Hong Kong police face off with protesters as airport protests erupt in chaos

  • 添加 2019年08月13日
  • Violent clashes broke out at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday evening as riot police arrived to disperse anti-extradition protesters.
    Hong Kong airport protests took a violent turn when police showed up to disperse the crowds blocking the international airport terminals. Demonstrators initially appeared to force the airport staff outside, later barricading the airport road with baggage carts and throwing plastic bottles at police vehicles when scuffles broke out.
    One police officer was beaten by demonstrators and fell to the floor before being helped to their feet by fellow officers. The officer in question pulled out a gun during the skirmish and pointed it at the protesters but no shots were fired.

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  • dendy hafizhan
    dendy hafizhan 4 天 前 +1

    It's nice when they give the way to ambulance. If it in my country they still will trow anything to them

  • andy72101
    andy72101 8 天 前

    這才是真相,我從不相信台灣新聞台撥放的 都是暴民 欠殺

  • ishii yulian
    ishii yulian 9 天 前

    take off your MASKS first

  • semmel sam
    semmel sam 9 天 前

    Bin ich froh das ich nicht da lebe

  • Aaron Moy
    Aaron Moy 10 天 前

    Resisting arrest, gets a beating.........lol

  • lightandnightEQUINOX

    This is sad
    Had a great time last year Christmas there and now i see all this violence
    Way to go people
    Way to go scaring the world and ruining a perfectly good thing

  • Nikhil jamwal Nikhil jamwal

    Hong Kong people routine = eat sleep, protest

  • Lee Thiongpeng
    Lee Thiongpeng 12 天 前

    I didn't know hk people's so brainless, soon either in jail or sewage

  • 刚曹
    刚曹 12 天 前


  • 傑克森唬爛
    傑克森唬爛 14 天 前

    1:39有白癡 用腳踹行進的車輛 ...

  • Miguel Antonio
    Miguel Antonio 14 天 前

    In China there are a band of youngers whit lasers points and umbrellas.
    In U.S.A if government abuse there are a band of people whit ar-15 assault rifle that pierce government armoury like butter.
    You see why they atactk the second amend its not becouse people safety its for government control!

  • Just sayin
    Just sayin 14 天 前

    In the comments section of this videos, you can see two kinds of people.Those who saw things in this video, and those who experience the things in this video. i wonder who would i trust?

  • Baldatun Thoyyiba
    Baldatun Thoyyiba 17 天 前

    People power is unavoidable..

  • Thoa Phuong
    Thoa Phuong 17 天 前

    Chỉ thấy một đất nước bạo loạn

  • riskhi nation
    riskhi nation 18 天 前 +2


  • RFP Great
    RFP Great 18 天 前

    People are correct . Only fighting is the option. Fight with police.

  • Jaco_Engel
    Jaco_Engel 19 天 前

    Airport design for the future is probably riot proof

  • Khoa Vlog & Gaming
    Khoa Vlog & Gaming 19 天 前

    I would say this is The Next Cold War

  • Jose Zepeda
    Jose Zepeda 20 天 前


  • Ada Aja
    Ada Aja 21 天 前


  • Ada Aja
    Ada Aja 21 天 前


  • tú công tử
    tú công tử 21 天 前

    จีนต้องจ่ายให้ฮ่องกงเพื่อแสวงหาลัทธิฟาสซิสต์เนื่องจากความคิดของ Thach เหมาเจ๋อตงเป็นคนที่ปล้นความคิดของ Thich และผลักเขาไปสู่เส้นทางแห่งความตาย

  • Lưu Ninh Bình TV
    Lưu Ninh Bình TV 21 天 前

    Dân hông kong làm trò cười cho bọn mỹ

  • Andrew Ngo
    Andrew Ngo 22 天 前

    Kick my car and I’ll run you over, facts

  • Bebek Balap
    Bebek Balap 22 天 前

    just shoot the anarchists..bang...bang..bang....

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo 24 天 前

    Next video games idea, GTA Riots.

  • 李富琳
    李富琳 24 天 前


  • Cyril
    Cyril 25 天 前

    If it was in US ... oh wait they are too fat to protest 🤣
    French yellow vest support Hong Kong 👊

  • blik 1923
    blik 1923 25 天 前

    these videos show the truths and no matter how western media try glorifying these terrorists, people in the world would never believe such violent acts are for the freedom of Hong Kong

  • Mana Maon
    Mana Maon 25 天 前

    Hong khong no brain thry make only eath ugly

  • puah jaiwai
    puah jaiwai 26 天 前 +12

    When the police car came they throw bottle. And cart but when they saw the ambulance came they give a thumb up lol

  • Ahmad Sodiq
    Ahmad Sodiq 26 天 前

    Sebenarnya apa yang kalian inginkan ?

