YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • 添加 2018年05月14日
  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about wearing Air Jordans growing up, never wearing the same outfit twice, and wanting to start his own sneaker brand.
    NOTE: This episode was shot on February, 22, 2018.

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  • rikismo war
    rikismo war 36 分钟 前

    what are those holes in his forehead

  • Mortz
    Mortz 6 小时 前

    4:25 im cursed

  • Swag Allestic
    Swag Allestic 10 小时 前

    well he cant walk threw the mall no more like he just a regular nigga

  • Spy. Dominic
    Spy. Dominic 11 小时 前

    He don’t look happy

  • Jennie Jones
    Jennie Jones 22 小时 前

    Yeah he had

  • max Rack
    max Rack 天 前

    What song is this at the end

  • Wxrld Smith
    Wxrld Smith 天 前

    This the greatest nigga in the whole world 😂😂

  • William Perez
    William Perez 天 前 +1

    Guy asking him questions:
    Nba youngboy:uhuuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuuhuuhuhhu

  • Sophia Akwuole Bernard


  • HELLO, My name is DEADPOOL

    Fuck the shoes wrapped like a condom

  • 0nly_lit_gurl_kay Squad

    If he NBA young boy why can’t he be young in the NBA ?

  • Fortnite & Kendall Jenner Lover Dude

    i didnt get anything youngboy said

  • Non_copyright_claimed_memes Gamer

    He so distracted

  • Flora Gibson
    Flora Gibson 3 天 前

    Ain't got know dick inside they pants 4ktrey who going to die today

  • Flora Gibson
    Flora Gibson 3 天 前

    He is cute and fire think like a man

  • Nico Lunz
    Nico Lunz 3 天 前 +1

    I feel like hes really hard to talk to, kind of annoying tbh

  • Nicholas Mercer
    Nicholas Mercer 3 天 前

    im glad we still have YoungBoy because when he was a kid he was wrestling and he broke his neck so im just glad he is ok

  • Nassxq Fortnite
    Nassxq Fortnite 3 天 前

    Y does nba young boy look like blueface

  • Diamond Alexia
    Diamond Alexia 3 天 前

    Do a give away of the white and gold jordans

  • Justin Mendoza
    Justin Mendoza 3 天 前

    This dude went to the school I go to

  • Diamond Alexia
    Diamond Alexia 3 天 前

    They are the matching shoes you and your son got the red 11s

  • Diamond Alexia
    Diamond Alexia 3 天 前

    The shoes you took I got some

  • Kelvin Johnson
    Kelvin Johnson 4 天 前

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  • Bishop Show
    Bishop Show 4 天 前

    I am from the same part of Louisiana as NBA

  • V I B E Z B E A T Z

    he seems like a bad friend that you just staying wit so he wont smack yo ass

  • Jesus Ramos
    Jesus Ramos 5 天 前

    Keep making the white men
    Rich ppl ..

  • Malik Lincoln
    Malik Lincoln 5 天 前

    Outro music song plssssss

  • 206dlc
    206dlc 5 天 前

    Watch "Leonna Freestyle Fitness Season 1 Episode 1" on CNclip

  • Doonk Moe
    Doonk Moe 5 天 前

    Hey NBA young boy
    How are you

  • Lifegoeson100
    Lifegoeson100 5 天 前 +8

    Why he say “okay” like that? 4:25 😂

  • Jared Pickney
    Jared Pickney 6 天 前

    Young boy knows everthing about his passion an his fashion style that's Lite with a cool dude for alot of heart and soul 🙏💎🤙

  • Marilila Mendoza
    Marilila Mendoza 6 天 前

    Wow, worst dude to talk to

  • Walker Kimora
    Walker Kimora 6 天 前

    aww the cute dog

  • Kenneth Hunt
    Kenneth Hunt 7 天 前

    Garbage ass music!!..New niggas is crack babies!😑😑🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • x dro
    x dro 8 天 前 +8

