How to grow lashes naturally ✿ DIY for longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes

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  • Hi guys! After 6 months of using one amazing eyelash treatment, I'm super excited to share it with you. So, the one and only magic ingredient of this treatment is 100% natural castor oil! In one of my previous video I've already explained you how I used it to regrow and restore thicker, healthier and stronger hair, so feel free to check it out:
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  • mohamed rhimo
    mohamed rhimo 4 小时 前

    new beauty product @t

  • atinis
    atinis 9 天 前 +1

    I like the way you talk cool!!!

  • Grace shewchenko
    Grace shewchenko 15 天 前

    Love your accent, so unique :)

  • Bob Browning
    Bob Browning 16 天 前

    NARRATOR please call me

  • bqsha elamrani
    bqsha elamrani 2 个月 前

    It really works I've tried it but it should be done at least for a month.

  • gabrielle cases
    gabrielle cases 2 个月 前

    i used it for a year, it did NOT work, anybody here tried it too?

  • Ammie Lin
    Ammie Lin 2 个月 前

    Who the hell has a syringe at home?

  • Alexa Ceci
    Alexa Ceci 3 个月 前

    Lol watching this in 2018😂🎉

  • Kennedy Jones
    Kennedy Jones 3 个月 前

    Would this cause any infections?

    HARJIT KAUR 4 个月 前

    Can we use coconut oil

  • Sariah Johnson
    Sariah Johnson 5 个月 前

    if anyone is asking.....yes you have to use castor oil to get them lit results

  • Nadia Mirza
    Nadia Mirza 5 个月 前

    It's amazing

  • Kishori Parab
    Kishori Parab 5 个月 前

    can we use coconut oil

  • BeetleBUMxX
    BeetleBUMxX 5 个月 前

    Okay, I guess my eyelashes are as thick and long as I can get them. They go above the crease but I wanted to get them to look fuller without mascara. My sister has very thick eyelashes and mine use to be very thick when I was in my teens ... fuck getting older sucks.

  • Mirren Kelly
    Mirren Kelly 5 个月 前

    That accent is absolutely adorable

  • Krishnaveni Talasila
    Krishnaveni Talasila 5 个月 前

    But ur channel only for hairstyles but plss make videos for beauty like facial hair removal,how to get clear skin,skin whitening please I like Ur remedy as eyelashes it works for me so I trust Ur remedies.this my first u tube channel subscriptions but it's not related to Beauty can u pls make videos for that pllssssss mam

  • Krishnaveni Talasila
    Krishnaveni Talasila 5 个月 前

    I try this results are amazing tqqqq so much

  • Hony Pee
    Hony Pee 6 个月 前

    صحيح طبعا زيت الخروع مجرب

  • Tom and Jerry micky
    Tom and Jerry micky 6 个月 前

    Mam Its not working..... 🙁🙁🙁plzzzz tell me what should I do for good results

  • Simon Cartney
    Simon Cartney 6 个月 前

    You can use petroleum jelly

  • Nova Charlotte Beltran
    Nova Charlotte Beltran 6 个月 前

    Where can you buy castor oil

  • AQ. Supergirl
    AQ. Supergirl 6 个月 前

    Have anyone use almond oil does it work????

  • Gul Beyyaz
    Gul Beyyaz 7 个月 前

    No doubt it works!

  • Lucifer Broke
    Lucifer Broke 7 个月 前

    Thank you!

  • laurinah kordei
    laurinah kordei 7 个月 前

    Do we apply it everyday or how many days a week?

  • Demira D
    Demira D 8 个月 前

    0:03 ttreatsmant?

  • BTS fan girl Forever
    BTS fan girl Forever 8 个月 前

    Omg i have the same eyes color like her😍😍😍😱

  • Beatrice P
    Beatrice P 8 个月 前

    if it sais only 100% castor oil? it doesn't say cold pressed/processed

  • Cynthia Keeman
    Cynthia Keeman 9 个月 前

    Do you still use this method now?

  • Arushi Bhatnagar
    Arushi Bhatnagar 9 个月 前

    Your eyes are angelic

  • StarsBeyondMars
    StarsBeyondMars 9 个月 前

    naturally without looking up my lashes reach my eyebrow is that rare?

