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  • 添加 2017年12月 3日
  • The staff (Saoirse Ronan, Cecily Strong) of an Aer Lingus flight reminds passengers not to make the obvious joke. [Season 43, 2017]
    #SNL #SNL43
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评论 • 4 864

  • Adrhodes442
    Adrhodes442 小时 前 +1

    I like how this just ends up being really sweet

  • Adrhodes442
    Adrhodes442 小时 前 +1

    Good lord Saoirse...

  • Daberney
    Daberney 10 小时 前

    I always enjoy SNL's Irish-themed sketches---they only seem to do them when the host is of Irish origin (Liam Neeson was in a good one). By the way, check out the beautiful lass sitting behind Keenan Thompson.

  • Daberney
    Daberney 10 小时 前

    Check out

  • FABIO999able
    FABIO999able 天 前 +1

    Fierro x la 300 pariente

  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage 2 天 前 +1

    These rules about kids on planes and sailors Ronan on a flight I'm there

  • Daniel Treadwell
    Daniel Treadwell 2 天 前 +2

    This might be the dumbest sketch ever, and that's saying something.

  • OutNProud500
    OutNProud500 3 天 前

    Only SJW snowflakes would find this video offensive. I found it to be hilarious and wished flight attendants were actually humorous like that!

  • HazerdXHD
    HazerdXHD 3 天 前 +1

    This is absolute shite 😂

  • Abby Marie
    Abby Marie 4 天 前 +3

    He's got sad eyes and the soul of Oscar Wilde lol

  • Coty
    Coty 4 天 前

    My god, this show has gone downhill.

  • bozzwick
    bozzwick 8 天 前

    Not better than Colonel Angus

  • SirEriol
    SirEriol 10 天 前

    I think they just wanted to pet dogs and then made it about something...

  • Lyanna Millen
    Lyanna Millen 11 天 前

    Pankey is adorable! Gotta love the potatoes!

  • Dr. Martyn van Nostrund

    Accents are bad and they should feel bad.

  • Morwenna16
    Morwenna16 14 天 前 +1

    Omg that's a really old Pug

  • sksk dkdkd
    sksk dkdkd 16 天 前

    we’ve got a dog on dah runwaeh, he’s gawt sad oeiys

  • ValensBellator
    ValensBellator 16 天 前

    Lol Dan Avidan of Game Grumps said they figured “aer lingus” is the act of going down on a woman while dunking a basketball, which takes incredible timing and athleticism from both participants haha
    I think they’d need to incorporate a trampoline.

  • Chris Kerr
    Chris Kerr 18 天 前 +20

    "Do ya like dags?"
    "What?! Yeah, do ya like dags?"
    "Oh, DOGS. Sure, I like dags."

    • Kingwoods
      Kingwoods 10 天 前

      Oii , you fokin pickey!!

  • Eloise Coates
    Eloise Coates 19 天 前


  • FighterDoken
    FighterDoken 19 天 前

    Wow. This is perhaps one of the worst SNL sketches I have ever seen.

    • ahlads
      ahlads 17 天 前

      There are many worse than this. It’s mostly filler with the odd great sketch for the ages

  • Amy O
    Amy O 25 天 前

    The lady next to Cecily sounds a bit Geordie.

    • Shannon Plunkett
      Shannon Plunkett 24 天 前

      Nah shes Irish, as am I, trust me that ain't geordie lol

  • LucaVlogs 44
    LucaVlogs 44 29 天 前

    You cant say much because girls have 2 big things hanging from there chest boys have 1 buts girls Have 2 things.....YOU CANT SAY MUCH

  • Liam Keane
    Liam Keane 个月 前

    Fucking rubbish typical yankie ladies mad for irish rod

  • India 9 Nine
    India 9 Nine 个月 前

    Asshole saoirse. Made us look like a laughing stock. Playing up to the stereotype thick irish and you played into it.

  • entertainment pro
    entertainment pro 个月 前

    pataytas an shalailies fer ayveryone.👉👌

  • Anfubvinch
    Anfubvinch 个月 前

    This honestly is one of the worst sketches they've ever done

  • Elliw Jones
    Elliw Jones 个月 前

    Was kate meant to ketbthe dog go, or did the lead slip from her hands?

  • Soura!
    Soura! 个月 前

    Oh shite!

  • Hillary Hussein Clinton

    0:00 Amazing CGI

  • Janet Mainor
    Janet Mainor 个月 前

    I wonder what was making Cecily break?

  • P O'Haidhmaill
    P O'Haidhmaill 个月 前

    This is actually true enough. We were going to take off in Dublin and there was a family of rabbits on the runway.

    • ahlads
      ahlads 17 天 前

      And since when is a rabbit a dog.

  • Daniela Ryan
    Daniela Ryan 个月 前

    I only laughed because of everyone’s attempts at an Irish accent

  • Daniela Ryan
    Daniela Ryan 个月 前

    I prefer RyanAir but ok

  • Angiliss Taylor
    Angiliss Taylor 个月 前

    Yeah that wasn't a very good skit

  • Ross Grimshaw
    Ross Grimshaw 个月 前

    Weird plane there 0:00

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper 个月 前

    I don't get it and I've got Irish blood!! Somebody help this doofus!! Hint: the doofus would be yours truly. 😬😬😬😬👍

  • WC Soccer
    WC Soccer 个月 前

    Not funny at all

  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B. 2 个月 前

    Here's a tip: instead of "American comedy is shit," try saying "I'm not like other girls. I don't like American comedy." It makes you sound even edgier and really solidifies that hot take of yours! 😘

  • William Mears
    William Mears 2 个月 前

    The BAE systems 146 is a narrowbody not a wide body. Plus aerlingus flies them as cityjey!!!

  • Bronwyn Mulqueen
    Bronwyn Mulqueen 2 个月 前

    I've got Irish blood and I don't find it funny either.

  • RAB 2
    RAB 2 2 个月 前

    What’s with the dogs

  • Donna Copenhaver
    Donna Copenhaver 2 个月 前


  • امیراحسان
    امیراحسان 2 个月 前 +1

    I didn't catch that funny part 😅 I think beside studying for IELTS I need to study something to help me understand people 😂

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun 2 个月 前

    Emotional support animals don't belong on planes.

  • EdgyBoi2414
    EdgyBoi2414 2 个月 前

    Pretty accurate

  • Send It
    Send It 2 个月 前

    how desperate is snl. skit was shit.

  • Bebo18
    Bebo18 2 个月 前

    In 2008 an Irish woman died from an allergic reaction to her dogs semen after she fucked it.

  • BigPimp14
    BigPimp14 2 个月 前

    Sounds more like anilingus to me.

  • Cody Quinn
    Cody Quinn 2 个月 前 +1

    Id perform aer lingus on those two any day

    • Ess See
      Ess See 2 个月 前

      You’re so done.

  • Stingray Bdub
    Stingray Bdub 2 个月 前

    The pilots attempt at our accent Irish. Thank fuck Saorse was there

  • Tom Rempe
    Tom Rempe 2 个月 前


  • Jonathan Gadzini
    Jonathan Gadzini 2 个月 前

    What the hell

  • taro
    taro 3 个月 前

    tbh if u dont like the skit why tf u watching it? legit 90% of this comment section is just complaining about how you didnt like it, if you don't like snl don't watch snl. it's not hard man

    • Send It
      Send It 2 个月 前

      taro you are so brilliant. Thank you for your contribution

  • Colin Burleigh
    Colin Burleigh 3 个月 前 +2

    Saoirse Ronan was phenomenal in this episode, but the episode itself was awful

  • Crazyanimal guy
    Crazyanimal guy 3 个月 前 +4

    Lol I'm Irish and I really liked it. The accents are OK too! They usually aren't on TV! Well done SNL!

  • The Orange Mustache
    The Orange Mustache 3 个月 前 +2

    Wtf was the dog thing about!

    • rrinismystarbucksname
      rrinismystarbucksname 3 个月 前

      I live in Ireland and the joke is that nearly everybody has multiple dogs.

  • tiadaid
    tiadaid 3 个月 前

    The Irish accent on the other stewardess besides Cecily Strong sounds fake.

    • Ash dumbass
      Ash dumbass 3 个月 前

      She's actually Irish. You know Saoirse Ronan, right? That's her

  • Joanne Kelleher
    Joanne Kelleher 3 个月 前

    Is this supposed to be funny? I mean It could be good but I don't actually find this funny, what's with the dogs?
    I'm not offended but it just makes no sense at all.

  • Tommy Maloney
    Tommy Maloney 3 个月 前

    Where they referring to Anallingus

  • : Meghan :
    : Meghan : 3 个月 前

    Every Irish person has that sweater that Kate wore 😂😂

  • Jenni Murphy
    Jenni Murphy 3 个月 前

    Did no one get the "Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Cork," thing? Its fucking funny, man

  • agricolaregs
    agricolaregs 3 个月 前 +3

    I don’t get it. I must be missing a cultural understanding of the Irish.

    • ahlads
      ahlads 17 天 前

      You’re not missing anything it’s just shit comedy

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen 3 个月 前 +1

    So watching this as a fan of Lord of the Rings, I thought that the obvious joke would be Theoden saying "Forth Eorlingas, ride to ruin and the world's ending!"
    But they went a much less Tolkien way.

