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    GREGORY OPONDI 12 小时 前

    Hey James, when are you going against Alex Clark?

  • chris hepburn
    chris hepburn 12 小时 前

    Ha so funny oh and Iam not a boy Iam a girl
    Named Selena

  • Boo and bee
    Boo and bee 12 小时 前


  • Karon Pad
    Karon Pad 12 小时 前

    Shut the fuck up sally

  • Arley the Dragon floof
    Arley the Dragon floof 13 小时 前

    0:35 me screaming when there is an annoying fly

  • A is for ariel
    A is for ariel 14 小时 前

    The start lol

  • the mystery guy
    the mystery guy 14 小时 前

    0:26 I almost die hahahahahahahahab

  • Hank Wimbleton
    Hank Wimbleton 14 小时 前

    I actually had a shiny Charizard card but...... I lost it

  • Blue the velociraptor
    Blue the velociraptor 14 小时 前

    Watching 1month later but I watched this the time is cam out

  • TheGamerxx08
    TheGamerxx08 14 小时 前

    Love you

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 小时 前

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  • Uuvia Noodle
    Uuvia Noodle 15 小时 前

    ''How'd this guy win? He didn't even call uno.''

  • Merwin Akshay
    Merwin Akshay 15 小时 前

    Love your vids odd

  • Ellen Sullivan
    Ellen Sullivan 15 小时 前

    WE ARE VENOM are you YES you must be sick cuz you have a sickness venom WE WILL yeah yeah go to the doctor WE WILL EAT BOTH YOUR ARMS yeah I don’t care GRRRR YOU WILL JOIN VENOM nah I know who to join theodd1sout 😎

  • Mischief Rebecca
    Mischief Rebecca 16 小时 前

    OMG I was playing monopoly with my twin sister a few years ago, and we were violently fighting..... it did not go well

    I laughed so hard in the beginning, I snorted like 20 times

  • MJHas TheirIdentityHidden

    The first 40 seconds are me and my siblings playing monopoly XD

  • That one panda Animations

    when someone says its not your turn 0:26

  • Nuggets BEWARE
    Nuggets BEWARE 16 小时 前

    PUT IT IN CAPTIONS oh my gawd! on my crib with caps its 10x better and funnier! Slay james...just slay

  • Ava Mercado
    Ava Mercado 16 小时 前

    My brother has tons of magic card and we know how to play it

  • Heeshwaar Mohan
    Heeshwaar Mohan 16 小时 前


  • Tygra Gaming
    Tygra Gaming 16 小时 前

    I have a golden shiny Richu.

  • Malayo-Indonesia ball
    Malayo-Indonesia ball 16 小时 前

    #### up

  • Diana Izem
    Diana Izem 17 小时 前

    Alex will wreck you

  • Dave ThePig-Gaming
    Dave ThePig-Gaming 17 小时 前


  • Wests Gaming
    Wests Gaming 17 小时 前

    Guyyyyyyyys the magic cards are now sooooo popular at my school

  • CaudillMTB_Racing
    CaudillMTB_Racing 18 小时 前

    Anyone ever played exploding kittens or unstable unicorns

  • Jasper Wilhelm
    Jasper Wilhelm 18 小时 前

    99.9% triggered 😈

  • Evan Frank
    Evan Frank 18 小时 前

    I have the charzard

  • Doritos for lifee
    Doritos for lifee 18 小时 前


  • Flamey 712
    Flamey 712 18 小时 前

    Yea magic

  • grimnear gamer
    grimnear gamer 18 小时 前

    because it is, before watching the video I thought: ah, it will be cool to play monopolly with my friends! after almost two hours
    playing, one of the participants of the game got so rich, that the game's
    be: Pay every time you play and do not
    receive you no profit! he will not negotiate EVER! so I realized: wow, how boring. What the video said was true! So I stopped playing, almost strangling him. But today, I learned a lesson ... Never spend money on games like monopolly.

  • The wright Channel
    The wright Channel 18 小时 前

    I do

  • Noam Kassirer
    Noam Kassirer 18 小时 前

    I know how to play pokémon

  • Dash Incredible
    Dash Incredible 18 小时 前

    I want the game

  • Lucy Pug Roblox
    Lucy Pug Roblox 18 小时 前

    Haha he said I’m gonna kick you in the balls

  • Isaias Aguirre-Mar
    Isaias Aguirre-Mar 18 小时 前


  • Hikara Studios
    Hikara Studios 19 小时 前

    I wish I screamed like that

  • PANDOEgamer YT
    PANDOEgamer YT 19 小时 前

    0:29 xD “Stfu Sally”😂😂😂

  • TheEmeraldWarrior YT
    TheEmeraldWarrior YT 19 小时 前

    I kind of know how to play the Pokemon game

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett 19 小时 前 +1

    me at my tv aftter i lose 2nd in fortnite

  • Orange Eagle
    Orange Eagle 19 小时 前

    What about Tetris

  • Swift Pawz
    Swift Pawz 19 小时 前


  • Eeveelution gamer
    Eeveelution gamer 19 小时 前

    I just get Pokemon cards . 😏😓

  • Kevdogg 925
    Kevdogg 925 19 小时 前

    Yooo he is challenging Ricegum

  • payton p
    payton p 19 小时 前


  • MysticalBri YT
    MysticalBri YT 20 小时 前

    i have that shiny charizard card from my aunt...I SUMMON MEH CHARIZARD!! in murder mode lol.

  • Austin Eicher
    Austin Eicher 20 小时 前

    I know how to play Pokémon

  • Walverack 0909
    Walverack 0909 20 小时 前

    5:57 i just noticed that harry is part of the book
    *and kirby.*

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet 20 小时 前

    i know im not the only one that noticed that james hasnt mead a comic since 2017 freaking last year is he ever going to make more or...

