YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • RCH 32
    RCH 32 4 小时 前

    Damn who's the cashier ig

  • Julio Vargas
    Julio Vargas 4 小时 前

    why you review some lame ass people no all of them but some

  • Blu Harris
    Blu Harris 5 小时 前

    I wanna see them go sneaker shopping with Will Smith and Jerry Seinfeld. I mean Will rocked all the heat back in the day and still does. And Seinfeld...hated his show lol But he also wore heat and still does.

  • FBI Is Watching You
    FBI Is Watching You 5 小时 前


  • orlando flores
    orlando flores 5 小时 前

    hes high af

  • Dusty Depot
    Dusty Depot 5 小时 前

    4:23 when ur mom keeps yellin at u to take out the trash

  • John 4
    John 4 6 小时 前

    U fan if you rocking every pair of Jordans


    Here before 25 likes

  • Isaiah Samuel
    Isaiah Samuel 6 小时 前

    In this video you can tell he was out of it maybe he had stuff in his mind

  • Donte Barnes
    Donte Barnes 6 小时 前

    I hate nba youngboy

  • Jacques Niyibaruta
    Jacques Niyibaruta 6 小时 前

    hes goofy he could have picked any shoes out of the whole store

  • Morgan Coleman
    Morgan Coleman 7 小时 前

    Where TayTay shoes at I only heard him name three sizes

  • malik burciaga
    malik burciaga 7 小时 前 +2

    Lets see cj so cool on a episode

  • Hannah Richards
    Hannah Richards 7 小时 前

    He wear size 8????? Mmmmm...

  • zzedd hhjj
    zzedd hhjj 7 小时 前

    yo fuk dis girl beating scum

  • Jerome Young
    Jerome Young 8 小时 前

    Legitimate 💚🤙🏾

  • DreTheDeveloper3811
    DreTheDeveloper3811 8 小时 前

    This nigga ain’t say Thugger as his inspiration but made a whole damn chain outta my boy

  • Asumas Blade
    Asumas Blade 8 小时 前

    This nigga got mush for brains

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 8 小时 前

    He will be filing for bankruptcy with in the next ten years..

  • deciisive
    deciisive 9 小时 前

    where did he get his pants from

  • Stev Laskeny
    Stev Laskeny 9 小时 前 +1

    I Thought NBA youngboy was a real NBA player, LOL

  • rjv_ 2034
    rjv_ 2034 9 小时 前 +1

    Do YBN Nahmir

  • JaNiylah Gilford
    JaNiylah Gilford 9 小时 前 +2

    he like a normal person with good talent

    OXDH AOXT 9 小时 前 +1

    Is this that woman beater guy? Just checking

  • Lps Shannon TV
    Lps Shannon TV 10 小时 前


  • Che Williams
    Che Williams 10 小时 前

    Bro that dude act weird

  • Lil Scars XO
    Lil Scars XO 11 小时 前

    intro song?

  • 르에린
    르에린 11 小时 前

    lol I never knew that was a shop. I thought it was his whole collection of sneakers.

  • London DAvis
    London DAvis 11 小时 前

    Good sneakers

  • nba_keke06
    nba_keke06 11 小时 前

    He so pretty NBA keke

  • elementary zebra
    elementary zebra 11 小时 前

    Logan pale

  • Pat Reynolds
    Pat Reynolds 11 小时 前

    Out of all the shoes in there, he chooses a pair you could get at the mall......

  • Bryan Osorio
    Bryan Osorio 11 小时 前

    This kid is fucking weird

  • 92chrisgarcia
    92chrisgarcia 12 小时 前

    I’m have rob him he wear my size

  • ZayDesGarçon
    ZayDesGarçon 12 小时 前

    It kinda annoy me how this nigga can’t speak for shit. Dead ass nigga sound retarded af

    • Yo
      Yo 12 小时 前


  • George Sutherland
    George Sutherland 12 小时 前

    size 8! damn that nigga little asf

  • Connor Watt
    Connor Watt 12 小时 前

    Do Lil pump!!!!!!!

  • Austin 24
    Austin 24 13 小时 前

    Dude 35 and wearing skinny jeans

    • Yo
      Yo 12 小时 前 +1


  • Adebayo Oshinusi
    Adebayo Oshinusi 13 小时 前

    worst one yet..

  • Irving Rodriguez
    Irving Rodriguez 13 小时 前

    Damm wight people make anybody wealty this guy is not very smart.

  • Freido
    Freido 13 小时 前

    do lil tay

    LORD GAMING 13 小时 前

    Im confused he is either slow and special or he just high or idgf all the time

  • Andrew Matewere
    Andrew Matewere 13 小时 前

    Your mood When your parents force you to visit that one relative you hate..

  • Leondre Lynn
    Leondre Lynn 14 小时 前

    NBA youngboy is rich

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 14 小时 前

    that was actually really nice of him to do that for his fan

  • SpercRBLX _
    SpercRBLX _ 14 小时 前

    Love their cinematics

  • Matthew Oh
    Matthew Oh 14 小时 前

    he returned them I bet lol

  • Dylan:v Ramirez García
    Dylan:v Ramirez García 14 小时 前

    Xxxtentacion goes to complex pleasee

  • Tdeezi
    Tdeezi 14 小时 前

    seems like his iq is 40

    • Yo
      Yo 12 小时 前


  • matzmx
    matzmx 14 小时 前

    Cash me outside ha ba da? Anyone?

  • Magali Perez
    Magali Perez 14 小时 前

    do lil baby!

