Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

  • 添加 2019年06月11日
  • I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
    Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)
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评论 • 23 832

  • Bangtan basura
    Bangtan basura 天 前

    Yes, give rich people more free things

  • random girl on the internet

    I want Shane to do my makeup like actually!

  • Aj&Faitb Hartman

    Is Shane going to come back on CNclip

  • qloomypeach
    qloomypeach 天 前

    can't wait to say i watched shane before he turned into jeffree star

  • Adri Katlynn
    Adri Katlynn 天 前

    Aww rich lux blushed when shane clocked him!

  • Adri Katlynn
    Adri Katlynn 天 前

    Jeffree×Shane is going to sell out faster than Tanacon went under!

  • Libby Swift
    Libby Swift 天 前

    The gold wall isn’t fully striped and it’s rly gonna bother me

  • Miss Meliss
    Miss Meliss 天 前 +1

    Flip over the flops! 😂😂😂
    I love you guys so much! I laugh EVERY TIME!

  • Shatoya Woodard
    Shatoya Woodard 天 前

    Ryland should become a home designer! He’s so talented

  • McGreger
    McGreger 天 前

    Seeing Shane rich is so empowering. Knowing he was poor for so long and now look at him?

  • The King
    The King 天 前


  • Jikjek Bangha-on

    Ryland "You Rock in Interior Design" Adams. Ship! 🤘😍

  • Chris Tribble
    Chris Tribble 天 前

    I said do you know who Shane Dawson it and somebody said oh yeah the makeup guy right I might know the dude who does creepy conspiracy theories but the one with the cartoon is that fear that one him that's all I want I know you love us same idea though same person

  • Nova Lynn
    Nova Lynn 天 前

    Shane honestly is looking so good, like his skin looks better and he seems comfortable.

  • Fathnin Mathews
    Fathnin Mathews 天 前

    The richlux part hahahahaha

  • Annie
    Annie 天 前

    This is next level

  • Kristyn
    Kristyn 天 前

    Great Job Ryland.

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    Can you come do my room 😂😂 I'll pay to go see Shane's room 😩

  • Josey Salhab
    Josey Salhab 天 前

    Wait your coming out with a make up line with Jeffery...??

  • Marisol Gonzale
    Marisol Gonzale 2 天 前

    Hi shane yaw

  • Sierra Pauline
    Sierra Pauline 2 天 前

    omg i have the shirt that ryland is wearing 😭

  • Pipster The sky
    Pipster The sky 2 天 前

    I stan those glasses

  • Skyanna Kirby
    Skyanna Kirby 2 天 前

    Omg 26:37 😭 so cute

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown 2 天 前

    You did such an amazing job Ryland!!! The room is amazing!!!!

  • Fiona Baldwin
    Fiona Baldwin 2 天 前


  • earth me
    earth me 2 天 前 +1

    shane has such a sadness in his eyes for the past while. I really hope he is okay and if he is struggling with anything, I truly hope he finds ways to treat himself with self love and gets through whatever he is going through

  • ava j
    ava j 2 天 前

    ryland the beauty room looks incredible!! you did an amazing job

  • kiersten anderson
    kiersten anderson 2 天 前

    Litterally shanes so lucky to have a boyfriend like ryland to do this for him!!!😍

  • Phoenix Kennedy
    Phoenix Kennedy 2 天 前 +3


  • Phoenix Kennedy
    Phoenix Kennedy 2 天 前

    I need my future beauty room to look cozy like this but instead of brown, I want gray. Ryland did such a good job!! 😭 I loveeeee this room.

  • afraditiss
    afraditiss 2 天 前

    Very beautiful

  • Victoria Castro
    Victoria Castro 2 天 前

    Ryland youre really sweet and supportive boyfiee!!! I wish my bf is as sweet as you! 😍😍😍😍

  • Anna Lou
    Anna Lou 2 天 前 +1

    Lol why do i feel like ryland is going to spend more time in there sipping his iced coffee in that chair than Shane is going to spend doing makeup 😂

  • Foundmyavocados
    Foundmyavocados 2 天 前

    Bro Ryan is the best I cannot slayyy kween

  • Lilli Baker
    Lilli Baker 2 天 前 +2

    Who needs Shane to post his new conspiracy theory video?

  • Angelica Osorno
    Angelica Osorno 2 天 前


  • yeet
    yeet 2 天 前 +1

    can you imagine that shanes love for makeup is only temporally............