  • perenceja
    perenceja 9 个月 前

    You can also use a clean or new mascara brush (sold on Amazon) to apply the castor oil.

  • Jasmine Miller
    Jasmine Miller 10 个月 前


  • J Louvaris
    J Louvaris 10 个月 前

    But you’re also wearing fake lashes.look closely at the edge in 2:21

  • Kcha sha
    Kcha sha 10 个月 前

    I try it but ....☹️

  • Best Tennis Humor
    Best Tennis Humor 10 个月 前

    Your eyes are beautiful!

  • Carol Thomas
    Carol Thomas 10 个月 前

    do you need to leave the oil on the lash-line overnight ?

  • thumps up
    thumps up 10 个月 前

    Super eyes

  • Lena Karrel
    Lena Karrel 10 个月 前

    Thanks for the video... From my research it has to be natural as chemicals can be dangerous. I was shopping around a month ago and same, so expensive. After my research I settled for this and so happy. and try "longlashes" for $10 off, still works the code, just tested it :) Seriously, bargin as its only $20 after the discount, and inc shippinhaha.. sounds like I'm working for these guys... ;)

  • Anusha Anu
    Anusha Anu 10 个月 前

    Wow u look cute

  • diana omar
    diana omar 10 个月 前

    Your eyes amazing

  • Jenny Wu
    Jenny Wu 10 个月 前

    anyone know where I can get castor oil in Australia

  • THELMA FURTADO good movie

    oh wow... I liked.... really 😃😃

  • Alisha Shikalgar
    Alisha Shikalgar 11 个月 前

    Your eye's so beautiful
    I love that color of eyes

  • Shifa Mariyam
    Shifa Mariyam 11 个月 前

    thnx!!!! for the tips u have a lovely accent

  • monika medok
    monika medok 11 个月 前

    U said everything but not d name n brand of the oil😪

  • jannat l
    jannat l 11 个月 前

    Kis brand k castor oil use kru...😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Neelam Singh
    Neelam Singh 11 个月 前 +1

    From today i have started using castor oil.... Lets see wat hppns😊😊😊thnks for ur honest review....❤

  • Ceska Dark Eden
    Ceska Dark Eden 11 个月 前

    Holy cow we re in 2017....could you not find something 'animal friendly' ?

  • Muntaha Nowshin Niha
    Muntaha Nowshin Niha 11 个月 前

    I Don't know why but she looks like Katy Perry

  • B0ut0n
    B0ut0n 11 个月 前

    My eyelashes go from brown to blonde haha

  • Алёнка DIY
    Алёнка DIY 11 个月 前

    Sorry, are you russian? Your accent...

  • queen fariz
    queen fariz 年 前


  • Sophia Kutz
    Sophia Kutz 年 前

    Before: ok lemme take a pic of my natural eyelashes
    After: LOTS AND LOTS OF MASCARA because NO one will notice

  • sana rizvi
    sana rizvi 年 前

    Castor oil I m using from 5months ...but results kuch nhi dikh raha. Eyelashes, eyebrows pe....

  • Hina Ali
    Hina Ali 年 前

    You looks like a Dr shaista lodhi.shaista lodhi is a Pakistani celebraty she is a Dr , anchor,actor and a model.

  • laurinah kordei
    laurinah kordei 年 前

    Will it be okay if i apply it before i go to sleep and leave it on all night, then wash my face in the morning? Also, can i mix the castor oil with vitamin E oil and coconut oil? Thanks

  • Nabeel Raza
    Nabeel Raza 年 前 +4

    There is no disadvantages of castor oil

  • PrettyPink Jem
    PrettyPink Jem 年 前 +1

    0:32 "But even before without mascara"… nope, there's still mascara in it :/

  • Monisha Chandrashekar

    Can you please let me know if we have to continue using the oil even after reaching your desired length..

  • notyourprincess bruh

    Hi can i ask something? :) . Can i use mascara brush and container instead of eye liner container? . Thankyou in advance

  • Megan
    Megan 年 前


  • RatedRx3
    RatedRx3 年 前

    My lashes are extremely curly and they grow in every direction- literally! But they’re short and they’re not full at all. So im going to try this. I’ll take a before and after pic as well. Thanks for the info!!

