Hong Kong police face off with protesters as airport protests erupt in chaos

  • 添加 2019年08月13日
  • Violent clashes broke out at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday evening as riot police arrived to disperse anti-extradition protesters.
    Hong Kong airport protests took a violent turn when police showed up to disperse the crowds blocking the international airport terminals. Demonstrators initially appeared to force the airport staff outside, later barricading the airport road with baggage carts and throwing plastic bottles at police vehicles when scuffles broke out.
    One police officer was beaten by demonstrators and fell to the floor before being helped to their feet by fellow officers. The officer in question pulled out a gun during the skirmish and pointed it at the protesters but no shots were fired.

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  • YingHua Liu
    YingHua Liu 19 小时 前

    They call it peaceful protest. When they mask their face, you'll not know what they will do, this should not appare in peaceful protest, no difference with terrorist.

  • Von Nery
    Von Nery 19 小时 前 +1

    Let HONG KONG have INDEPENDENCE from CHINA.🙏🏼👏❤️

  • y yc
    y yc 19 小时 前 +1


  • Mr. Sotack
    Mr. Sotack 19 小时 前 +1

    Down with the communist Chinese authoritarian left!! Freedom to the people of Hong Kong and China. No more communist dictatorships. Freedom for all peoples. America stands with the free people inside China!!

  • J Y
    J Y 19 小时 前

    and some people call this peaceful protest ,lol.

  • Tam Louise
    Tam Louise 20 小时 前

    香港真係有好多暴徒,依家出街見到D大背囊的青年,我都好驚佢突然拿口罩出來就bully 人😭

  • Anisa Sifa
    Anisa Sifa 20 小时 前

    Demo tuh gini ambulan beneran bawa korban bukan bawa batu 😂😂😂

  • Fidy Tasman
    Fidy Tasman 20 小时 前

    I love u hongkong suport form indonesian

  • siohappy
    siohappy 20 小时 前

    At 3:58, the guy was saying, 'I want tear gas." lol.
    Anyway, if you provoke the police force like blocking their vehicles and pointing to their eyes with laser pointers in many western countries, I believe you wouldn't have been let go easily.
    I wish to see more of this kind of relatively uncut footage where you can watch a longer length of the clip and make better judgement for yourself instead of watching a 10 to 15 seconds clip of the moment of action.
    I hope this will come to an end soon with the best solution possible for both ends.

  • yang chen
    yang chen 21 小时 前


  • Quam Quam
    Quam Quam 21 小时 前

    I fear China will use violence to Hong Kong as they do to quell freedom and democracy, Hong Kong people should protest peacefully

  • Steven Chai
    Steven Chai 21 小时 前

    A easy way to disperse off the protestors is to give them warning to go back home within the hour. Otherwise they will be sprayed with unbearable paint. This will caused them to lose their jobs, and be unemployable for being a public nuisance. I am sure there are proper channel for them to ratify the law.

  • 只为伊人飘香
    只为伊人飘香 21 小时 前


  • Cristina Salonga
    Cristina Salonga 22 小时 前

    So much Freedom. No government. This will definitely pull down their economy.

  • 李转
    李转 22 小时 前


  • Sarkar Di Rehmat
    Sarkar Di Rehmat 22 小时 前

    Everyone please pray for kashmir people as well. in honk kong people can come out do their protest but kashmiri people are locked in biggest jail. no food no medicines. i wonder for how long they will live like this. india is bustard country with no heart. we want to see them like they are doing with kashmiri people sufer

  • Commander Chris
    Commander Chris 22 小时 前 +1

    People from Tienanmen Square Massacre be like

  • J Alvin
    J Alvin 23 小时 前

    miserable, angry, do they know what they are protecting, what they are losing? Chinese don't hurt real Chinese except traitors.!

  • gloriachan gloriachan
    gloriachan gloriachan 23 小时 前

    hi is getting worse here

  • Ison Reign
    Ison Reign 23 小时 前

    Lol at the dickheads down in the comment section who can't help comparing this to america.

  • 08yannch
    08yannch 23 小时 前

    So 10 or 20 protestors throw water bottles and only at the police in retaliation to past events.
    Then I see police attack people while they're down.
    And people wonder why nobody like the police

  • Martin Luca
    Martin Luca 23 小时 前


  • john vang
    john vang 23 小时 前

    How do does the police distinguish between the protesters and journalists with camera's? Do they assault anyways or happens by accident?