  • Radikalisierter Reptiloid

    I don't get it.. What's supposed to be funny about this? There was like no joke at all

  • Olivia Madden
    Olivia Madden 3 个月 前

    this show gives me cancer

  • Jack Carroll
    Jack Carroll 3 个月 前

    Im irish im only here for soairse ronan but i cant listen to these americans do terrible irish accents and the steryotypes that all irish people eat spuds because we dont

  • Emilio Martinez
    Emilio Martinez 3 个月 前 +3

    i love aviation fun but this was not funny :(

  • firebirdgao
    firebirdgao 3 个月 前 +1

    In French we prononce « sa oir se » like « Star Wars »

  • David Dunphy
    David Dunphy 3 个月 前

    Why the feckin dogs? Why children under seats?

  • Troubled Sole
    Troubled Sole 3 个月 前

    This must have been the sketch they stuck in at the end of the night.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 个月 前

    There are SNL sketches that are amazing some ok and others just pointless and unfunny and I’m sorry but this is pointless and unfunny

  • pingu
    pingu 3 个月 前 +9

    Wow the whole cockpit fits inside the door but the cabin is about 100 metres wider

  • Matthew Doyle
    Matthew Doyle 3 个月 前

    Just plan unfunny and offensive....

  • Ella Anderson
    Ella Anderson 3 个月 前

    we all wear woolen jumpers

  • Ella Anderson
    Ella Anderson 3 个月 前 +3


  • Jake Law
    Jake Law 3 个月 前 +2

    Real truth; Irish do not have a sense of humor....bend over pull out

  • Michelle M.
    Michelle M. 3 个月 前 +3

    Did they said the dog has the soul of Oscar Wilde?

  • Brendan Duffy
    Brendan Duffy 3 个月 前

    Dee ya like dags?

  • Mike Angel
    Mike Angel 3 个月 前

    Cicily has a very pretty mouth.

  • J Scott
    J Scott 4 个月 前

    You stupid Irish fucks don't know what comedy is , their accents aren't supposed to be on point plus, the dogs have nothing to do with the Irish duh, it's just something they're using as a different skit's like me being American who speaks English and I comment that I'm American and their not speaking English right or stating that there's one black person on the plane full of Irish people

  • Alex Nator
    Alex Nator 4 个月 前

    Saorise ronan

  • airgabor76
    airgabor76 4 个月 前

    Irish people say the accent is not real! haha, Its "fecking" real especially when ladies talk in restaurants in Dublin. T letter at the end of word soundz like tschstttt. Hard and painful
    to listen. So this represent 100% the strong Irish accent. This sketch is a bit boring, not funny and a bit blend. "Sourcie " made a mistake to be part of it. :D

  • Daniel Galan
    Daniel Galan 4 个月 前

    Hahaha I love the Irish accents and really hilariously Irish phrases.
    It must be fun writing a script for this type of sketch. 😂

    • ahlads
      ahlads 17 天 前

      Sarcasm alert

  • Evan Clancy
    Evan Clancy 4 个月 前

    Omg fucking cultchys haha

  • Toddy 2111
    Toddy 2111 4 个月 前

    Irish people need to get a grip, the amount of sketches we have targeted at us English and we deal with but mentions potatoes once and the entire country revolts

  • Toddy 2111
    Toddy 2111 4 个月 前

    Do people forget Saoirse is Irish

  • Laurent D'Hondt
    Laurent D'Hondt 4 个月 前

    Cecily McStrong

  • Greg Turner
    Greg Turner 4 个月 前 +2

    On the highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles there is a town names Coalinga. And that is all I will say about that!

  • Alex Tomašica
    Alex Tomašica 4 个月 前

    Omg people are ridiculous, swear to god. Must take another level of wankiness to get offended by this? Soz but innocent funny and (thanks to all the doggos) cute sketch. 1st- shut it up about not getting the dog thing... the more dogs the better. 2nd stop being so fking sensitive bout your accents... so what if they messed it up? good Irish accent is almost impossible to do for Americans plus they probably wanted it to be understood, rather than putting the bloody murmur.

  • David Scanlon
    David Scanlon 4 个月 前 +2

    Saoirse ronan speaks with a fairly strong Dublin accent and she's from Wicklow, wannabe clown.

  • Bryan Ellis
    Bryan Ellis 4 个月 前

    Omg, this is amazing! Lol

  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 个月 前

    this is good but the uniforms are so off! look up aer lingus cabin crew uniform and then you'll see

  • Oliver487589
    Oliver487589 4 个月 前

    I’ve been on aer lingus

  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales 4 个月 前

    Kate's hair! 😭

  • Tesseract 14
    Tesseract 14 4 个月 前

    I would pay for a flight like that

  • patsy persun
    patsy persun 5 个月 前

    Cunnilingus is low hanging fruit "literally".... Can someone buy SNL a dictionary please? NVM I guess literally is the new gay... a word that now means anything but it's actual definition

  • John Miller
    John Miller 5 个月 前

    Don't get this sketch.

    THANOS CAR 5 个月 前

    I look up Scottish SNL sketches and it pops up with Irish stuff. We ain’t the same as the Irish okay

  • Bendy Snowball
    Bendy Snowball 5 个月 前

    Did anyone else notice the shitty cgi plane?