    4:18 ...... Me trying to maintain eye contact with people

  • GLS_T69
    GLS_T69 8 天 前

    This mother fuka wears size 8s and I'm 13 and I wear 9.5

  • Devax
    Devax 8 天 前

    He’s so awkward

  • Sliceed
    Sliceed 8 天 前


  • Gitoya Tyndale
    Gitoya Tyndale 9 天 前

    She dont get no kidd cuz

  • Sophia Huelskamp
    Sophia Huelskamp 10 天 前

    When that Guy just walked in the store....I’m dying cause he dont know what to say lol

  • Thundercats
    Thundercats 10 天 前

    joe better be careful not to get herpes bhad baby wasn't as lucky

  • Simply Shay
    Simply Shay 10 天 前

    this man has devil eyes idc what anyone says

  • Dane Salazar
    Dane Salazar 10 天 前 +1

    how can i understand this dude better in a song than him speaking regularly 😂

  • Bobby Mercer
    Bobby Mercer 10 天 前 +1

    Song name at 00:40 ????

  • Christian Edmondson
    Christian Edmondson 11 天 前

    That dog is so freaking cutee!!!!

  • Cameryn Gibbs
    Cameryn Gibbs 11 天 前 +1

    Let’s gooooo NBA Youngboyyyy!!!! I love him so much oml

  • The savage queen
    The savage queen 11 天 前

    Damn that’s rich people shit u can go buy 3000 dollars worth the of shoes in ALL CASH like damn u big baller

  • Kingthief 21
    Kingthief 21 11 天 前 +21

    Mom: boy (or girl) do these chores!
    You under your breath: 3:28
    Mom: boy (or girl) I heard that u betta do these chores before I knock ur teeth out!
    You: 4:23

  • Solitarylamb664
    Solitarylamb664 12 天 前 +1

    he sounds like he has Down syndrome

  • Mohamednoor Arale
    Mohamednoor Arale 12 天 前 +6

    Out of all the shoes that are on the shelves, all of the retro Jordan’s, all the Nike’s and their collaboration, HE CHOSE BLACK CEMENT 3’s🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Darcy Ryan
    Darcy Ryan 12 天 前 +1

    He look high af

  • NiniixKentrell
    NiniixKentrell 12 天 前 +1

    When He Said His Kids Size 😍😍 “6c , 4c , 2c” 😩

  • Gerardo Valencia
    Gerardo Valencia 12 天 前 +2

    Yea maybe but it would be cool to hang with him

  • jamarus jackson
    jamarus jackson 12 天 前

    Seems like an absolute douchebag

  • Javin Beagle
    Javin Beagle 12 天 前

    Do blueface now

  • Daron Popov
    Daron Popov 12 天 前

    That voice makes me wanna give hime a dirty slap

  • John Callis
    John Callis 12 天 前

    When he whispers "no" is the funniest part

  • Ishmael X
    Ishmael X 13 天 前

    So I’m the only one who think he sounds like Kodak black when he talk ?

  • Levi Steele
    Levi Steele 13 天 前

    That kid is the luckiest mf in the world😂

  • r!anne
    r!anne 13 天 前

    i love this nigga bruh

  • nocurlsjay Tv
    nocurlsjay Tv 13 天 前 +3

    Lmao that kid is not a fan, he came for the shoes 😂

  • Wiwuquj Auahajzhshahha

    Can’t wait until the English version comes out

  • Matthew Riggins
    Matthew Riggins 13 天 前

    Bruh why most rappers got small ass feet 😂

    • Seamen Warrior
      Seamen Warrior 11 天 前

      Matthew Riggins u think thats small bruh u weird af im 8.5 and i know guys that are 6 and 7

  • Rashad Easterling
    Rashad Easterling 13 天 前

    By all of them

  • Miss.Amanda DaRealist

    Trim. Needed.

  • Denise Aguilar
    Denise Aguilar 14 天 前

    You should have fluffy to sneaker shopping

  • Vibe redemption
    Vibe redemption 14 天 前

    Barely speak fucking english

  • Vibe redemption
    Vibe redemption 14 天 前

    This guy is almost has more autism than lil pump

  • honey48708
    honey48708 15 天 前 +1

    When he said “I ain’t a fan of nobody” I felt his soul stare back

  • Obadaddy Tv
    Obadaddy Tv 15 天 前

    He looks high

    DEEZ NUTZ 15 天 前

    If u play it with 0:25x playback speed and go to 5:58 I have those shoes and he just bought those

  • Ahmed Abdi G Grabb
    Ahmed Abdi G Grabb 15 天 前


  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson 15 天 前

    That’s so sweet he got one of his boys the powder blues.