  • Sweety Doll Pakistan123

    This is great

  • Jowhella Migraso

    Can I use minola premium coconut oil lauric oil?

  • Mrs.chimi changa

    Wait those are real eyelashes?

  • Nikhat Mohammed
    Nikhat Mohammed 年 前


  • Eve Genie
    Eve Genie 年 前

    Thanks both for your beauty and for these tips. If I still used castor oil I would store and apply it exactly like you described. :) But it's sticky for me anyway and I can't stand even the light smell of it, so I had to switch to serums like Cherish Lash. Sometimes the result is even better (and quicker).

  • anne le
    anne le 年 前

    I was a lucky Asian born with long eyelashes and double eyelids 🤣

  • LifeBeautiful
    LifeBeautiful 年 前

    jast awesome,.....😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍😘👍🏻😍

  • Chahat Chopra
    Chahat Chopra 年 前

    What I got after doing it - nothing but swollen eyes! It's better to apply Vaseline overnight than applying this Ik it works but I can't deal with it!

  • Prophetess Brenda G Grant Brenda G Grant

    They're beautiful! I just started in July I see a little growth. Hope my eyelashes looks like your if all is well in 6 months. Will give you and update. Good evening.😇

  • قويهہ آ
    قويهہ آ 年 前 +1

    ممكن ترجمه بلعربي

  • Wellwouldyoulookatthat Mate

    Does corn oil work too?

  • Tasnim Prima
    Tasnim Prima 年 前


  • Art beruntung
    Art beruntung 年 前

    my brother in law is from pakistan and his eyelashes much longer and curly than hers.. gaakkakka

  • Lara Darwish
    Lara Darwish 年 前

    I used foltene for my hair.

  • Xмιѕтяєѕѕ кιиσX

    Does it matter which castor oil u use because there are different kinds....

  • Olga Roman
    Olga Roman 年 前

    alguien que hable español me interesa saver que es lo que se pone mis pestañas se me estan callendo

  • cloudnine💮
    cloudnine💮 年 前

    She's right, it stings like shit.😫

  • Snowy Ermine
    Snowy Ermine 年 前

    you can add coconut or/and almond oil to the mixture.

  • Bambino Gold
    Bambino Gold 年 前

    Her accent is the cutest 😭💖

  • Shane Abainza
    Shane Abainza 年 前


  • Harjot Hayer
    Harjot Hayer 年 前

    which castor oil you was using

  • Faaz Akhtar
    Faaz Akhtar 年 前

    can we use almond oil instead of Carrie oil

  • lulu
    lulu 年 前

    your accent sounds weird but nice to hear!!

  • Angela Newa
    Angela Newa 年 前

    what an accent

  • Melissa Tanaka
    Melissa Tanaka 年 前

    the only thing about this that worries me is the oil clogging the pores around your eyelashes? I don't want to end up with some sort of stye in my eye because of clogged pores.

  • Dua Mirza
    Dua Mirza 年 前

  • Nana Finn
    Nana Finn 年 前

    I love your eyes. :)

  • Sj Music
    Sj Music 年 前

    That girl was resembling to Katy perry

  • Hannah Lapurga
    Hannah Lapurga 年 前

    in my experience i noticed the results within a week though my lashes are naturally long but they aren't that thick

    TS7 IS COMING 年 前

    i'm doing this. i'm excited.

  • Hilary McAlister

    Can you do this while wearing fake lashes??

  • sara swifts
    sara swifts 年 前

    this girl in the video is wearing a lot of mascara

  • aexiqtea
    aexiqtea 年 前

    i though my eyelashes were short but i have them as long as the after part. lol

  • angelina zhu
    angelina zhu 年 前

    where do you get caster oil

  • Simran Sandla
    Simran Sandla 年 前

    it's good to see this video..I can actually see dat it was her eyelashes-"the real one".

  • P.sridhar Reddy
    P.sridhar Reddy 年 前

    she looked almost like Katy Perry

  • Inez Lucas
    Inez Lucas 年 前 +4

    Kendall just put out a new eye lash product I think. They are giving out free samples for people to try, I just got mine, get yours here: