The World of Jake Paul

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    “The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing CNclipr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
    Thanks to:
    Jake Paul
    Kati Morton, Therapist
    Andrew Siwicki
    Erika Costell
    Chad Tepper
    Alissa Violet
    H3H3 Podcast
    Sarah Hawkinson
    Iris - Fae System
    Rewired Soul
    Marcus Butler Podcast
    No Jumper
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  • shane
    shane  8 个月 前 +6974

    Part 6 up NOW!视频.html

  • addison slattery
    addison slattery 天 前 +1


  • O TF
    O TF 天 前

    I’m Alex yassss!!

  • Puppies Forlife
    Puppies Forlife 天 前

    Stop at 17:23 and look at the dof

  • Owendafox Boi
    Owendafox Boi 天 前

    *jake, where we are?*

  • Gabby .R
    Gabby .R 天 前


    Jake: I’m 21

  • Just some trash
    Just some trash 天 前

    I don’t like Jake Paul but I must agree with this statement at 19:30

  • Melissa Molina
    Melissa Molina 天 前

    "Its like a golf cart on steroids" 🤣🤣 I-

    WATER MELON 2 天 前

    the entire kettle of tea spilled all over the ground

  • Brooklyn Cigan
    Brooklyn Cigan 2 天 前

    Ok, I like the Jake Paul who... shows his emotions and just... be himself, ya know? Not that I HATE the Jake that goes like "EVERYDAY BRO" but I'm not saying I... "Like" that version of him either.

    I love how this turns from a "Serious, no laughing (Not a lot!) Barely any jokes" to someone named Chad putting a mouse trap on their dick... wow. I love your vids Shane!

  • Ainsleys Nursery
    Ainsleys Nursery 2 天 前

    I might be a sociopath I’m not quite sure cause I never have had a signature laugh cause it used to be like a witch lol as now it’s like a tv show cartoon thing wahhhh

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf 2 天 前

    Sorry but how Erika said “send it” and then Jake just well sends it is kind of aesthetic to me lol

  • Taelor Taelor
    Taelor Taelor 2 天 前

    Anyone thinking damn why does she keep describing tana ?

  • Kaitlyn Baguette
    Kaitlyn Baguette 2 天 前

    Now Jake is quoting Aladdin.

  • Random Ish
    Random Ish 2 天 前

    Most successful ppl have sociopathic tendacies but harmless in the sense of societies safety

  • Random Ish
    Random Ish 2 天 前

    Shanes enabling 😂😂

  • Mador9
    Mador9 3 天 前

    Jake Paul is not a bad Person Shane did the wrong brother it should be logan paul.

  • evil betch
    evil betch 3 天 前 +1


    litterly nobody:

    not a fucking soul:

    Justin Roberts: SiX FIgUreS I wAS OnLY FoUr

  • Gabriela McLain
    Gabriela McLain 3 天 前


    shane: i need to pee

  • momoo
    momoo 3 天 前

    Why does Jake Paul and Jojo Siwa look and talk kinda similar?

  • Marsha Wullur
    Marsha Wullur 3 天 前

    i love how andrew is seems to always calming shane down.

  • Jenny Dolce
    Jenny Dolce 4 天 前

    Watching this now jake is better with tana

  • Mohamed Libaan
    Mohamed Libaan 4 天 前

    40:53 when you don’t like what you see but feel like you should still applaud

  • Neive O'Dwyer
    Neive O'Dwyer 4 天 前

    If shane didnt snort and laugh i would not watch his videos 😂

  • I’m a werido Hi
    I’m a werido Hi 4 天 前

    I’m sorry but the best part of this whole series is Shane in the Four wheeler screaming at Jake 😂❤️

  • Isabella Lambert
    Isabella Lambert 4 天 前

    oh my god shane on the ride XD

  • Jayla Keeny
    Jayla Keeny 4 天 前

    Who else is watching this after Erica and jake broke up dying of laughter when they say how good Erica is for him😂😂😂

  • applepiechannel
    applepiechannel 4 天 前

    Shane needs to put more ads.

  • linguine
    linguine 5 天 前

    *pizza time stops*

  • PINKtea !
    PINKtea ! 5 天 前 +1

    Detective Shane is on the case!!! 😂

  • Liliana Garcia
    Liliana Garcia 5 天 前

    This is how Many times Jake Paul said like.

  • Ily 3000
    Ily 3000 5 天 前

    Shane pees every ten seconds xD

  • Gregory Schaefer
    Gregory Schaefer 6 天 前

    “Leaders of religion.” JESUS WAS A FUCKING SOCIOPATH!!!!!!!!!