    KRISTINE ! 2 天 前

    While ya'll be busy talking about shane and his new beauty room i was busy wondering why they have a head pillow of jeffree star lmao

    HUSKY LOVER 101 2 天 前 +1

    Tell shane ti post more videos plz

  • Donaldツ
    Donaldツ 2 天 前

    Shane:I have a lot of makeup
    Jefree:Hold my pallet

  • Bree Moules
    Bree Moules 2 天 前

    Damn I wish I had me a bae that would do shit like that for me 😂

  • Anthony Serna
    Anthony Serna 2 天 前

    Wait if Shane wants make up to show u can have the make moving up if u open the drawer

  • Sofia Consuella
    Sofia Consuella 2 天 前 +1

    Can u stop waving your hand around please it’s bringing tears to my eyes

  • لو لو
    لو لو 2 天 前 +1

    I don’t understand why Shane wants to launch his own products. He doesn’t know anything about makeup and never took an interest in it until he seen the money it can make. So disappointing.

  • High Mountain Mama
    High Mountain Mama 2 天 前

    Looks so good Ryland! Awesome job!! What a great new space for a new chapter in Shane’s and yours lives. 💕

  • Diana Burgos
    Diana Burgos 2 天 前 +1


    • Diana Burgos
      Diana Burgos 2 天 前

      I thought he meant for him and ryland needed space

  • E R R O R _K I L L M E

    Can you please tell Shane to shave his beard I love him but common really Shane and your a Beauty gooru now too no shade tho 😂❤️

  • Elliot Barrios
    Elliot Barrios 2 天 前 +1

    When will Shane post videos again

  • Matti Giles
    Matti Giles 2 天 前

    all my gucci brushes and my ...... tom fords. 😂

  • Kaice Halter
    Kaice Halter 2 天 前

    I will put a 😂 for every like

  • Gabrielle Impagliazzo

    I can’t wait too see the Shane/ Jeffrey vision come thru and watch Shane using his conspiracy palette in this room 😍😍😘

  • dreaming meming
    dreaming meming 2 天 前 +3

    i’m a lil conflicted, like slay and all, but shane is supposed to be our relatably not relatable middle aged average guy but now he’s a fricking makeup guru

  • DaRLeNe WoLFE
    DaRLeNe WoLFE 2 天 前 +1

    Has anybody just taken a breather and watched some good old Shane Lee Yaw when he used to UPLOAD DAILY and we could watch him explore haunted hotels and ships and now he post a 1 and a half hour video didn't post for 4 FUCKIN MONTHS

  • scott felton
    scott felton 2 天 前

    thank you for this video. keep your stick on the ice.

  • Ava G
    Ava G 2 天 前

    If you do invite you tubers over and do their makeup do jojo siwa

  • Miriam A.
    Miriam A. 2 天 前 +1

    I am over shane and this makeup shit.

  • Bailey Faries
    Bailey Faries 2 天 前

    Can ryland make a series?! Cause this is everything!

  • Koni In-a-nutshell
    Koni In-a-nutshell 2 天 前 +1

    How much times Shane said “so”.

  • Katryna Crossett
    Katryna Crossett 2 天 前

    Who else’s jaw dropped when they saw a the before and after?! I’m shook😳

  • Michael Faulkenberry

    Shane I adore you! Truly! Next Jeffery star so real and yourself perfect that way. Gosh I would love to make a mommy affordable super healthy for r skin because we don’t have time to take care of our skin so using make up that’s good for u would make mommy’s lives so much more simple I have a trillion ideas like that xoxo ps. Using my bf tube this Amanda Persinger n da house

    • Michael Faulkenberry
      Michael Faulkenberry 2 天 前

      Pss I’m a master cleaner organizer wish I was there to play with the makeup and organize with y’all I’d be n my glory

  • Shaira Lopez
    Shaira Lopez 2 天 前

    After the reveal of andrew, i started to have a crush on him hahahahaha wtf

  • Lucy Ermilio
    Lucy Ermilio 2 天 前 +1

    I genuinely was most excited for him to react to the pig pillow

  • shortleggedbrunette m

    i love y’all together 🥺

  • Alora Avila
    Alora Avila 2 天 前

    Shane’s skin is looking a lot better

  • ColoredReality
    ColoredReality 2 天 前

    I’m glad Shane continues to guest star in other videos 😂 I try to keep up so I don’t miss him too much.

  • rebecca vernier
    rebecca vernier 2 天 前

    Ryland you did an Amazing makeover!!

  • Yuri Ávila
    Yuri Ávila 2 天 前

    To be a rich man it's to decide to like something and buy a full collection. I mean, goals, right? Hahaha

  • ToriBelle96
    ToriBelle96 2 天 前 +1

    I'm gonna cry, I am so happy to see Shane taking care of himself and finding new hobbies, I'm also trying to do better with showering, brushing my teeth and washing my face and Shane is a huge inspiration and I know he'll never know who I am but it feels nice like I get to get better with one of my biggest idols if not the biggest idol I have

  • TheHelenaPatek
    TheHelenaPatek 2 天 前 +1

    If I was stable enough to by myself or someone a vanity and decor for the room, I would never want a brand to give it to me for free. This is making rich people even more rich and privileged and middle class to poor, even more poor, causing even more social differencies and social exclusion. Same goes with pr packages and other free stuff. Why? Personally I feel more distant from youtubers than EVER before and this is something we NEED to aknowledge. Why wouldn't someone give away that free vanity to someone who's poor but loves makeup? And that much makeup that will expire before you even get the chance to open it? I dunno, I've never in my life felt so repulsive by the CNclip community, gurus and what not. I admire the success and hard work honestly, but this is taking it too far. This is just my opinion.

