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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  25 天 前 +2141

    NOTE: I accidentally said olive oil during the cast iron seasoning - I meant vegetable! Only use neutral-flavor oils like vegetable, canola, sunflower, or shortening!

    • Matthew Worrall
      Matthew Worrall 18 天 前

      Joshua Sims 1:45

    • illiniwu
      illiniwu 20 天 前

      I think wood countertops look awesome (love the look of the British Bake Off kitchen) and now I know how to maintain it if I ever get them! Could you include affiliate links for the products you used (Whetstone??, that wood soap/conditioner)?

    • Linda. Sue Sharma
      Linda. Sue Sharma 20 天 前

      +Syrnian I season mine with whatever I have on hand . Coconut oil does great !

    • Syrnian
      Syrnian 21 天 前 +1

      The fat is irrelevant. You will never taste the seasoning. The fat becomes a polymer and bonds to the pan.

    • Adiera1226
      Adiera1226 21 天 前

      Have you ever tried to add Worcestershire to your shopping list on alexa? We get some pretty funny results!

  • Bella Angel
    Bella Angel 天 前

    I love your glasses

  • Light Of Darkness
    Light Of Darkness 3 天 前

    Any reason why you use vinegar to clean your wooden cutting board as opposed to dish soap? Or is it just because of the size of your board makes it infeasible to rinse?

  • uriel sanduval
    uriel sanduval 5 天 前

    The kitchen was made for me

  • mxmgodin
    mxmgodin 6 天 前

    About cast iron seasoning: companies like Lodge sell products they call "seasoning spray". DON'T BUY THEM! If you read the fine print, it's just plain old canola oil in a spraycan, except it's sold for $15-20 dollars a can. You can just buy a regular bottle of oil for a fraction of the price.

  • Jericho Gonzales
    Jericho Gonzales 9 天 前

    "Whetstones are called whetstones because, well, you gotta get 'em wet."
    No. Just. No. To whet means to sharpen the blade of a tool or weapon.
    This is just we need right now. Some white-ass Brooklyn hipster douchebag with ZERO actual professional culinary experience who thinks he can teach the world how to cook. GTFO here with that shit.
    This video proves why you are actually worthless.
    You are the Lil Wayne of the culinary world.

  • G3M1N1J0K3R
    G3M1N1J0K3R 9 天 前


  • Ryan Gatts
    Ryan Gatts 9 天 前

    Please, it's "whet" not "wet". "Whet" means to sharpen; "wet" means moistened with water. You do, in fact, wet some whetstones; but you also oil some whetstones, and some whetstones are used dry. The "whet" and "wet" do not share etymology. You likewise "whet someone's appetite" and do not "wet someone's appetite".

  • 777 tocoolforvool
    777 tocoolforvool 10 天 前

    Is it me or i can see white or grey in babishes beard

  • EvMarenZ
    EvMarenZ 10 天 前

    How to season stainless steel pan?

  • dotdot pointpoint
    dotdot pointpoint 10 天 前 +3

    I wouldn't use the quick knife sharpener since it messes up your knife. If your serious about sharpening your knife only use whetstones.

  • Clarissa Helman
    Clarissa Helman 11 天 前 +1

    THANK YOU! That honing rod is NOT a knife sharpener! I asked for a knife sharpener for Christmas one year and got a honing rod instead. I try to tell everyone that they're not one in the same and no one believes me haha. Also, I thought you were supposed to use oil to sharpen the knife? Maybe either oil or water both work well? I haven't tried using water, but it does look like it works.

  • Dean Weir
    Dean Weir 11 天 前

    Just wondering if you could do a video on basics with slow cooking and prepping a pineapple ham or in general different variations and creations. Thanks my dude.

  • killernurd
    killernurd 11 天 前

    _Water_ stones want to get soaked in water. Some stones are much better served with a thin coat of honing oil, or even 3-in-1 if you don't have anything better.

