we finally did it!

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  • for a long time me and marzia wanted to travel here together so for our 6 year anniversary we finally did and it was amazing
  • 喜剧喜剧

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  • Jurai Andou
    Jurai Andou 小时 前

    Xôx!!! Zöu hüzt xëpv vō Īdêmäph! Jömē Fänsss!

  • Robotokio
    Robotokio 15 小时 前 +1

    I live in Iceland :O

  • Zafir S
    Zafir S 18 小时 前

    from the thumbnail it looked like the burj khalifa lol

  • Royalty MSP
    Royalty MSP 20 小时 前

    Omg biggest CNclipr ever in my country, like damn I can’t believe this.

  • _Zelqowa_
    _Zelqowa_ 23 小时 前

    omfg Iceland is my fav country 🖤

  • Mariyam Fauha
    Mariyam Fauha 天 前

    The northern lights part was ....woww

  • Sunil Rajbanshi
    Sunil Rajbanshi 天 前

    You rock bro

  • Sunil Rajbanshi
    Sunil Rajbanshi 天 前

    # Suraro Creation

  • Mohn Jadden
    Mohn Jadden 天 前

    Ayo shout out to ya boy @16:28 reppin' 9 year olds everywhere respecc discrete style

  • Mel S
    Mel S 天 前

    awww this is so cute !!

  • officialsuperrad

    Love Iceland, was there on tour for 3 days and it looks like nothing else in the world. So expensive but legit worth it. Nicest ppl too.

  • Ernest Milos
    Ernest Milos 天 前

    They are living their lifes fully and the rest of us, watching...

  • The Red Wizard
    The Red Wizard 2 天 前

    Dat beerd doh

  • jeon BTSjungkook
    jeon BTSjungkook 2 天 前

    Already leave a like before watching *winky face**

  • Alex Bej
    Alex Bej 2 天 前

    Where are you from @PewDiePie because your accent is not from UK !?

  • R Anshory
    R Anshory 3 天 前

    nice place

  • Alexandra Elizabeth

    that kid at 16 minutes and 29 seconds is a mood

  • sachin mathai
    sachin mathai 5 天 前

    @PewDiePie Come to India man

  • sachin mathai
    sachin mathai 5 天 前

    Come to India @pewdiepie

  • icepipay Dimatera
    icepipay Dimatera 5 天 前


  • king Heimir
    king Heimir 5 天 前 +1

    I'm from Iceland

  • AtulPM 185
    AtulPM 185 6 天 前

    TITLE of ur vid seems as if it means - " u both finally did *IT* "

  • A Dead Meme
    A Dead Meme 6 天 前

    I can't believe I haven't watched this video already.... Wtf

  • Emil Nyman
    Emil Nyman 6 天 前


  • Gathering Nostalgic Stupid Anime Songs Playlist

    The place is like final fantasy xv

  • Mr. Kid Auditore
    Mr. Kid Auditore 7 天 前 +1

    hell yea

  • abdo pro 5
    abdo pro 5 7 天 前

    عجيب لما العنوان بالعربية 😅

  • Carlo's World
    Carlo's World 7 天 前

    Hey Pewds! Try to visit Philippines

  • Low spec Gamer BD
    Low spec Gamer BD 8 天 前

    KATLA is a fish name here in Bangladesh XD

  • Mr Random Potato
    Mr Random Potato 8 天 前

    Im from icland

  • Nelsonvlogs 27
    Nelsonvlogs 27 8 天 前

    I get 300 ping and 2 downloads speed

  • Jón Svali Svalason

    Ther ar no snaks in Iceland

    • EinsiPeinsi
      EinsiPeinsi 7 天 前

      Jón Svali Svalason nice engrish

  • Can Ağaoğlu
    Can Ağaoğlu 8 天 前

    love thşis video

  • Jón Svali Svalason

    The íslenska churs name is Hallgrímskirkja

  • Jón Svali Svalason

    I live ver you so at 0:27

  • Goce Pravulov
    Goce Pravulov 9 天 前

    Walking thing goin on...
    Its called marathon 😥😆

  • Goce Pravulov
    Goce Pravulov 9 天 前

    Oh my god, am gettin so wet 😅😂

  • Calihea
    Calihea 9 天 前

    Someone really needs to start subbing your videos in Indian, Pewds. Once you get into the Indian audience, T-Series will never be able to catch up.

  • Alex Is America-Agar.io&More

    I’m just imagining a 8 year old in that outside place yelling ITS PEWDIEPIE!

  • ꧁_AlI̤̮k_꧂
    ꧁_AlI̤̮k_꧂ 10 天 前


  • PinoyCozy
    PinoyCozy 10 天 前

    kul travel vlog pewdiepie

  • JO_LAR
    JO_LAR 11 天 前

    Ég er íslenskur

  • fuck Pakistan
    fuck Pakistan 11 天 前 +1

    tere maa ki chod pew

  • Miss Nink
    Miss Nink 11 天 前

    The kid in the back doing the peace sign lmao

  • Michal Stránský
    Michal Stránský 12 天 前

    Very Nice!

  • Google Account
    Google Account 12 天 前

    I hear the middle East is quite nice this time of year as well

  • wolffang76.2x51
    wolffang76.2x51 13 天 前

    Hold up. Horse wranglers. Gyiser. I think there just in Wyoming

  • okay.
    okay. 13 天 前

    420K likes owhmygawd

  • Izabel Defante
    Izabel Defante 13 天 前

    Does someone know what camera Marzia uses?

