermo to achieve a similar goal.
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    Commercial for North Face with Rock Climber Alex Honnold & Guillermo视频.html
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评论 • 52

  • grandeurlies
    grandeurlies 9 天 前

    acting level: pornhub

  • WTF SF
    WTF SF 15 天 前

    I've never met Alex, but I've never been more happier for someone who's accomplished so much in life outside of this world that seems often like we're sheep being herded into parking lots, shopping websites and malls.

  • Elmo Blatch
    Elmo Blatch 个月 前

    Ah, the cringe-worthy promos and publicity that Alex's agent has cajoled him into. It's all in fun.

  • T0BBi94
    T0BBi94 个月 前

    This is clear proof that Guillermo should do his own talk show, Kimmel is the worst, so arrogant!

  • lwhite2152
    lwhite2152 个月 前


  • PowWolf Rider
    PowWolf Rider 个月 前

    Watch the movie.

  • Slomo Haimi
    Slomo Haimi 个月 前

    That is total nuts .....

  • John Tyler
    John Tyler 个月 前

    Awful advert. Who dreams these things up? Nobody with a brain. Not remotely funny.

  • comedycat2
    comedycat2 个月 前

    The look Alex gives the bottle as it flies away. 😄

  • eaaronjames
    eaaronjames 个月 前

    Best ever lmao

  • Tom Silverheart
    Tom Silverheart 个月 前 +2

    When is the documentary going to be released on TV/DVD or Internet ?

    • Trevor Clack
      Trevor Clack 个月 前

      Honnold in an interview said they were probably going to live stream it (but it's worth seeing in its full glory on the big screen) I don't doubt it'll be available on DVD. I'd conjecture it will be on Netflix and/or Hulu

  • Damp Toaster
    Damp Toaster 个月 前 +8

    this is so weird seeing alex act haha he has come a long way!

  • discorperted
    discorperted 个月 前

    He is turning into evel knievel... I am waiting for his mattel action figure

  • Tim England
    Tim England 个月 前

    You know, if he took the stairs it counts as climbing. Just saying.

  • D. Sebastián Núñez

    Alex and Guilermo nice combination. Both are awesome!!!!

  • J D
    J D 个月 前 +1

    Guillermo in any video is pure gold! Lol.

  • JungShook
    JungShook 个月 前 +67

    Wait I actually wanted to watch that dude climb up the theatre what the hell

    • olafminesaw2
      olafminesaw2 个月 前

      Their lawyer said no

    • Jake Buchan
      Jake Buchan 个月 前 +6

      It would have taken 30 seconds and he wouldn't have broken a sweat haha

    • Skyler.G
      Skyler.G 个月 前 +4

      JungShook He has much better and more interesting climbs. Should go check them out

  • Zeren Smith
    Zeren Smith 个月 前 +1

    Or the stairs I think elevator

  • Zeren Smith
    Zeren Smith 个月 前

    Funny he took the elevator I would do the same 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • New Message
    New Message 个月 前 +9

    Tequila is never a bad idea. That's what I told the Judge, anyhow.

  • Qin Mei
    Qin Mei 个月 前

    Guilermo is the BEST😂👍

  • Harish Naidu
    Harish Naidu 个月 前

    Dynamo - Guillermo😆😆😆.

  • Nature’s Dildo 🍌
    Nature’s Dildo 🍌 个月 前 +8

    Mountain climbers have very bland personalities.

    • Trent
      Trent 12 天 前

      good thing hes a rock climber and not a mountain climber

    • Kapsproductions
      Kapsproductions 个月 前

      You think he would be a hyper guy? He isn't scared of climbing a massive mountain solo, he is a calm and collected soul.

    • CanadianEH! BigNorth
      CanadianEH! BigNorth 个月 前 +4

      You clearly haven't met many climbers... as for honnold... I'd suspect that much of his calm demeanor is what enabled him to achieve what he achieved on El Capitan.

    CPT. PRICE 个月 前 +1

    subscribe me

  • Ashton Ginsburg
    Ashton Ginsburg 个月 前 +26

    I love Guilermo he’s actually a goat

  • Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri
    Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri 个月 前 +12

    What's Guillermo without tequila

  • the king of cool
    the king of cool 个月 前 +1

    Honnold is one bad motherfvcker

  • Belsa's Wonderland
    Belsa's Wonderland 个月 前 +1

    wow 5th

  • Sara Wilcker
    Sara Wilcker 个月 前 +1

    Is it fun in America to kinda mock foreigners with funny accents?

    • mathjoker
      mathjoker 个月 前

      Yes. Lots of denial in the replies though. Guaranteed if Guillermo had a midwestern accent he wouldn't have that gig.

    • eyescreamcake
      eyescreamcake 个月 前

      Wow. You think Guillermo's accent is "funny"? Just because he's a different ethnicity than you? That's messed up, man.

    • Tim England
      Tim England 个月 前

      Yes. Why isn't it fun in your country?

    • C T
      C T 个月 前 +7

      What are you taking about, Guillermo is funny as hell, it's not his accent but his antics we laugh at.

    • J G
      J G 个月 前 +6

      No one makes fun of his accent, he’s just funny that’s it

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    Yo Guilermo!

    -Take me to yo Guillermobile-

  • Lohit Kumar
    Lohit Kumar 个月 前

    1st like 5th view and 2nd comment for my buddy Guillermo

  • Christian Hammond
    Christian Hammond 个月 前