YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Mr., Fanstastic
    Mr., Fanstastic 小时 前

    Joe's fashion sense is wack

  • Kid miniteabags
    Kid miniteabags 10 小时 前 +1

    Young boy is very shy

  • Nura gang
    Nura gang 11 小时 前

    Who remember when he was dating malu 😂

  • NoCAPMYIA Samyia
    NoCAPMYIA Samyia 12 小时 前


  • CallMeClutchii
    CallMeClutchii 16 小时 前

    what shoes does he have on

  • Sigurd Heldal Årethun
    Sigurd Heldal Årethun 18 小时 前

    What song is on 2:40?

  • Shea Hinton
    Shea Hinton 22 小时 前

    He can barely talk.

  • OG
    OG 23 小时 前

    I dont know a lot about shoes, im just glad to see a fan be happy his idol bought him a pair of Jordans. I thought that was pretty cool. I got made fun of at school for wearing Walmart shoes. couldn't have anything like the other kids. But to see ppl pick on this guy to get a pair of Jordans is insane.

  • Ellie Hancock
    Ellie Hancock 天 前 +1

    Young boy is 18 how he got a 4 yr old

  • BlackProphet Sevy

    NBA frontin he knows he had an idol growing up.

  • Kitty Catt
    Kitty Catt 天 前

    I’m a female rapper from Alaska
    Please check out my songs!
    Thank you 💗
    Peace & Love

  • Get a Life
    Get a Life 天 前 +1

    NBA:thut ho u no ima na a sta yut Joe:😐

  • Shanell Wade
    Shanell Wade 天 前

    Dude act looking like The Undertaker 😂

  • Winggie xD
    Winggie xD 天 前

    How old is he?!

  • Abdo Hashi
    Abdo Hashi 天 前

    NBA youngboy im you1n bigest fan

  • donxx bangbang
    donxx bangbang 天 前

    The interviewer was low key scared of young boy bruh 😂

  • donxx bangbang
    donxx bangbang 天 前

    “No” lmao 😂

    MOON KNIGHT 天 前 +3

    I understand youngboy better when he sings than talks

  • Leneesha Hodge
    Leneesha Hodge 天 前

    He sound so slow it’s annoying


    Do a shy Glizzy sneaker shopping

  • zatchdazatch
    zatchdazatch 2 天 前

    Logan is actually a great friend of mine i was so hyped when he showed me this

  • Maxim Gergis - Tomken Road MS (1153)

    YoungBoy didnt look like he cared about the conversation in the beginning

  • Chris 414
    Chris 414 2 天 前 +5

    The fan picks Black cements... cmon man 🤦🏻‍♂️ at least could've got some off white 1's

  • Kerar Roberts
    Kerar Roberts 2 天 前

    Fremont And nbayoungboy

  • Stephon Athlete TV
    Stephon Athlete TV 2 天 前 +1

    nba weird as hell he look like he don't wanna be there lmaoooooo

  • Miyaa W
    Miyaa W 3 天 前

    Cashier must love her job😂😂

  • Critical Gamer3
    Critical Gamer3 3 天 前

    U know what I would do with that money......i wouldent be typing this 😆

  • Chyna Molina
    Chyna Molina 3 天 前

    he seem so chill

  • TragicRudolph Official


  • Lil Spatula
    Lil Spatula 3 天 前

    I did not understand stand this nigga😂😂

  • Jacob Youngboy
    Jacob Youngboy 4 天 前

    that was my birthday

  • Shannon Hill jr
    Shannon Hill jr 4 天 前

    Dude sold his soul to the devil to get money ole dumb bum nigga

  • C N
    C N 4 天 前

    He so fine

  • raiyae ellis
    raiyae ellis 4 天 前 +1


  • raiyae ellis
    raiyae ellis 4 天 前 +1

    No dont do that cause it is true

  • Rory Grantham
    Rory Grantham 4 天 前

    This guy is a bit retarded

  • Flash.
    Flash. 4 天 前

    wtf is he saying

  • Chacara Cole
    Chacara Cole 4 天 前 +1

    NBA young boy sound like he lost his voice

  • tanisha grooms
    tanisha grooms 5 天 前


  • DarkKnight
    DarkKnight 5 天 前

    Idc ybn is just tapped

  • Hayden Hebert
    Hayden Hebert 5 天 前 +1

    There is something in his eyes that just looks through all of my soul

  • harambe lit2
    harambe lit2 5 天 前

    Wish they would've done one with x

  • Bryan Scott
    Bryan Scott 5 天 前 +1

    NBA yougboy is so so so so cool and look at his eyes

  • Shakur Ford
    Shakur Ford 5 天 前

    He brought a cracker shoes

  • MaxeMew
    MaxeMew 5 天 前

    Translation in English please

  • L Wilson
    L Wilson 5 天 前

    NBA young boy was really nice to do that for his fan it's not many people who do that famous or not famous