  • Anneillia Daley
    Anneillia Daley 15 小时 前

    He so awkward , its hilarious 😂😂

  • Nessen Lake
    Nessen Lake 15 小时 前

    He sound like kodak black

  • Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez 15 小时 前

    Hey y’all got to get ma boi kendrick Lamar to do snicker shopping

  • Codeine Dreamz
    Codeine Dreamz 15 小时 前

    Best part of the video 3:12 - 3:18

  • Statin17
    Statin17 15 小时 前

    whats he trying to prove by carrying around money? is that all there is to him

  • Jaylen Lately
    Jaylen Lately 16 小时 前

    Dude Perfect goes sneaker shopping.

  • Ice killa3hunna
    Ice killa3hunna 16 小时 前

    Watching this seems like he a hood nigga

  • simply mika
    simply mika 16 小时 前 +1

    I fucks with NBA. he a young boss like Keef was & he's in his own lane. you can see the hunger in his eyes..

  • Obey WorldWide
    Obey WorldWide 16 小时 前

    Do NAV

  • MsMarayla shonuff
    MsMarayla shonuff 16 小时 前

    He said he never had shit...

    CISCOSOKOOL 16 小时 前

    Complex:"And what about now since ur in the style game is there anyone ur a fan of?"
    Youngboy:"I ain a fan of nobody"
    No fucks given lmfaoooo

  • Sherry Phillips
    Sherry Phillips 16 小时 前

    Nba gang

  • EproPlays YT
    EproPlays YT 16 小时 前

    3:28 no...

  • EproPlays YT
    EproPlays YT 16 小时 前

    This video makes me.want to take complex sneaker shopping 😁😁😁

  • Jordan Matthews
    Jordan Matthews 16 小时 前

    Out of all them damn shoes that boy took some damn cement 3s

  • Edwin Pereira
    Edwin Pereira 16 小时 前 +1

    Do xxxtentacion next

  • outermostpaid 54
    outermostpaid 54 17 小时 前

    He wear a size 8😭

  • marzaiah Gibbs
    marzaiah Gibbs 17 小时 前

    I like your shoes and your songs😀

  • Micheal
    Micheal 17 小时 前

    🔥🔥🔥My hit song “Gang Gang” is creating buzz! Listen视频.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • IHeartUNique
    IHeartUNique 17 小时 前

    He acted like he ain't wanna be there😭

  • aderline johnson
    aderline johnson 17 小时 前

    I will never watch this wack ass shit show again. wtf came up with this shits. they are definitely promoting more people who don't have the money to buy more shoes. stupid mentality mfs. great way to promote the poor staying poor

  • Ramon Mata
    Ramon Mata 17 小时 前


  • Jayden Horne
    Jayden Horne 17 小时 前

    5:32 yeah...

  • Haley Muckenfuss
    Haley Muckenfuss 17 小时 前

    He can't even talk

  • Tariq Ali Takim
    Tariq Ali Takim 17 小时 前

    Youngboy sounds like he's high on weed

  • David Zezna
    David Zezna 18 小时 前

    A n*gger being a n*gger

    SaiFYEEZY 18 小时 前


  • Amaryllis Diaz
    Amaryllis Diaz 19 小时 前

    Get Kendrick Lamar, everybody waiting for it

  • Mark Rajt
    Mark Rajt 19 小时 前

    Turned this off when he said he got Powder Blue 3s in 6th grade lol he was in 6th grade 4 years ago?!

    VIBES AND GOALS 19 小时 前

    I heard “so your total is gonna be 3 thou-“ and I’m like “dammmnnnn that’s hot”.

  • Newby102ful
    Newby102ful 19 小时 前

    This nigga retarded

  • Stephen Carmichael
    Stephen Carmichael 19 小时 前

    Where be next place you going to by me some. Shoes

  • Liam C.
    Liam C. 19 小时 前

    350 for black cements and 500 for ovo 8s?!?!?!? smh

  • RandomDude
    RandomDude 19 小时 前

    I think i just got high watching this video.

  • primemal 32326
    primemal 32326 20 小时 前

    Youngboy look like he want to kill himself

  • IsDat Zai
    IsDat Zai 20 小时 前

    He smashed the cash on the cash on the counter like yea bitch

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams 20 小时 前

    Do molly brazy next

  • Brian Marchorro
    Brian Marchorro 20 小时 前

    do ayo and teo

  • a cheese
    a cheese 21 小时 前

    I fucking hate this nigga 😂

  • threez n trees
    threez n trees 21 小时 前

    shit is kinda funny but da white dude had more personality then nba yb n he just popped up da last minute but bruh got some big ass feet boy 12 1/2 gaat damn nba yb still got dem middle school size feet, size 8 n shit...dis prolly has to be da most cringeworthy complex i eva seen...😄😆😁😂😎👍💯

  • Ayden Whitehurst
    Ayden Whitehurst 21 小时 前 +1


    JØDY X RĀGË 21 小时 前

    Nfs the prices be high an most the sneakers I can get right in my hood lol what’s so exclusive

  • Jordan Clemons
    Jordan Clemons 21 小时 前

    Had to dumb down the questions for this dude. That question about his Grandmother, he was supposed to elaborate on how he was raised....instead his reply was....."I ain't never had shit"
    This young generation is trash and ungrateful

  • FreshFly
    FreshFly 22 小时 前

    Say what y'all want that got bought his fan some kicks that's dope!

  • yuk wah wan
    yuk wah wan 22 小时 前


  • Martin Tse
    Martin Tse 天 前

    18 yrs old, and already got a kid.....

  • Nurse Joy
    Nurse Joy 天 前

    Nasty nigger

  • King303 Denver
    King303 Denver 天 前

    Fuck gear and shoes. Buy the bible and read the word all this other mess is useless..