Deadpool 2 | With Apologies to David Beckham

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  • On Digital August 7
    On Blu-ray August 21
    After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor - finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.
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  • Jake Maddia
    Jake Maddia 天 前


  • harris henson
    harris henson 天 前

    i like r.i.pd

  • Finguy9
    Finguy9 4 天 前

    That description tho😂

  • Motley's TV Classics

    Favourite Deadpool advert imo. :)

  • Krishna Chowdhury
    Krishna Chowdhury 5 天 前

    What Marketing level!!

  • Stepan Serdyuk
    Stepan Serdyuk 7 天 前

    His accent reaches Constantine levels.

  • Bogdan Darea
    Bogdan Darea 7 天 前

    0:31 song pls?

    • Endermain
      Endermain 3 天 前

      Take My Breath Away by Berlin

  • Jas S
    Jas S 8 天 前

    As least we won 4 world cups...what about Canada and U.S.😂😂

  • IndraUchiha997
    IndraUchiha997 8 天 前

    Green Lantern 😂 good god was that a disaster cgi wise

  • mehmet yılmaz
    mehmet yılmaz 10 天 前

    0:33 start the song?? Pls.

  • Vhed Needle
    Vhed Needle 12 天 前

    What did he said..?

  • Payton B
    Payton B 15 天 前

    To soon? Ya to soon LMFAO!!!!

  • Lucy17x
    Lucy17x 15 天 前

    Perfect timing now that the world cup is on ! #itscominghome

  • rerolol
    rerolol 15 天 前

    His gasp is the best

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis 15 天 前

    Am I the only one who thinks that RIPD was actually a pretty good flick

  • Monster
    Monster 18 天 前

    lol i love deadpool

  • Muhammad Faisal
    Muhammad Faisal 20 天 前

    whats the name of music at 0:40

  • Xentrova
    Xentrova 22 天 前

    What's wrong with selfles

  • Yuri Miracle
    Yuri Miracle 25 天 前

    What for?

  • Song Ji Hyo
    Song Ji Hyo 25 天 前

    0:31 anyone know that song?

  • nelson sy
    nelson sy 26 天 前

    0:25 is that the Mario theme song?

  • Deazy Ace
    Deazy Ace 29 天 前

    4.8 thousand people most likely sound like they mouth sexed a can of helium... 🎈

  • Cobo Pops
    Cobo Pops 29 天 前

    1:34 music name?

    • Endermain
      Endermain 3 天 前

      Take My Breath Away by Berlin

  • Shahzad
    Shahzad 个月 前

    hahaha... that was funny :P

  • thefireranger 22
    thefireranger 22 个月 前

    Deadpool lol

  • thefireranger 22
    thefireranger 22 个月 前


  • Dimas Villanueva
    Dimas Villanueva 个月 前

    Song at 0:40 ?

    • Endermain
      Endermain 3 天 前

      Take My Breath Away by Berlin

  • gamanin8
    gamanin8 个月 前

    Reynolds has a girl's voice...very offputting,

  • Ginger Beard
    Ginger Beard 个月 前

    The list goes on...
    X-Men Origins Wolverine
    The Proposal
    The Change-Up
    School of Life
    Like Deadpool and Amityville Horror were your only decent roles.

  • Yatendra Mohan Goyal

    What version of take my breath away plays in the end

  • Yatendra Mohan Goyal

    Take my breadth away!!!

  • Nomeans No
    Nomeans No 个月 前

    This guy would a´make a brillant 007 if he didnt have those retarded tattoos.

  • ajb868686
    ajb868686 个月 前

    Cinnamon and manhood. Lmao that’s gold

  • AWS Arts
    AWS Arts 个月 前

    How he knocks the door though xD

  • Darwish Razali
    Darwish Razali 个月 前

    anyone know the name of the Lo Siento song?

  • nancy yang
    nancy yang 个月 前

    Take my Breath Away is One of the best songs from the 90's and it fit perfectly into this sceen. LMFAO 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  • Devlin McGuire
    Devlin McGuire 个月 前 +1

    Apologies to Matt Damian. we ran out of time.

  • Intanasara
    Intanasara 个月 前 +1

    Geez hahahaha

  • Lino Galois
    Lino Galois 个月 前

    David thinks this Deadpool Soundtrack rocks: 😋视频.html

  • Mer Xi Foxx
    Mer Xi Foxx 个月 前


  • sicsicsix
    sicsicsix 个月 前

    Lol nice

  • k_alasmar
    k_alasmar 个月 前 +1

    What's it the last movie's name i can't understand it

    • grmpf
      grmpf 13 天 前


  • Abdulrashid Tariq
    Abdulrashid Tariq 个月 前


  • mehmet yılmaz
    mehmet yılmaz 个月 前

    Song siento??

  • Samuel vargas
    Samuel vargas 个月 前

    Mariachi best part lol 😂

  • Julz one
    Julz one 个月 前

    Love deadpoooooool

  • Nathan Cox
    Nathan Cox 个月 前

    ...They referenced Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool... as Ryan Reynolds... in-character. It's like they shattered the 4th wall, just to shatter it again from the inside out. 4th Wallception.