  • deoo iopg
    deoo iopg 2 天 前

    Waiting for the discount code so I can buy this mirror!!!!!!

  • Amber Rhae
    Amber Rhae 2 天 前

    Why is Shane looking like Bam Margera rn??

  • KittenButterBean
    KittenButterBean 2 天 前

    Shane give the makeup to me xD

  • David Clifton
    David Clifton 2 天 前

    Ask. Shane about smiley

  • Bumble B33
    Bumble B33 2 天 前 +2

    Shane reminds me of the dude from the hunch back of notre dame
    But liek in a rly good way if that makes sense ya know?

  • April Love
    April Love 2 天 前

    Tati and James and the whole beauty community is shook and wig less

  • Pretty Basic
    Pretty Basic 2 天 前

    Andrew’s “yeah.sorry” made me literally cry😭19:55-19:57

  • prit lex
    prit lex 3 天 前

    Please have a shade called Cheeto Dust, PLEASE

  • Kylah Cruz
    Kylah Cruz 3 天 前 +1

    If Shane ever gets to much makeup just know I'm here 😂💛

  • Chelsea Koteles
    Chelsea Koteles 3 天 前 +1

    Okay, but like can Ryland help me decorate the inside of my new house?

  • The Taylors
    The Taylors 3 天 前

    Dang.. I’m re-doing my room and I want Ryland to do it. He did great! 😂😍

  • Jackie
    Jackie 3 天 前

    good job!! i mean idk about that wall lol anyways nice job ryland!

  • Natalie Lehigh
    Natalie Lehigh 3 天 前


  • katycat27354 09
    katycat27354 09 3 天 前

    Make a 24 hour challenge in there

  • Alyssa lee
    Alyssa lee 3 天 前 +1

    Did Shane just stop posting because I swear I am going to die if I don't get my daily comedy and conspiracy theories. Please tell him to upload videos.

  • xX_SamBam_Xx
    xX_SamBam_Xx 3 天 前 +1

    "so in the meantime might as well turn it into my fucking glam room, bitch James stop shaking"... |Edit: i liked my own comment bc i nobody else would

  • AnImproversation
    AnImproversation 3 天 前

    Okay so where can I get that desk though?

  • Alexis Kis
    Alexis Kis 3 天 前

    Masculine glam cave....

  • Maureen Elizabeth
    Maureen Elizabeth 3 天 前


  • Jessica Bunyard
    Jessica Bunyard 3 天 前

    Waiting for the discount code so I can buy this mirror!!!!!!

  • Brooke Webber
    Brooke Webber 3 天 前

    Everyone talking bout Shane but the amount of love and effort Ryland put into this is just amazing

  • PotatoHoldingABreadstick

    I love how genuine andrew is being but it sounds so akward😂

  • Ling Yang
    Ling Yang 3 天 前

    Ryland and Morgan are such natural interior designers...and then there's Shane who used to wear same shirts everyday

  • Kam S
    Kam S 3 天 前

    Damn Shane’s evolution from skit comedy, music, to vlogging, to conspiracy, to documentaries to BEAUTY! What can he not do honestly.

  • Hope Hamilton
    Hope Hamilton 3 天 前

    I love Andrew's reaction ahah. 😂😂

  • Melynie Playz
    Melynie Playz 3 天 前


  • kyli Collins
    kyli Collins 3 天 前

    Omg ryland please come decorate my house! Lol

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan 3 天 前

    Hey Ryland, could you pretty please do a video with a pet psychic. Especially for cheetoh since he's my favorite but also a borderline bipolar. Lady like and joey graceffa have done videos like that and I've found them really interesting. Would love to know how your children "pets" feel about each other and there owners

  • Gacha Doodle
    Gacha Doodle 3 天 前

    Wtf happened to Shane
    I miss the Dumb DIY Shane lmao

    Jefree Star took over him oof

    Shane make a gosh damn video Mr Piggy

    No offense but
    He calls himself one so ******Snatches own weave******

  • Dusty Unicorn
    Dusty Unicorn 3 天 前

    It is a beautiful room, you have awesome taste

  • Feral Suda
    Feral Suda 3 天 前

    yooooo morgan gained!!!!!