Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

  • 添加 2019年12月11日
  • Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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  • Ahmed the beast
    Ahmed the beast 7 小时 前

    Hary is actually a great host.

  • JennLovesBooks
    JennLovesBooks 7 小时 前

    Well... I had my doubts but... Seeing them interact with each other. I feel like they have chemistry. I can see why they dated.

  • Nina
    Nina 7 小时 前

    OMGGGGGG I WANT IT ON MY WALL. She doesn't even finished the question. And he before chose between them he just bite that damngod scorpion. Idk if I got to love it in huge, or puke. 😂💕

  • Isabella Valdes
    Isabella Valdes 7 小时 前

    Can we get a Petition for Harry to have his own late night talk show

  • Sue Pemberton
    Sue Pemberton 7 小时 前

    Kendall Looks Really Different

  • Jen Rose
    Jen Rose 7 小时 前

    When did they date and when did they break up?

  • Samy
    Samy 7 小时 前

    Give it a Sniff , if you like my comment ! :)

  • Ally Spengler
    Ally Spengler 7 小时 前

    are they dating?

  • skai
    skai 7 小时 前

    i want harry to fill my guts🙈🙈🙈

  • Shanti Asf
    Shanti Asf 7 小时 前

    Harry might as well host more 😂 he funny

  • Style Before Guys
    Style Before Guys 7 小时 前

    best spill your guts everrrr

  • h
    h 7 小时 前 +1

    somehow kendall being so american makes harry seem SUPER english

  • cmonBruh
    cmonBruh 7 小时 前

    That's not harry styles thats theon greyjoy

  • Satan
    Satan 7 小时 前

    Ok, let’s get ready for watching two of the most handsome people on earth eat disgusting food.

  • yoongisrap
    yoongisrap 7 小时 前

    harry should have his own show

  • LukeEU
    LukeEU 7 小时 前

    Harry should go out with Kendall

  • sara
    sara 7 小时 前

    احد يفهمني لمن سألته عن الوان دايركشن

  • so fia
    so fia 7 小时 前

    Just answer with facts, honest.

  • The Thick Crust Doughboys

    A little spaghetti western?

  • Dana Sims
    Dana Sims 7 小时 前 +1

    Every Drama Channel now has Content😂😂😂😂

  • The Gaming Nerd
    The Gaming Nerd 7 小时 前

    Not even gonna lie harry has one of the best British accents.

  • so fia
    so fia 7 小时 前

    I dont like the fact that animals prooobably suffered because of this video(s)... I love harry buuut

  • Nina Jean
    Nina Jean 7 小时 前

    harry and cara delevigne would’ve been a good combo

  • Lila Azko
    Lila Azko 7 小时 前


  • You Toobe
    You Toobe 7 小时 前

    Kendall is a twig

  • daniela famecor
    daniela famecor 7 小时 前 +1

    Strange... #adoreyou

  • Anglogy
    Anglogy 7 小时 前

    Go check banter__Live for funny memes . Its a new acc so go show some love

  • nope fozee
    nope fozee 7 小时 前

    Harry: okay

  • Roset
    Roset 7 小时 前

    Kendall: “.....Zayn”
    Harry: “😰😅😋🦂🥬🤤”

  • Rodolfo Sorto
    Rodolfo Sorto 7 小时 前

    How can 2 human beings be so good looking

  • Gibraltar
    Gibraltar 7 小时 前

    Harry: blinks
    Crowd: *HahahaHh*

  • algerian_usa_dz me
    algerian_usa_dz me 7 小时 前 +1

    we want jelena in this challenge justin and selena!!

  • AndréA Brown
    AndréA Brown 7 小时 前

    Damn I didn't know Harry Styles is so hottt😍🔥🔥

  • Hamza Bin Sajid
    Hamza Bin Sajid 7 小时 前 +1

    Whys he wearing nail polish?

  • mute
    mute 7 小时 前

    i've never really paid attention to these two but they seem so sweet i-

  • rafaela laranjeira
    rafaela laranjeira 7 小时 前

    i haven't even started watching and i'm already scared

  • Alba
    Alba 7 小时 前

    He's such an awkward little joy

  • sarah kavanagh
    sarah kavanagh 7 小时 前 +1

    Anyone else get triggered when they don’t spin the table to the right

  • yasmin
    yasmin 7 小时 前

    i didn’t even know thay they were friends lmao

  • Rory Hyde
    Rory Hyde 7 小时 前

    Didn't they date?

  • Eric Nguyen
    Eric Nguyen 7 小时 前

    Spitters are quitters 4:53

  • mariam mustafa
    mariam mustafa 7 小时 前 +1


  • Sam Max
    Sam Max 7 小时 前

    I don’t know why but I can’t stop smiling

  • Arti
    Arti 7 小时 前


  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 7 小时 前

    Of course no songs are about you lol you’re boring....

  • Adia
    Adia 7 小时 前

    9:09 Harry is smart. He didn't let his tongue taste the scorpion. He just chewed it on the side of his mouth lol.

  • Анеля А
    Анеля А 7 小时 前 +1

    I heard at first time about kendall jenner when they were dating 😂

  • Hind
    Hind 7 小时 前

    he didn't want to hurt her feelings its so obvious

  • Ray Mond
    Ray Mond 7 小时 前

    I spy with my little eye two smitten kittens laughing too damn hard about shit nothing

  • Fatima Zehra
    Fatima Zehra 7 小时 前

    I'm worrying for James's job rn

  • Nikki Botts
    Nikki Botts 7 小时 前

    Kendall Jenner
    The only one of the K/J bunch who's beautiful without looking like she's full of fillers and had extensive plastic surgery.
    This episode was pure enjoyment to watch. The way they interact is so cute.

  • A A
    A A 7 小时 前

    Do you know what’s most disgusting, her body.

  • Erdem Sahin
    Erdem Sahin 7 小时 前

    I don’t understand the song question from Kendall? Is Harry like crush on her or something else? #explainlikea5yrsold

  • Orange Pickles
    Orange Pickles 7 小时 前

    These two together...!!

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk 7 小时 前

    Hahahaha this is so much fun

  • MarielleBurton
    MarielleBurton 7 小时 前

    how skinny kendall is.

  • Mariam Seedat
    Mariam Seedat 7 小时 前


  • monika
    monika 7 小时 前

    when can harry fill my guts 😰

  • I was on a diet, but I donut care anymore

    Kendall should eat all of that. Cuz damn she a stick🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason 88
    Jason 88 7 小时 前

    She’s going to throw it up later anyways. Ok someone had to say it.