  • • AbdoulTooBreezy •

    I wouldve took then off whites🚫🧢

  • Legend Grindinglow
    Legend Grindinglow 5 天 前

    NBA looks so bored

  • Keirah Wilson
    Keirah Wilson 5 天 前

    3:28 When my sister tries to sneak out of the house and asks me for money

    DRE DAY 5 天 前

    Tell me he don't look like mikey williams

  • ZX AJ
    ZX AJ 5 天 前

    Your cute

  • Let’s Go Yankees
    Let’s Go Yankees 5 天 前


  • xxxJayzxxx cruz
    xxxJayzxxx cruz 6 天 前

    It's makes me so happpyyy to see NBA young boy in good health not beefing just living 🙄keep it up 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • David Douglas
    David Douglas 6 天 前

    This was painful to watch

  • Veronica Castro
    Veronica Castro 6 天 前

    I really love him he's such a sweet heart with his kids it's too cute

  • Justin Jackson
    Justin Jackson 7 天 前

    I like him but he sound like a retard

  • My nigga
    My nigga 7 天 前

    I got space jams

  • Edgar Cruz
    Edgar Cruz 7 天 前

    Hopefully he buys some sneakers...
    NBA: Hopefully HAAHAH

  • Tumatauenga DOITZ
    Tumatauenga DOITZ 7 天 前

    Young boy soo boring with his one word answers

  • Brendan Schibley
    Brendan Schibley 7 天 前

    The World: Lonzo why don’t you wear Jordan’s
    Lonzo: 3:23

  • Do- Nathan
    Do- Nathan 7 天 前

    YoungBoy is legit 19 teenager and he has kids. Woah he must f*cking h*es

  • Tropic co.
    Tropic co. 8 天 前

    please do CJ SO COOL

  • Pontus Stenseth
    Pontus Stenseth 8 天 前

    6:32 Got me dying lmao

  • Abdihakim Omar
    Abdihakim Omar 8 天 前


  • It's Fate!!! !!!
    It's Fate!!! !!! 8 天 前

    His name should be WOS dumbshit. Waste of space!

  • oscar olivares
    oscar olivares 8 天 前

    what shoes is he wearing

  • jalia pruitt
    jalia pruitt 8 天 前 +1

    3:44 had me weakkkk

  • pandapoo777
    pandapoo777 8 天 前

    That was hella nice.

    CGHSQUAD2K 9 天 前 +1

    NBA youngboy got small ass feet

    CGHSQUAD2K 9 天 前

    What with some of these rappers and there creepy ass voices and never energetic attitude lol

  • GoofyGoober *-*
    GoofyGoober *-* 9 天 前

    I fuck with youngboy....but this nigga sounds slow asf

  • hose delavu
    hose delavu 9 天 前

    Who knows the name of the girl at the cashier??

  • DopeDarii
    DopeDarii 9 天 前

    what did u say lmao

  • Jay Bando
    Jay Bando 9 天 前

    i stand jus like him 😂

  • Emmanuel Perez
    Emmanuel Perez 10 天 前

    NBA youngboy never broke again get yeezzyys

  • st1-wiz kc
    st1-wiz kc 10 天 前

    Nba young boy straight forward he said I'm not fan of no ome

  • John Dukes
    John Dukes 10 天 前

    This boy is dumb as hell

  • Lfactor
    Lfactor 10 天 前 +1

    Can’t wait until the English version comes out

  • Jordan Dillard
    Jordan Dillard 11 天 前

    This nigga lowkey don't want to be there

  • Khristyle Walton
    Khristyle Walton 11 天 前

    Awwww he bought his kids some shoes

  • Gucci Bandx
    Gucci Bandx 11 天 前

    5:31 yo he heard that like as if it was normal if I would’ve to heard that and I had to pay I would’ve 😵 passed out 😵

  • Gucci Bandx
    Gucci Bandx 11 天 前

    That dog was adorable

  • Malcolm Tegman
    Malcolm Tegman 11 天 前 +1

    Young boy the type of dude to say “How much and after the answer he says cool”

  • aj little
    aj little 11 天 前

    Stuntin at it's finest I fuck with NBA

  • Ashely Lewis
    Ashely Lewis 11 天 前

    White pearl try to be black to NBA youngboy

  • Kushh Kokee
    Kushh Kokee 11 天 前

    “Nah I ain’t no fan of JORDAN” 😂😂

  • Reanid
    Reanid 11 天 前

    This nigga sounds stupid af, sounds like his nose is always plugged.

  • BiG JuiCe
    BiG JuiCe 11 天 前

    What happened to his forehead though?

  • Diana life Ramirez
    Diana life Ramirez 11 天 前

    How old is he

  • Theaariw Show
    Theaariw Show 11 天 前



    Nice jorden

  • Michael Scales
    Michael Scales 11 天 前


  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 12 天 前

    get lil skies on here

  • Melissa_queen 38
    Melissa_queen 38 12 天 前

    I love him so mischievous that my baby

  • Gorilla Kong
    Gorilla Kong 12 天 前

    Do you are the next to see👀 you can you and I

  • Khadijah Hamer
    Khadijah Hamer 12 天 前


  • Landon Vaughn
    Landon Vaughn 12 天 前

    My little sister like you

  • Lewis Thompson
    Lewis Thompson 12 天 前

    What one you get 💜💜💜😘😘😘

  • Tashema Saniford
    Tashema Saniford 13 天 前

    you should shop more

    • Tashema Saniford
      Tashema Saniford 13 天 前

      NBA young boy you should shop more for your fans like me

  • McCoy too sexy No homo

    I fuckin love youngboy 😂😂😂