  • Princess SlinkyDisc42027

    what is the song at 2:22

  • moon child
    moon child 6 天 前 +2

    "are we sitting down now?"
    he seems so nervous omg

  • Diana B
    Diana B 6 天 前

    Shane:Is it dangerous?

  • Lady Hamilton xoxo
    Lady Hamilton xoxo 6 天 前

    I need to sleep but I'm keep watching

  • Kayla Lopez
    Kayla Lopez 6 天 前

    I haven’t seen any comments about how he put a fucking rat trap on his fucking dick like wtf

  • Bunny Kookiee
    Bunny Kookiee 6 天 前 +2

    I've never been so proud of Jake Paul :') like that closet is so neat and organized. I honestly didn't expect that.

  • Ty Avent
    Ty Avent 6 天 前 +4

    Shane: wait what are we doing?
    Erika: send it
    Shane: I don't wanna be in team 10 anymore 😂😂😂😂

  • Lacey Jones
    Lacey Jones 6 天 前

    ❤️❤️❤️ I love Shane for this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brian Gilroy
    Brian Gilroy 7 天 前

    I love u so much Shane

  • JJGamers1007
    JJGamers1007 7 天 前

    he bull shiting because anthony even said he handed it over to chance

  • Sawyer Horcher
    Sawyer Horcher 7 天 前

    We need a series on JoJo Siwa or James Charles

  • lil lois
    lil lois 7 天 前 +2

    1st. tana
    2nd. jeffree
    3rd. jake
    4th. donald

  • Cortez Loera
    Cortez Loera 7 天 前

    jake paul is a good human.

  • croc lover
    croc lover 7 天 前

    hasn't jake already seen the video of the therapist and shane meeting?

    • Kayla Lopez
      Kayla Lopez 6 天 前

      croc lover everything was filmed before posted so no

  • bella rose
    bella rose 7 天 前 +2

    Dr. Phil who?

  • Itsjustbellaandgrace Rainbowunicorns

    I like Jake Paul now

  • Loida Staiger
    Loida Staiger 8 天 前 +1

    Count how many times Jake says *like*

    also idk why, but when Jake said, "I-I like fish." it just cracked me up so hard xD

  • Potato *.*
    Potato *.* 8 天 前 +1

    Shane: Causally flexing Gucci backpack
    Me: And that's the tea

  • °strawberry°
    °strawberry° 8 天 前 +4

    How does he have a house bigger than my Hope's & dreams

  • Mary
    Mary 8 天 前 +1

    This was deep.

  • SpookyJefferson
    SpookyJefferson 8 天 前

    Ayyeee Alex! Nice to see him in a Shane Dawson video ❤️

  • Shelby Thompson
    Shelby Thompson 8 天 前

    I brunt my finger by dropping my hot pocket, I tried to pick it back up.

  • Pacifico
    Pacifico 8 天 前 +2

    I swear Jake Paul is literally a younger version of Jay Leno

  • Allison Clark
    Allison Clark 9 天 前

    Jake, where we are?

  • Allison Clark
    Allison Clark 9 天 前

    All of team 10 needs a whooping 😂

  • magda dawicz
    magda dawicz 9 天 前 +3

    Shane: a lot people think u guys are fake..
    *Erika fake laughes immediately*

  • _Azzy Gacha_
    _Azzy Gacha_ 9 天 前

    Aww he is so shy😆

  • sketchys
    sketchys 9 天 前

    i don't like the therapist girl, she's literally judging him so much over stupid things that any normal human can do.
    if someone says
    get in, we're going shopping (in this video's case it was get in, we're going to drive around in this car idk) you're not going to be like omg no you're convincing me to do something i don't want to do you're a sociopath. it just means that that person is used to getting what they want.
    i'm not a jake pauler, i don't enjoy watching his videos until now same for logan but in any case no deserves to be treated like that and i just don't like the therapist's attitude towards him. she's acting like he's a lab rat or something and she's doing experiments on him.

  • Azuro
    Azuro 9 天 前

    bruh momet

  • Chloe Thomsen
    Chloe Thomsen 9 天 前

    I'm like Jake too. One house work and chores. Another is have fun and be yourself.