  • BMO _
    BMO _ 天 前

    Someone tell me what to search, i didn't know this was happening, excuse my ignorance.

  • Panda Wang
    Panda Wang 天 前

    abc news 2019.8.19 --- Nationwide US Customs computer system malfunction causes airport chaos ... together playing the "berlesque " or "talk show " at the airport with Hongkongs young students ?

  • Arya Coley
    Arya Coley 天 前

    Well to be fair, they were protesting peacefully in the beginning, but the police began using violence which brought out the violence in the protestors.There are many videos where the police abuse their power and it really can be shown.Just like how tear gas is made to disperse a CROWD, but they use it to single out one person.And at that, a commander instructed them to do so.
    (I'm not saying that the protestors are allowed to be violent, 'cause this is getting way out of hand just like in this video.)

  • LS L
    LS L 天 前 +1


    • LS L
      LS L 天 前 +1


  • Panda Wang
    Panda Wang 天 前

    Lady "Pelosi" payed some dollars to more THAN 1000 Staff $ of the United States Embassy in Hong Kong employ and training young students playing "90s hongkong movie" at the airport ... why did you stay at the airport together playing "Talk show " for free ??? (ABC NEWS:Nationwide US Customs computer system malfunction causes airport chaos)
    God bless you just "talk show " not the movie " black hawk down " ,what is the next "berlesque show" started by great lady "D'Alesandro Pelosi”, my mean it is not the" BBC worship" and"gangb@nged hungry" white sissy housewife " pelosi"
    who started to love "S&M' feeling ?

  • 無聊的YouTube


  • Y ZHU
    Y ZHU 天 前


  • sarcastic NATIONALIST

    Hong Kong should be become a new democratic country.....😎😍

    • Olivera Jolic
      Olivera Jolic 23 小时 前

      Nah, its a chinese province and it will always be 💪🇨🇳

  • yw玉
    yw玉 天 前

    睇到呢班仆街 連 普通市民 架車 都 去 搞 如果我係嗰個司機 車鳩死佢 😡😡😡😡😡

  • 刘晓燕
    刘晓燕 天 前

    Such a thing will only happen in China, and other countries have already shot and suppressed it.

  • Shu Yi Tan
    Shu Yi Tan 天 前

    Where are the peaceful protestors that CNN is talking about??

  • ys tang
    ys tang 天 前

    I live in HK btw

    PATTY 天 前

    Protesters can be nice but if you shoot tear gas,they gonna be mad

  • ew wts you suck
    ew wts you suck 天 前 +1

    Why are they doing that to the police ?

  • Karl Gomez
    Karl Gomez 天 前

    Im surprised how they didnt film the part where the US is paying the rioters to be part of the rally

  • Sealiff Xu
    Sealiff Xu 天 前

    HK police is too soft facing these riots

  • Ch C
    Ch C 天 前


  • Freddie Martinez

    The internet will be gone soon.

  • Arisol Lee
    Arisol Lee 天 前


  • Fast Track
    Fast Track 天 前

    I would die fighting for my freeedom

  • Fast Track
    Fast Track 天 前

    That's a terrible thing but the people of Hong Kong are tuff and stand up for freeeerom

  • Paul Wu
    Paul Wu 天 前

    Hong Kong keep going don’t stop plz

  • Mh Chia
    Mh Chia 天 前

    Nothing But Terrorists。Look how they using the laser pens to point to the policemen's eyes.

  • Иван
    Иван 天 前

    抓到立刻录指纹 禁止出境 共同枪毙 黄泉路上有个伴 集体去打阎王爷

  • Sallri Qin
    Sallri Qin 天 前


  • Иван
    Иван 天 前

    秋后问斩 监狱放不下这么多垃圾

  • 赵平波
    赵平波 天 前


  • Mavis Wow
    Mavis Wow 天 前


  • Brenda Tang
    Brenda Tang 天 前


  • Jay Dong
    Jay Dong 天 前

    强烈要求香港外籍法官下台 强烈要求香港外籍法官下台 强烈要求香港外籍法官下台 支持的顶起

  • Brenda Tang
    Brenda Tang 天 前


  • Brenda Tang
    Brenda Tang 天 前


  • Lang Ngindang
    Lang Ngindang 天 前

    Whatever it is, these protesters are indirectly encouraging the intervention of Mainland China Authorities, who at this particular time frame are still holding off away from the the trouble spot.
    But not for a time indefinite or perhap sooner than later a cracking on the Military or Police Assault Riffle will be used as the TOY replicas that are being used as a weapon by the protesters currently.
    No doubt about that, some blood thirsty Mainland Army and Police General are too eager to have a taste of the protester blood sooner than later and the Mainland China Authority are looking for these type of opportunity to clamp tight & shut the door of Freedom to all HongKong Islanders Or perhaps there will be layers and layers of dead bodies paving the street and Hongkong will become a wasted land masses with all the business will be closed shop or goes kaput.
    HONGKONG will never ever again the same as it were before, cos the Mainland China Authorities will never let go these type of occurrence again forever thereafter.
    To the protesting Hongkong Islanders, be prepare to face the sure forthcoming ASSAULT by the Mainland Military and Police Authority. HONGKONG will become a wasted land dominated by Mainland China MILITARY AND POLICE BASE, where the once lucrative business center in the World, will become a Military & Police Bases, where supprresion of dissenting voice will happen and perhap torture & terror cell will be around as well run by the Mainlabd China Authorities.

  • Bit Lau
    Bit Lau 天 前


  • Brenda Tang
    Brenda Tang 天 前


  • Angel Sievert
    Angel Sievert 天 前

    A Generation so quick to anarchy, courtesy of todays movies, violent video games.


    To be honest, *as a Hong Kong citizen* , the conflict at night too violent.
    I’m like most of the protesters, I join the demonstration in the afternoon, and leave before night every time. It’s definitely peaceful in the morning and afternoon. The purpose of most of the protesters just want the response from the Government about the 5 main demands. Yet, sometimes I think ppl at night already aren’t only protesting for the 5 main demands, they might feel despair as we get no response after 1M, 2M, and today’s 1.7M (no. of people) demonstration. But they also hate the polices, and attack them, which I disagree strongly.

  • MercuryCraft Server Official channel

    Wish me luck, going to Hong Kong soon

  • Marianne Fernandez

    Oo ohhh myyyy Godddd...
    Rediculous .....

    God help us PEACE HONGKONG PEOPLE....to calm down...🤐🤐🤐
    Watching from Singapore
    Mga kabayan mag ingat po kayo lahat diyan....😍😍😍

  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia 天 前

    Ooow omg.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 天 前

    Well here in Philippines Protester will be shot dead Already....

  • Sum Nguyen
    Sum Nguyen 天 前

    Giới trẻ Việt Nam hãy học bài học của giới trẻ Hồng Kông!

  • Alex Bischoff
    Alex Bischoff 天 前

    seeing this many people coming together to stand up for what they believe in is so unreal. I hope it's not all in vain.

  • Chase. O Sulu
    Chase. O Sulu 天 前


  • ken hill ng
    ken hill ng 天 前 +1

    i suggest the civil human right front to deperse its body. because they violate our hong kong human basic right. the civil human right front have breach thier founder human right principle spirit, violate the other people basic human right, shameles said they are protect the hong kong human right apparrent violate the human right , the body must dimissal by the polce

  • Andrew Duan
    Andrew Duan 天 前

    I want to go to HK right now and spank the hell out of those bastards if I had one hundred swat officers with pepper sprays

  • Amanda Xu
    Amanda Xu 天 前 +1


  • thomas
    thomas 天 前

    Martial law coming and night curfew hour of not allow on the street is coming . This is a riot and violence is being use. Throw bottle. If this was done in the USA the police have a right to protect the law. They don’t understand democracy. Too much democracy as this out of control bring martial law inforce with the military. Then you lose your rights and a dictatorship take charge

  • yit seen choo
    yit seen choo 天 前


  • zoezoe610
    zoezoe610 天 前

    Protesters have to realise that both sides are bound to the agreement made in 1997 of one country two systems and nothing can change until it expires this is the law so these protests are 20 years too early.

  • 袁来这样
    袁来这样 天 前 +3


  • celiawiny
    celiawiny 天 前