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  • pinneapeleman123

    I’m SORRY for that fight in the beginning

  • AJDoes Gaming
    AJDoes Gaming 天 前

    i could watch a marathon of these animations, bloody hilarious, #MEGALOL

  • Ya Girl Wilford
    Ya Girl Wilford 天 前

    *Howd this guy win he didnt even call uno*

  • 8 bit Adamantium
    8 bit Adamantium 天 前 +1

    The board you showed in chess was a draw and you presented it like it was a victory

  • The New Porcia
    The New Porcia 天 前


  • LySinXI3on VG player

    Make more CNclip videos!!!!!!!!

  • Yogesh Sane
    Yogesh Sane 天 前

    Them shiny charizard is worth tops 7000 bucks. U don’t need a job now. 😜😜😄😄😲😲😲

  • Tj daDj
    Tj daDj 天 前

    2:21 he just stalemated, he didn't defeat him its a draw lol

  • xDreamyMoonlight


    I died😂😂

  • beyaz gölge ft patates

    Dolduralım Türklere ı love ➡TURKEY⬅

  • тeн ѕʏaʀɪғ
    тeн ѕʏaʀɪғ 天 前 +1

    i master of chess.

  • Book Forager12
    Book Forager12 天 前

    *throws down three draw four cards*
    "HOW COULD YOU!!" screams sister.
    Holds up Sorry box.

  • Len Musumeci
    Len Musumeci 天 前 +1

    I just noticed:
    Battleship: you either miss, or you hit.
    *mOrE lIke HiT oR mIsS!*

  • Hamers #87
    Hamers #87 天 前

    I always called it snakes and ladders because I’m from australia 🇦🇺

  • JuiceQuackFox 32

    5:57 Kirby is in the collection so master hand using his best move 👌

  • Jazz the Spazz
    Jazz the Spazz 天 前

    I hv lots of cards and don’t know how to play the game

  • Jazz the Spazz
    Jazz the Spazz 天 前


  • Gold Crusher
    Gold Crusher 天 前

    Nice viedo 👌

  • nikki jay
    nikki jay 天 前

    Were you 11 in 2007? Cause I was born in 2007

  • Jpunk plays
    Jpunk plays 天 前

    James i have the card game in display only for displaying get it displaying

  • Oh Ya ya
    Oh Ya ya 天 前

    Oh ya ya

  • Savannah C
    Savannah C 天 前

    I could barely breathe within the first😂💛🌻. I AM STILL LAUGHING AND CANT STOP, poor sally.

  • Anthony Porter-Fuentes

    I rage when my parents make me play 50 card pick up 😡😡😡

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 天 前

    Oh yeah yeah!

  • Lily Kay
    Lily Kay 天 前 +1

    I have sooo many Pokémon cards but I can’t and don’t know how the play Pokémon card game sorry

    Omg some on liked me comment...............oh wait.....that was me🤣...

  • Olielikespies
    Olielikespies 天 前 +1

    Come on James
    Chessbox me now and we can make them pay 12$ then end it in a draw
    Now chessbox me JAMES

  • Nadina Rusu
    Nadina Rusu 天 前

    Does anyone know the song at 00:00

  • Alfredo The best!

    Lol I love the beginning

  • codking 65
    codking 65 天 前

    I know how to play the pokemon card game

  • X x x MEMESTAR x x X

    Oh no no

  • Ulises Murillo
    Ulises Murillo 天 前


  • Jack Tilley
    Jack Tilley 天 前

    5:57 got em ( the card at the bottom right )

  • Emma Pullman
    Emma Pullman 天 前

    Omg I laughed every time I watched this I showed all of my friends and we watched it like a 100 times and we laughed every time it's so funny I love your vids and you r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  • rainbowwoambow zapz


  • Katrina Ramos
    Katrina Ramos 天 前

    My friend's sister collects magic cards

  • Ralph Nguyen
    Ralph Nguyen 天 前

    My friend Zane has the shiny charizard

  • Roman Oxnam
    Roman Oxnam 天 前


  • cristina delatorre

    Hey James from the odd 1out another CNclipr called the gaming beaver and his name James to

  • Arianna Martin
    Arianna Martin 天 前


  • Luka Brisebois
    Luka Brisebois 天 前

    Lol this is awsome

  • Random nerd person ,

    I just got that shiny charizard card for my birthday.

  • chido2900
    chido2900 天 前

    4:42 Damnn ur breath stinks

  • Diego Arellano
    Diego Arellano 天 前

    Hit or 4:29

  • Diego Arellano
    Diego Arellano 天 前

    hit or miss

  • Heather Stadelhofer

    Logan Paul would beat you

  • Alayna Scripter
    Alayna Scripter 天 前

    I like white trash butterflies 😂

  • Henry Herrod
    Henry Herrod 天 前

    i love him so much more now that i know he likes mtg

  • Tommy L
    Tommy L 天 前 +1

    just saying, James, made around $70000 off of this video

  • JulianX9 y Dawn
    JulianX9 y Dawn 天 前

    more people play magic now?? y need play with friends... but... i very stupid for do spam
    (My english is bad... sorry)

  • Gina Gong
    Gina Gong 天 前 +1

    I know how to play Pokémon! If u wanna learn I can teach you!💕

  • Sho Marufuji456
    Sho Marufuji456 天 前

    7:42, that´s because it gives you free advantage, and in card games, that is so powerful.

