Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


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  • Antraeus
    Antraeus 11 小时 前

    I think he's an NFJ type.

  • Charmaine Castro

    Aawww man, I can’t believe you just wasted those egg whites. I’m sorry I find that very sad because I utilize every part of my product. 😭

  • Jonathan McManus

    How did Brad pass up the opportunity to say "but things Pammed out"?!

  • Kolor
    Kolor 2 天 前

    When my parents bought there house the previous owners left an electric maker I am going to save this video so when I go back home my mom and I can make this.

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 3 天 前

    I wonder if he uses activated sourdough starter or starter that is hungry. Maybe its hungry starter to impart the sour flavor.

  • 0x13horizon
    0x13horizon 4 天 前

    HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE BUT ENJOY WHITE CHOCOLATE? It’s outrageous I could never understand. Can somebody who likes white chocolate explain what exactly is enjoyable about it ??

  • Christopher Armstrong

    The random little fx add to the channel!!!!

  • S G
    S G 5 天 前

    brad yelling out "CLAAIIIRE!" the second he can't make a cookie is a big mood

  • Keaton David Banta
    Keaton David Banta 6 天 前

    i want more judy, she calls people "babe", that means she's nice.

  • YaBoiiiHarry UwU
    YaBoiiiHarry UwU 9 天 前

    *my butter blew up*

  • Amy Robert
    Amy Robert 9 天 前

    Super Easy*

  • JannieJubille
    JannieJubille 10 天 前

    15:27 Next Pastry Chef Attempts to Make: {Gourmet} ChocoTacos

  • Elliot Welsh
    Elliot Welsh 10 天 前

    i want to see vinny

  • Shayyan Sarlak
    Shayyan Sarlak 10 天 前

    when he says pam pam pam does anyone else think of micheal scott

  • antonio femia
    antonio femia 10 天 前

    "i fail at something almost everyday probably" I feel you Brad

  • Olivia Hess
    Olivia Hess 11 天 前

    BRAD MAKES COMPOST. Makes everyone in the kitchen also compost.

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller 12 天 前

    How is it I’ve never seen this one?? This was high drama! From the Starter Snafu to the Claire cameo, all the way to the ice cream sandwich denouement, I was at the edge of my seat. I’m exhausted. I need a cookie....👏👏👏👏😋😋😋😂😂😂

  • Kimberly Allan
    Kimberly Allan 13 天 前

    PAM! (that part made me cry with laughter)

  • F Con
    F Con 13 天 前

    I never actually knew Brad had hair until 6:28

  • Andika Hetris
    Andika Hetris 13 天 前

    Funniest one so far

  • Jill S
    Jill S 14 天 前 +2

    im so attracted to him
    thats it

  • Mariel De Lara
    Mariel De Lara 15 天 前

    Brad looks like he gives the best hugs

  • Issac Morales
    Issac Morales 15 天 前

    How does someone become “senior associate food editor” without liking chocolate?

  • Shayera Thal
    Shayera Thal 16 天 前

    I pammed it!
    vinney did he pam it?
    It's like me with my daughter haha

  • pierre-michel Grenoblais

    when you cleaned the mold with the paper towel you took it up and off the fire perhaps that was the problem

  • Anthony Cirino
    Anthony Cirino 17 天 前

    God I love her

  • bettina bedicks
    bettina bedicks 18 天 前

    i wish brad and claire dated

  • Alberto Alperpaşa
    Alberto Alperpaşa 18 天 前

    Where are the effects in this vid?

  • robot kitty porn
    robot kitty porn 19 天 前

    We just ignoring that at 2:20 his mixer sparked

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith 19 天 前

    I don't even cook but this is one of the most entertaining videos I've ever watched

  • Info123aqua
    Info123aqua 19 天 前

    EVERYTHING *PAMMED* OUT!!!!😋 ok I’m dumb lol

  • Brock Davis
    Brock Davis 19 天 前

    I think he accidentally referenced The Office with the “Pam Pam” thing 😂

  • Erik Storm
    Erik Storm 20 天 前

    Honestly. When he realized he forgot the crucial step of the starter they should have just re-filmed it. Why put something out on a professional cooking channel that's half assed? You have a lot of rambling, which gets confusing, and then you have your steps out of order, and don't seem confident on how to make the recipe. Maybe this should have been a job for Claire?