  • A random face in a yellow background :/

    we finally did it! we defeated tseries

  • Michael Laverinto
    Michael Laverinto 14 天 前

    *i'am home god dammit*

  • mentaly reatard reatard

    Af hverju ísland

  • MonkeyF1st
    MonkeyF1st 15 天 前

    great vlogs pewds!

  • Kattie I
    Kattie I 15 天 前

    16:28 the boy🙊🙊🙊🤣

  • Christina Burnley
    Christina Burnley 15 天 前

    I've never thought about nor wanted to visit Iceland, but now I do... thanks for sharing aye 💘

  • Ulrik Sørnes
    Ulrik Sørnes 16 天 前

    Skal du drikke lit heimbrent

  • atul kishan
    atul kishan 16 天 前

    Okay but where is the frakin ICE..!!!

    • atul kishan
      atul kishan 15 天 前

      Iceland="no ice"
      Ultimate clickbait...!! 👏👏

    • snake dude
      snake dude 15 天 前

      atul kishan no u hav to go to GREENLAND!

  • jericho roscas
    jericho roscas 16 天 前

    Wow,,that internet 😢

  • jericho roscas
    jericho roscas 16 天 前

    You already looked like conor

  • Karl Kjellander
    Karl Kjellander 16 天 前

    ” Nu ska vi ta en liten öl, riktigt hembränt ja det är gött!” Hahahah jävla kung! Gör fler vloggar!

  • super fan of carter sharer

    I'm from Iceland 🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸 and it's really good u enjoyed this amazing trip

  • PrsnWhoCantShoot
    PrsnWhoCantShoot 16 天 前

    Made in Google Photos

    FULL MOVIE HD 16 天 前

    I thought Iceland was all ice

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT 11 天 前

      Green land has more ice than ice land

  • kookie bunny
    kookie bunny 17 天 前


  • Patricia Pamine
    Patricia Pamine 17 天 前

    Wtf net speed😂

  • Abacus The Great
    Abacus The Great 18 天 前

    T gay

  • Nazmur Rakib
    Nazmur Rakib 18 天 前

    Visit Bangladesh.😅😅

  • daniel farias
    daniel farias 18 天 前

    Nice alpha coat

  • Sothany Lor
    Sothany Lor 18 天 前

    I wanna be rich

  • Lori Brewster
    Lori Brewster 18 天 前

    As a Southern American, I can say I'm an Island expert. My bedroom is even painted in the color "Iceland". Oh, except for the language. Nobody can speak Icelandic. I love Skyr, I can say some words, but no sentences. I know what the allthing is and love their horses, the cleanliness, the people, and the blue lagoon. Pick up a true Fairisle sweater and seek out the Aurora Borealis. And Gullfoss. And get some pizza at Sliceland! And there is practically no crime. God I love Island!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Molly Gz
    Molly Gz 18 天 前

    These vibes are making me miss someone I prolly don't know.

  • Ata Ur Rehman
    Ata Ur Rehman 19 天 前


  • Walan Runner Gaming
    Walan Runner Gaming 19 天 前

    Ohh Finally I saw A Pew Vlog

  • Tonya S
    Tonya S 19 天 前

    You two are so cute.

  • Sophs Moran
    Sophs Moran 19 天 前

    i look like a wet cat

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage 19 天 前

    can someone make a meme from 17:40 thx

  • Vicente Villalon
    Vicente Villalon 20 天 前

    No dead bodies arround here...

  • demiurgo
    demiurgo 20 天 前

    14:35 "ostia puta" LOLOLOLOLOL

  • P4in Gaming
    P4in Gaming 20 天 前

    1:41 That internet speed tho 👏👏😎😎

  • Dark Knigh
    Dark Knigh 22 天 前

    Hey pewd your money can buy sportcar why dont you buy?

  • Golden Sketcher
    Golden Sketcher 23 天 前

    I thought they finally did it on the bed...

  • F B I
    F B I 23 天 前


  • Patty Nielsen
    Patty Nielsen 23 天 前

    thanks for sharing your trip, what a beautiful country.

  • Adiba Hossain
    Adiba Hossain 23 天 前

    4:53 me at my ex xD

  • Soffía Hafstein
    Soffía Hafstein 23 天 前

    and i think the best water is in iceland and you dont have to drink out off bottles

  • Brooke Faulkner
    Brooke Faulkner 24 天 前

    the landscape looks so much like yuma

  • Brooke Faulkner
    Brooke Faulkner 24 天 前

    the first time ever a pewdiepie video elicited a wow from me, would love to see the northern lights. much love

  • Rachel Watermelon
    Rachel Watermelon 24 天 前 +1

    In the thumbnail it seemed like you were mocking Logan Paul on that color blind thing 😂

  • Zalán Mokos
    Zalán Mokos 24 天 前

    Lol random person says at the end: "its like R2D2"

  • Shory Aayush99
    Shory Aayush99 24 天 前 +1

    I thought T-Series lost. Lmfao

  • FacelessX God
    FacelessX God 25 天 前

    That view 😍😍😍😍

  • buttersquash
    buttersquash 26 天 前


  • Dead Moo5e
    Dead Moo5e 26 天 前


    MR PINEAPPLE36 36 27 天 前

    Greenland vlog

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan 27 天 前

    Bro stop laughing like that

  • gül suyu
    gül suyu 27 天 前

    Come on Turkey 😊😉

  • melisa yumak
    melisa yumak 27 天 前

    sizi o kadar cok seviyorum ki💗💗

  • stop ask
    stop ask 28 天 前

    so guys we did it

  • N-NANI!
    N-NANI! 28 天 前 +2

    So guys we did it