  • islander strong
    islander strong 20 小时 前

    Magic is awesome

  • ComfyCat
    ComfyCat 20 小时 前


  • Aidan Enos
    Aidan Enos 20 小时 前

    I'm better at magic than you.

  • sebastian martino
    sebastian martino 20 小时 前

    I know this game magik it was fun but i forgot the rules

  • Dude and Ajax
    Dude and Ajax 20 小时 前

    If Harry were still here, I don't think they would be playing Board games but instead trying to figure out what to do with him.

  • svcruz
    svcruz 20 小时 前

    I have a shiny charzar and his good move can take 300 damig

  • RockyRoad73726 SQUAD
    RockyRoad73726 SQUAD 20 小时 前

    But me on the other hand

    Yugio fo LIFE!!!

  • Divine Klutsey
    Divine Klutsey 20 小时 前

    Me looking at James's subs. Nine million. NINE million. WHAT?

  • Randy Moss
    Randy Moss 20 小时 前

    I play Pokémon card game

  • itsky Camila
    itsky Camila 20 小时 前

    Put it on with captions XD

  • Arkham Knight15882
    Arkham Knight15882 21 小时 前

    Alex challenges you to chess boxing

  • Exotic Butters421
    Exotic Butters421 21 小时 前


  • Funtime Omar
    Funtime Omar 21 小时 前

    Hey James I challenged u in checkers😈😈😈😈😈

  • The Cat Queen
    The Cat Queen 21 小时 前

    I have the shiny charzard card

  • BIG Harry Potter fan
    BIG Harry Potter fan 21 小时 前

    i know how to play

  • The Cat Queen
    The Cat Queen 21 小时 前

    I spent so long on this video because I was rewatching from 10 seconds to 20 seconfs and I just cept laughing

  • dtrain bro
    dtrain bro 21 小时 前

    Pokemon is really fun to play

  • Choos 1288
    Choos 1288 21 小时 前

    Lol the start

  • Ashton Pham
    Ashton Pham 21 小时 前

    2007 is one year before my birth year

  • Nerd face
    Nerd face 21 小时 前

    I know how to play

  • Trailblazer Gaming
    Trailblazer Gaming 21 小时 前

    I Know how to play Pokemon

  • Kathy Yeager
    Kathy Yeager 21 小时 前


  • zainab rana
    zainab rana 21 小时 前

    1:13 best part I suck

  • Unicorn wolfgirl
    Unicorn wolfgirl 21 小时 前

    Sorry I love chess lol

  • bigred 78
    bigred 78 21 小时 前

    I know how to play the Pokemon card game

  • Jack Kuhl
    Jack Kuhl 21 小时 前

    the last thing you want in your burger king burger is somebodies foot fungus

  • El Swagger
    El Swagger 22 小时 前

    That’s not how you PLAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Cat that Scribblez Draws


  • Lauren Heagy
    Lauren Heagy 22 小时 前

    Omg i love magic

  • Mark Sawa
    Mark Sawa 22 小时 前

    You have the best drawing. I LOVE IT!!

  • Foxy The pirate fox from FNaF

    0:06 - 0:37 LMFAO IM DYING

  • Trikzsterrr Jeckala
    Trikzsterrr Jeckala 22 小时 前

    Also if you are in the same town or area I will play you in magic the gathering if you would be up to it.

  • Trikzsterrr Jeckala
    Trikzsterrr Jeckala 22 小时 前

    I has it card

  • Hydra
    Hydra 22 小时 前

    My favorite card game is Card-Jitsu

  • Vored 89
    Vored 89 22 小时 前

    Alex clark challenged you to chess boxing

  • Nicole McFarlane
    Nicole McFarlane 22 小时 前

    My Dad works at a magic cad shop

  • Elizabeth Mendoza
    Elizabeth Mendoza 23 小时 前

    When i play with my children, they call it the ☆♡ ,HURRY UP and GET GROUNDED game!

  • Elsa’s videos
    Elsa’s videos 23 小时 前

    I think I’m the 1% of people because when I play Monopoly it always ends with someone winning instead of someone who smashes the table

  • Mew
    Mew 23 小时 前

    5:58 Like if you saw Harry the Moth

  • Vivian Guo
    Vivian Guo 23 小时 前

    I dooo

  • rhianna music
    rhianna music 23 小时 前

    3:57-4:09 KSI and LOGAN WERE TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarkAsNightGames #1
    DarkAsNightGames #1 23 小时 前

    And yes I dont know how to play! Every one wanted cool ones or strong ones! I have a lot of strong ones! That were like 259 XP sooo yea...!

  • DarkAsNightGames #1
    DarkAsNightGames #1 23 小时 前

    Humanity: 20% computers: 70%

  • Dereck The cool
    Dereck The cool 23 小时 前 +1

    O Love it 35:

  • King Doom
    King Doom 23 小时 前

    I know how to play Pokémon you fight

  • Xx Z1nQ xX
    Xx Z1nQ xX 23 小时 前 +1

    Moply. Iz. Kol. Ad. Sooz. Iz. Moo. And. Sooz. Iz. Sry. And. Soorry.

  • Jinbai Guo
    Jinbai Guo 23 小时 前

    UUmmmmmm what did you just say ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😑

  • Jayden Magee
    Jayden Magee 23 小时 前

    I love magic i have a huge collection

  • AleEd Hurtado
    AleEd Hurtado 天 前

    you have a deck of cards and you fight each other with the cards and the stronger card wins an thats how you play with pokemon cards

  • wooshy boomy boom

    nice roast to jacksepticeye james (jk)

  • Joker
    Joker 天 前