  • Mike McMahon
    Mike McMahon 21 天 前

    god I hate being that guy but I ship Brad and Claire lol

  • dearjulia
    dearjulia 22 天 前

    11:06 when he said bambam I immediately thought of got7’s bambam HAHAHAHA

  • Cut,Unbox, And Review

    does anyone know what kind of knife he is using? thank you in advance

  • wiinux
    wiinux 23 天 前

    still waiting for claire to come back and try :(

  • Cub Plays
    Cub Plays 24 天 前

    I think I've found a new favourite series

  • Hem P
    Hem P 27 天 前

    The whole time I thought he was PAM PAM from the office

  • Ezra Kore
    Ezra Kore 28 天 前

    Honestly, we need more Lau and Alex Delany

  • Patrick Lopez
    Patrick Lopez 28 天 前

    19:04 good fellas reference lol

  • zack walker
    zack walker 29 天 前

    Brad pls don't get salmonella

  • Kyle Wakefield
    Kyle Wakefield 29 天 前

    Is Brad like this off camera too? 😂😂

  • sabrina Rozolem-Silva

    I legit love Brad 😹

  • patientno17
    patientno17 个月 前

    pam pAM

  • Christine Montero
    Christine Montero 个月 前

    brad & claire forever

  • Izzy Muse
    Izzy Muse 个月 前

    7:23 this man really just broke out into some imaginary nostalgia..
    Also 7:33 Chris finds it just as funny as we do (but we get editing with it)

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson 个月 前

    Micheal Scott of the kitchen

  • Edward Prado
    Edward Prado 个月 前

    We never deserved Brad.

  • Hashtag Travels
    Hashtag Travels 个月 前

    Why did he throw the rest of those eggs out?? 😱

    • Ballskin
      Ballskin 个月 前 +1

      +Hashtag Travels x)

    • Hashtag Travels
      Hashtag Travels 个月 前

      +Ballskin lol okay. I've rewatched it and yeah my bad.. 😂

    • Ballskin
      Ballskin 个月 前 +1

      They're just two whites..

  • Riley Kaitlyn
    Riley Kaitlyn 个月 前

    if you took a shot every time somebody called the camera man "vinnie" or "vince" throughout this video, you would take 28 shots.

  • Geo Stelar
    Geo Stelar 个月 前

    That Molly and Brad moment was gold lol

  • adam livermore
    adam livermore 个月 前

    "A tablespoon sized, uh... dr... dose? Dose."

  • Riley Robideau
    Riley Robideau 个月 前

    16:37 wow vinnie actually spoke on camera

  • Corrin Berglund
    Corrin Berglund 个月 前

    I think I am in love with him. 😲 haha

  • Anna Stephens
    Anna Stephens 个月 前 +1

    I had 3 squarespace adverts interrupting such a lovely video. sad and angry times indeed

  • George Mason
    George Mason 个月 前

    You can play my songs for free gimme and email address to send files to.

  • María José
    María José 个月 前

    why is brad always high

  • kariaurora15
    kariaurora15 个月 前

    Brads reaction to her not liking chocolate but liking white chocolate was my EXACT reaction to my husband when he shared the same thing with me.
    “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

  • Luke Fortin
    Luke Fortin 个月 前

    Lau is hot af

  • SKM Net
    SKM Net 个月 前


  • Hailey M
    Hailey M 个月 前 +1

    Life lesson: Always Pam it harder.

  • Lilly3344
    Lilly3344 个月 前

    Brad can like GET IT

  • Erwin Balingasa
    Erwin Balingasa 个月 前 +4


  • MinishLIVE
    MinishLIVE 个月 前

    1:07 ಠᴗಠ

  • Christine Crosby
    Christine Crosby 个月 前

    The Test Kitchen Staff:
    Part time chefs
    Full time improv comics

  • NotThatGoodHD
    NotThatGoodHD 个月 前

    If Brad doesn't use garlic... Did he even really cook?