  • rung rungratcha
    rung rungratcha 10 天 前

    I just think he is raised by bad parents who ignored his madness and didn't do anything to stop him or let them know that what ever things he does are bad. Like a kid I met that chew and eat so loud because no one told him that it is rude and yes, both of his parents chew loudly too ( he told me after he realized it)

    ABBAS HUSSAIN 10 天 前 +1

    11:55 “No they like you” I actually felt really bad

  • Tails 64 gaming
    Tails 64 gaming 10 天 前

    kill him he is a dick

  • MilkToast
    MilkToast 10 天 前

    42:08 - 42:30 me in gta

  • werd flow
    werd flow 10 天 前

    Dude you just were never around kids having fun, why are you acting like him riding dirt bikes is so crazy ease up and chill the fuck out you girl

  • werd flow
    werd flow 10 天 前

    Acts like hes dying when he runs through rat traps like dude calm the fuck down you soft pussy

  • werd flow
    werd flow 10 天 前

    She works with eating disorders dude you're such a dumbass

  • DeAnna McCrimmon
    DeAnna McCrimmon 10 天 前


  • Safia Salhi drissi
    Safia Salhi drissi 10 天 前

    ''Jake where we are'' I choked.

  • Jackie Gonzalez
    Jackie Gonzalez 10 天 前

    Lol that’s was funny

  • Jessy Palmer
    Jessy Palmer 10 天 前


  • Caylee R.
    Caylee R. 11 天 前

    Shane is litterally looking at the pantry and talking to the therapist lady at the same time

  • Caylee R.
    Caylee R. 11 天 前 +5

    Dude, solution: SEND HIM TO THE RANCH

  • Mr. Stick :3
    Mr. Stick :3 11 天 前

    Awww he looked so innocent when he was 12

  • Ieva1 Velberga
    Ieva1 Velberga 11 天 前

    Dude, i don't wanna say it, but.... Remember in Friends where Phoebe was dating that weird dude, a psychiatrist and he said that Candler was using jokes as a defence mechanism because his parents divorced before he hit puberty. Doesn't that remind you a bit of Jake? His parents divorced when he was 8 and he's always doing crazy shit, being loud and telling jokes. All that shit.

  • Parker hILL
    Parker hILL 11 天 前

    I honestly feel bad for him now...

  • Nariah Mullins
    Nariah Mullins 11 天 前

    random question... but what was the song played at the end called?

  • Youtube! Lol
    Youtube! Lol 11 天 前 +1

    The part When shane says i have been doing the most intensive revision and then asks jake his age still makes me laugh to this day

  • Echo_ Lin
    Echo_ Lin 11 天 前 +1

    Shane is like a therapist

  • Omar
    Omar 12 天 前

    Chad is totally retard

  • Pisces x
    Pisces x 12 天 前

    shane just proves how easy it is to get sucked into this behaviour and environment!.. social determinism at its finest.

  • jct0202
    jct0202 12 天 前

    Jake is really different from his videos. He seems pretty chill and most of the time confused. I like him tho. He is not like what the bashers say he is.

  • Cassandra Nicole
    Cassandra Nicole 12 天 前

    Lmao when Shane said where we are in the dun buggy Lol

  • Numptee
    Numptee 12 天 前

    Greg Paul sleeps in something that little children typically climb inside....why am I not surprised...

  • susan nichols
    susan nichols 12 天 前

    I do t think he’s a phosiopath I mean he doesn’t lie and true to make excuses. That’s what a phosiopath is

  • Krystal Wolf
    Krystal Wolf 12 天 前

    Jake paul's dad isn't a weirdo he FUCKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Dhountal
    Jessica Dhountal 12 天 前

    Am I the only one feeling guilty by contributing likes making JaKe more famous?!?!😢

    RHIHEDGEHOG 2006 12 天 前

    was i the only one when they went on the rides and was like I WANNA DO THAT im sorry it just looks so fun and cool!!!

  • Jimin has got no jAmS

    I honestly really like how he is in Shane's video. Not only thinking he is a human being but ACTUALLY LIKING HIM. If in his videos he was like right here (not too crazy but not too serious) he would be one of my favourite youtubers. And I feel really bad because he knows nobody likes him and I can see that he feels sad.... My opinion

  • SSSniper Cat
    SSSniper Cat 13 天 前 +1

    Jake can’t even finish his own sentence

  • Elexis Russell
    Elexis Russell 13 天 前

    Omg I can see it in his face when he doesn’t now how he feels

  • Macy C
    Macy C 13 天 前

    Hehe Shane 🥰🥰 you're such an empath!!!! We love you 🥰🥰

  • Alayna Jenkins
    Alayna Jenkins 13 天 前

    and like and like and like and like and like

  • OnionHaSee Ow • 169 years ago

    Andrew are u ok?🤔

  • thesawyer white
    thesawyer white 13 天 前

    Ok, jake is wrong I’m from Ohio, I never did “dumb shit” to entertain myself!

  • Syd Da Squid
    Syd Da Squid 13 天 前

    Shane's reaction to the ATV😂 i have a Polaris rzr those things are fun as hell

  • Hannah Parmer
    Hannah Parmer 13 天 前

    Jake Paul and Shane Dawson Wattpad coming soon 😂😗