  • Tunaki Gray
    Tunaki Gray 天 前 +1

    I know how to play pokemon

  • Potato Lia
    Potato Lia 天 前



    *hIt oR mI$$*

  • The animated Rabbit

    Exploding kittens is my favourite card game and then there’s you’ve got crabs which is also amazing

  • Blue TheAndroidYT


  • Jake da person
    Jake da person 天 前


  • Frixer 753
    Frixer 753 天 前

    I've been watching your videls and i love them. New sub ;).

  • Emily Hein
    Emily Hein 天 前


    LOLZ GAMEZ 天 前


  • Soup
    Soup 天 前


  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez 天 前

    I’m better than you at chest

  • Squirrelz Place
    Squirrelz Place 天 前

    Uh oh light 😂

  • Emma Waage
    Emma Waage 天 前

    4:55 I never new how to play Pokémon

  • Mekio young
    Mekio young 天 前

    I have over a thousand Pokemon cards

  • Zach Edwards
    Zach Edwards 天 前

    Tabletop games (feat. Life Noggin)

  • Gay Star-Lord
    Gay Star-Lord 天 前

    I hate how much I love Card Wars because I literally don’t know anyone who plays it

  • Rôm
    Rôm 天 前

    I want to learn this pterodactyl scream so hard

  • strictjungle 795

    The bleeps LOL ☺️

  • kingston boboq
    kingston boboq 天 前

    TheOdd1sOut is my favorite youtuber

  • Fudge Man
    Fudge Man 天 前

    This is a Neopet card? 👌🏻? and so are Bowser and Kirby?

    Easter Eggs

  • Zenvo Kid
    Zenvo Kid 天 前


  • Michael Callahan

    If they beat you CUT THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE

  • Michael Callahan

    That literally my game night

  • Heyitsmeels Animations

    0:06-0:36 is literally my family when we play board games........we might have a problem like we are way to competitive especially me and my older sister. We are ready to kill each other if we know the other one cheated......Yeah we definitely have a problem. I also love sorry because I get to scream at someone SORRYYY

  • Chungus 69
    Chungus 69 天 前

    That's me when I'm playing a game

  • Husky_Q.T
    Husky_Q.T 天 前

    D6 is a wenis

  • Tiffany Davies
    Tiffany Davies 天 前


  • ilyes kerdioui
    ilyes kerdioui 天 前

    My Family is just bad they all hate eachother and theres just pain everywere in our family but theodd1sout makes me a reason to live we never did something together we just get tablets the whole day and my mom dosent care and my dad is never home

  • pixel panda
    pixel panda 天 前

    That's not how you plaaaaaaaaaaaay! Ahahahahahahhahhahayahahh!

  • Gracie J
    Gracie J 天 前

    Why is he in a jail cell?

  • Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen 天 前

    I have all the Egyptian cards and the blue eyes dragon

  • Yeab Allen
    Yeab Allen 天 前

    I do not know how to play

  • The Bomb man
    The Bomb man 天 前

    *Hit or miss I guess they never miss huh*

  • Thomas Corrigan
    Thomas Corrigan 天 前

    Oh no no

  • Lily Tabar
    Lily Tabar 天 前

    I have spent many hours of free time during class quoting this video.

  • DaGaming Snake
    DaGaming Snake 天 前

    Does James use Adobe animate?

  • Gothic Girl
    Gothic Girl 天 前

    I heard somewhere that Snakes and Ladders came from India and it's originally about good karma and enlightenment

  • Furry Master
    Furry Master 天 前

    sou o unico brasileiro que assiste ele?

  • Xx_WoldieWolf_xX ;3

    What did the librarian say to the children?

    Read more

  • Bhavya Krishna
    Bhavya Krishna 天 前

    3:55 Burn ricegum

  • Hyperstop
    Hyperstop 天 前

    I....I play the Pokémon card game and it isn’t to hard but it is kinda of complicated

  • Randy K Holt
    Randy K Holt 天 前

    That’s not how you ppppppppllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Brittany Thornton

    I know how to play both Pokemon and magic

  • Randy K Holt
    Randy K Holt 天 前

    5:15 look at the top left

  • Jean Luis Serret

    Just just don't fight

  • EtherealCereal
    EtherealCereal 天 前

    0:35 TheOdd1’sOut = Sr Pelo
    0:23 that too.

  • FranOKA
    FranOKA 天 前

    An Argentinian player of Pokemon's Card Game in 5:39 . Aguante Argentina viejo

  • guest doy
    guest doy 天 前

    Me to