  • blueskythinking83
    blueskythinking83 个月 前

    What's this guy been smoking? I need summa that

  • Lucas Surgeon
    Lucas Surgeon 个月 前

    Id love it if you used my music.

  • David Ribeiro
    David Ribeiro 个月 前

    3:58 Marry me, Molly!!

  • movi3srock
    movi3srock 个月 前

    Sooooo like a real life Luke Danes

  • C GrayGirl
    C GrayGirl 个月 前 +24

    Brads reaction to Molly disliking chocolate , and then his reaction again to Molly liking White Chocolate ... priceless! Lol

  • Jewell Morgan
    Jewell Morgan 个月 前

    Brad is hot

  • Rhiannon Eachus
    Rhiannon Eachus 个月 前

    brad looks like someone who would boat and be like a fisherman or something

  • Rhiannon Eachus
    Rhiannon Eachus 个月 前

    Brad: "you just need an italian grandmother"
    Brad after thinking half a second: "CLAIRE"

  • Lexi Hay
    Lexi Hay 个月 前

    Even with an electric Pizzelle maker, the first few do not turn out properly. You’ve got this!!
    Brad was born to be on camera. He’s a natural!! Yes - Brad is the newest BA CNclip test kitchen chef. He’s a better looking version of Oliver Hudson. 🤗
    PS. Belated congratulations on your son!! 🍼🥰🎉💗

  • Andrea Jiménez
    Andrea Jiménez 个月 前

    My mom read it like:
    Pee- ceh- yeh

  • M K
    M K 个月 前

    I’ve watched this months ago but I’m just watching again to see brad suffer trying to make these over and over again

  • Loolee
    Loolee 个月 前 +10

    Chris grinning in the background at Brad's lawnmowing daydream at 7:34 is hysterical.

  • ForzaOnda
    ForzaOnda 个月 前

    No no no no, *there's no ice cream with pizzelle*. YOU EAT IT DRY LIKE SATAN INTENDED.

  • absolutless
    absolutless 个月 前

    Vincenzo, ya hilarious bro.

  • Miguel Breton
    Miguel Breton 个月 前

    element yes, abundant no lol

  • GlassyEyed
    GlassyEyed 个月 前

    "just like.. one? in your hand?" LMAO

  • Lacie Haine
    Lacie Haine 个月 前

    i was gonna give this a thumbs up but apparently you dont recycle so L

  • Small forest dweller

    They remind me of Teletubbie toast

  • Pearlynn Wang
    Pearlynn Wang 个月 前

    “As soon as Claire shows, the pastry universe opens up” - Brad

  • Casimir III
    Casimir III 个月 前

    you can play any of my music, I wont sue.

  • aa aa
    aa aa 个月 前

    But did claire get a pizelle?!

  • Sardonicous
    Sardonicous 个月 前

    7:34 chris laughing at brads bs lmao

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude 个月 前

    I love Brad so much especially when I’m high, he’s hilarious and charming

  • Louie le King
    Louie le King 个月 前

    You gotta heat the metal so its micro "teeth" dont grab onto the food.

  • deinemuddaisdoof
    deinemuddaisdoof 个月 前

    camera + editing + brad = A+

  • bailee frease
    bailee frease 个月 前

    My mom name is Pam!! Brad

  • Ramberta
    Ramberta 个月 前

    2:28 these kinds of editing gags are the best. Well played Vinny

  • Lutzifalilia
    Lutzifalilia 个月 前

    the editing gives me life.

  • Quantizeful
    Quantizeful 个月 前

    lets get this bread ahhhh

  • gradeaadventurer
    gradeaadventurer 个月 前

    lau can get it

  • Caitlyn Peter
    Caitlyn Peter 个月 前

    He looks like Luke from Gilmore Girls

  • Morgannin
    Morgannin 个月 前

    8:45 can easily become a meme. Just put anything bad popping out of the iron when he opens it, make it into a gif, keep the same subtitles, and boom. New meme.

  • Franchesca Okami
    Franchesca Okami 个月 前

    I appreciate how much he brings Vince into the convo. Usually the camera guy just stays hidden.