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson 15 天 前

    I have the same shoe size as him. 😂 imma 8 1/2 in men’s.

  • Tamahji Dunn
    Tamahji Dunn 15 天 前


  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez 15 天 前

    Deadass the only one who saw his fan and bought him a pair sneakers damn

  • Joaba Hlychho
    Joaba Hlychho 15 天 前

    what a kind guy....

  • nini ransom
    nini ransom 16 天 前

    I don‘t understand a word.

  • Feelings
    Feelings 16 天 前 +1

    I want to go sneaker shopping

  • Feelings
    Feelings 16 天 前 +1

  • Demar Tate
    Demar Tate 16 天 前

    That dude didn’t need him to purchase him no shoes he could’ve found a young kid like his self that can’t afford none that’s what I would’ve did that’s just me

  • Kevin Espiriti
    Kevin Espiriti 16 天 前

    He buys only all black air forces

  • julikeah
    julikeah 16 天 前


  • Hailey Norman
    Hailey Norman 16 天 前

    my husband

  • Abra Sebas
    Abra Sebas 17 天 前

    NBA young herpes

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 17 天 前

    5:57 get in the robot's intro

  • LitVlogs only
    LitVlogs only 17 天 前

    I know his music fire but this dude sound mad stupid

  • FLeXz_ Kiias
    FLeXz_ Kiias 17 天 前 +2

    I have the black cement

  • cLaiRe
    cLaiRe 17 天 前

    Damn he’s fine though

  • YMcNasty
    YMcNasty 17 天 前


  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos 17 天 前

    He said hopefully looking at that stack asking himself can I keep some of this

  • emily laila
    emily laila 17 天 前

    i would be so scared of him

  • BeastSoundz
    BeastSoundz 18 天 前 +3

    Guess we gotta wait for the dubbed version

  • Amnox
    Amnox 18 天 前

    Get gunna on here

  • Furious_ Clutch
    Furious_ Clutch 18 天 前

    Where tf did that pug come from

  • Dj DJ
    Dj DJ 19 天 前 +1

    NBA young boy a bitch! like learn some Godamn grammar ! I swear
    What the fuck is wrong with him ! always saying I don't even care no more and that's how I know I won't be a star.

    Like comment if you agree

  • Trap Killer100
    Trap Killer100 19 天 前

    Hold up bruh a lot of yall are coming at him in the comment session like fuck all of that I'm a fan of dude yes he fucked up and done some petty shit and maybe shit that lost respect but everybody has done some dumbass shit it ain't just him yall too every last one of yall tryna make it seem like he just a bad guy or some shit I have as well just stating the facts its fucked up how ppl love talking about what someone else did but not what they self do 😒Like damn fuck tht lion or abusing or sometimes caring tht nigga buying his kids shoes n clothes n caring half these God damn fathers ina world dont even do that yall needa remember that I didnt really have my father like that for me when I was a youngin glad to see he tryna make a difference for his kids even tho with all the problems he got going n shi tht made him to what he is so if u cant accept it then that's tuff but there isn't no reason to sit there on nba nuts throwing shade n yall be on 100 when someone do it to u grow up and act ur goddamn age.🤦🏽‍♂️I'm 16 and i dont even act like this no matter how fucked up some shi is I might say sum on it n a opinion but not throw shade when they tryna do good because yall making it seem like he cant change no one perfect so If he "always a bad person for his past" most of yall mfs would be too then on god.

  • Detlef D. Saas
    Detlef D. Saas 19 天 前 +6

    His eyes look like he wants so kill someone rn

  • Detlef D. Saas
    Detlef D. Saas 19 天 前 +7

    It seems hard to keep up a conversation with him haha

  • Mel T
    Mel T 19 天 前

    Kay but theres something off about that visitor like hella staged or smn