  • YourCoolBoi HasSavedYou

    Am I the only person on Earth that actually liked GL? #soznotsoz

  • haylee turner
    haylee turner 个月 前


  • 8857598
    8857598 个月 前

    Pls wat it 0.30 muice

  • Sir HighRoller
    Sir HighRoller 个月 前

    Like Beyonce says please please stop cheating on me 😆😆😆

  • Dreamcastle100
    Dreamcastle100 个月 前


  • James Bond
    James Bond 个月 前

    now that's great advertising ! ryan shines as this character

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming 个月 前

    i have seen deadpool 2 theres no scense wit hthis

  • TenX Amazing
    TenX Amazing 个月 前

    not the real... :)

  • pewdiepie Chair
    pewdiepie Chair 个月 前 +1


  • Free old shows And movies

    That never happened

  • Raluca Cojocaru
    Raluca Cojocaru 个月 前

    Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor

  • F. Marcelo Apaza T.
    F. Marcelo Apaza T. 个月 前 +3

    Russia 2018 Group "I"
    -United States
    Wow, what a group! 😂😂

  • Daksh Kumar
    Daksh Kumar 个月 前

    What's that Spanish kinda song at 0:31

  • Barlen Munthe
    Barlen Munthe 个月 前


  • Joanna Cheuque
    Joanna Cheuque 个月 前

    hahahhaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kitsune Studios
    Kitsune Studios 个月 前

    “To soon? ... Yeah to soon.”

  • Hernan Rolando Medina

    Monday June 4th. Italy vs Netherlands

  • Blake Cromley
    Blake Cromley 个月 前

    What about the Proposal? That was pretty much where Ryan Reynolds got to see and touch Sandra Bullock wet naked body. I don't see David Beckham in any movies with hot actresses and gets laid

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie 个月 前

    0:28 "you"ll float too"

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie 个月 前

    0:27 "dont you wanna a balloon, david?"

  • TCWpower
    TCWpower 个月 前

    RIPD was actually of the shittiest movies tho.

    TALON 个月 前

    smh 😆😆 Ryan Reynolds is an absolute nut. Dude is hilarious.

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher 个月 前

    Only watched deadpool for the first time the other night, man what a great movie and it's fricking hilarious lol, nearly died when he stroked the blind woman's face with his baby hand lol

  • 백단테
    백단테 个月 前

    Cable: Who are you?
    Deadpool: I'm Batman

  • Haley Chatfield
    Haley Chatfield 个月 前

    Does anyone know the name of song where mariachis played/sang in this vid? Please let me know, thank you!

  • Dead pool Dead
    Dead pool Dead 个月 前

    Parabéns aos desenvolvedores do nosso tempo hahahaha

  • HBKLorenzo
    HBKLorenzo 个月 前

    Netherlands vs Italy i want to see that match too i think the netherlands are going to win the world cup

  • Erol Duhnke
    Erol Duhnke 个月 前

    I love Deadpool man

  • Han Bao
    Han Bao 个月 前

    2 of the hottest men on Earth!!! Awww, you're killing meeee

  • irkenus
    irkenus 个月 前

    The best apology ever!

  • BC entertainment
    BC entertainment 个月 前

    music's name?

    • TAM HUYNH 108
      TAM HUYNH 108 个月 前

      The song at the end of this vid is Take my breath away.

  • Sabrina Hards
    Sabrina Hards 个月 前


  • Gato Zombi
    Gato Zombi 个月 前

    Lo sientooo... Amor lo sientoooo.

  • Justin Schultz
    Justin Schultz 个月 前

    "Too soon?" yes pennywise, it is...

  • BKRacer FPV
    BKRacer FPV 个月 前 +1

    lmfao !!

  • Aaisha Simon
    Aaisha Simon 个月 前

    promotion at its best!

  • Moshe Dabash
    Moshe Dabash 个月 前


  • Ernest Sy
    Ernest Sy 个月 前


  • v zeventer
    v zeventer 个月 前


  • Krishnanjani Medidi
    Krishnanjani Medidi 个月 前

    Can any one tell me name of the song which playing on the background

  • Alee Paterson
    Alee Paterson 个月 前

    Omg deadpool

  • Ian Holloway
    Ian Holloway 个月 前

    Have you seen Deadpool hanging out with Beckham:视频.html

  • joshua burgers
    joshua burgers 个月 前

    That just prove that nobody is perfect...beckhams voice....luckily my only downside is everyhthing fuck fuck fuck..m

  • comicmaster217
    comicmaster217 个月 前

    I bet Bolt Neck was one of the biggest internet searches the day this came out

  • Vicki Garner
    Vicki Garner 个月 前

    Love this

  • Jojothe Monkey
    Jojothe Monkey 个月 前

    Heyyy that vihuela player is my teacher

  • Ladder Love
    Ladder Love 个月 前


  • Deadpool 2
    Deadpool 2 个月 前

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  • Obsidian17
    Obsidian17 个月 前 +47

    I mean...if you don’t like Ryan are just a MONSTER.

    • Obsidian17
      Obsidian17 14 天 前

      Marco Peña APOSTATE!!!

    • Marco Peña
      Marco Peña 14 天 前 +1

      I like Deadpool, not Ryan. I guess im a monster.