  • yeah ok
    yeah ok 27 天 前

    My condolences Hong Kong, I have no side but whoever should come out victorious I hope they do something good.

  • Amal Dev
    Amal Dev 27 天 前

    They attacked only police vehicles ,they give way to ambulance 2:45

  • Da Fon
    Da Fon 27 天 前


  • Da Fon
    Da Fon 27 天 前


  • Da Fon
    Da Fon 27 天 前


  • ruta02 disprolacteos

    . .
    ... 😮.? .

  • garyrockdastage
    garyrockdastage 29 天 前 +3

    At least they didn’t block the ambulance...

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 个月 前

    Time for another nuclear bomb

  • Mgolt Hox
    Mgolt Hox 个月 前

    Bruh I swear in every protest they let the ambulance pass

    HÁT LÊN NÀO 个月 前 +1

    Fighting For Freedom. Comunist is the devil

  • palo olap
    palo olap 个月 前

    That's how our governments will treat us if we allow socialism, political correctness and feminism to take control of our lives.

  • 808 boy
    808 boy 个月 前

    I would of ran those mfs over

  • anything goes
    anything goes 个月 前

    beat those suckers !

  • Ville Perdue
    Ville Perdue 个月 前


  • Frances Matthews
    Frances Matthews 个月 前

    The young protectors destroy building, shops, restaurants and business districts coz they never build, contribute, go to school to complete their education so they have no understanding of the hardships of their ancestors, their parents who labour to build HK. Now the spoilt rioters just destroy in 20th weeks. If they were the one who labour and build HK, they won't be vandalised the places. I'm utterly loss words for these hooligan acts, sadden to watch. They needed to be arrested and cane so to feel the same pain of innocent HK residents have to go through.....

  • Sarah He
    Sarah He 个月 前


  • 周广杰
    周广杰 个月 前


  • McCheesy -
    McCheesy - 个月 前

    Omg annoying Chinese girl voices... It makes me cringe

  • Paula David k
    Paula David k 个月 前

    Bego apa gimana ini?

  • Merlin Geikie
    Merlin Geikie 个月 前

    Don't think for a moment that this is a CCP problem, ... no not so..... not a Chinese problem per se, at all.
    What we see here, is what will always happen when very powerful states, come into being....
    Central planning, central control, codification of decisions, and the inevitable centralised garnering of people's resources via taxation lead to a cacophony of powerful interests, focusing on a tiny goal.
    Western countries, like Australia, USA, the Americas and Europe north and south etc have grappled with this growing problem, all this time, pretty much unsuccessfully.....
    When a state becomes powerful enough, its leaders move from being covert Narcissists to overt Narcissists, and the decline to psychopathy can be very rapid.
    Look out and be warned.
    Big states, centrally controlled bureaucracies and the gathering of vast taxation resources, inevitably leads to these results.
    Nothing will stop this form of extreme conflict, except for various reset scenarios.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 个月 前

    Sooo when they throw trolleys and rubbish at the police and the police don't fight back they cheer. But when the Police fight back, they get angry and yells out police brutality?

  • JEE by JKRG
    JEE by JKRG 个月 前

    And then the same country is worried about kashmir rights....cheap CHINA

  • malaysia sping
    malaysia sping 个月 前

    Destroy electric power and water supply gov will give up.

  • Massimo Mezzetti
    Massimo Mezzetti 个月 前 +1

    thanks for the upload !!! i hope freedom for hong kong citizens !!

  • Zoe
    Zoe 个月 前 +1

    Any time there's a video of confrontation with these protesters, I always hear these protesters screaming "F your mother!" in cantonese. Several times too. What kind of students are these? They sound and behave like street punks.

  • Oliver Libunao
    Oliver Libunao 个月 前

    i dont really understand but i really admire those young people fighting for their future

  • FreeBird always
    FreeBird always 个月 前

    time to use live rounds

  • Michał Kwiatkowski
    Michał Kwiatkowski 个月 前

    Support for Hong Kong protesters from Poland !