  • Monaliza
    Monaliza 12 天 前

    Leaving the water on when ur not using it is a pet peeve of mine😬

  • Donald Pollard
    Donald Pollard 12 天 前

    Never use soap on your cast iron!

  • petef15
    petef15 13 天 前 +1

    the moment the knife sharpener was used, i no longer take anything seriously.

  • Simon Holmqvist
    Simon Holmqvist 13 天 前

    I have a hundred year old cast iron pan. It has a so thick layer of seasoning that i basicly doesn't rust. (I accidentally left it with water in it a couple times.

  • Lejun Liao
    Lejun Liao 13 天 前 +2

    Leaving the water running while not using it makes my heart hurt because I am a true drought tested Californian

  • Ninjanoodles78
    Ninjanoodles78 13 天 前 +2

    I thought you're never supposed to touch soap to cast iron...

  • 康同和
    康同和 13 天 前

    Essential Spices | Basics with Babish?

  • Dave Parra
    Dave Parra 14 天 前 +2

    throwing money at the knife had me laughing

  • Jennifer Grove
    Jennifer Grove 15 天 前

    2:38 Thank you! 🔪🖤

  • JAZ 530
    JAZ 530 16 天 前 +1

    Added to favorites! Thanks Babish!

  • Sinclair Dewitt
    Sinclair Dewitt 16 天 前

    Ew who would choose stainless steel over cast iron 🤦‍♀️

  • TheBoi
    TheBoi 16 天 前

    I use crisco instead of olive oil for the seasoning, is that a wise idea or should I stick with olive oil

  • quentin king
    quentin king 17 天 前

    No fucking soap!!!!
    On cast iron

  • Dominic Sear
    Dominic Sear 17 天 前

    LOVED that Curb reference! 😂

  • ultimate shota
    ultimate shota 17 天 前

    babish vs gordon ramsay :thinking:

  • Courtney Jaimes
    Courtney Jaimes 18 天 前

    Please make some of the meals from the amazing films by Studio Ghibli!

  • DaTruYugo
    DaTruYugo 18 天 前 +1

    Shouldn't be using soap...not because you're NOT supposed to but because its unnecessary and salt does a much better job.

  • robert leeland
    robert leeland 18 天 前

    Got a wok, didnt realise dishwasher would cover the dude in surface rust, steel wool aint getting it all off. Any ideas?

  • Kazzy Shawny
    Kazzy Shawny 18 天 前

    Can you do biscotti?

  • StrongAndrea
    StrongAndrea 18 天 前 +1

    Why do people on CNclip like to leave the water running for a really long time?? I don't know if it is an American thing, a youtube thing or I just have the luck of finding it everywhere, but it seems that every person I am subscribed to really enjoys wasting A LOT of water.

  • Leszek Chruściel
    Leszek Chruściel 19 天 前 +1

    is water have to be open all the time while scrubbing the pan?? i know you americans think that water is for free but suprise suprise is fucking isn't. Very low......

  • Mango Turtlenova
    Mango Turtlenova 19 天 前

    This was so satisfying oh my lord

  • joshua hand
    joshua hand 19 天 前

    YES! I want me some of them BWB fireproof gloves

  • Ian 93
    Ian 93 19 天 前 +1

    salting the knife made me spit water out of my nose

  • Matt C
    Matt C 19 天 前

    Babish is definitely my current celeb crush.

  • Luis Ortega
    Luis Ortega 19 天 前

    Should i clean and maintain ... my life? ... nahhh

  • Ida Stein
    Ida Stein 20 天 前

    you never use soap on cast iron. jesus.

  • Sonneillon44
    Sonneillon44 20 天 前

    2:10 Please tell me that you did NOT just expose your knife to open flames, you'll ruin the heat-treat!!

  • Tyler Paradise
    Tyler Paradise 20 天 前

    "But no no no!" That finger wag! Love it!

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 20 天 前

    I hit like the second I saw that knife in a spa getup =D

  • Ilay Gilat
    Ilay Gilat 20 天 前 +3

    Actually whetstones are called whetstones because whet means sharpen not because you get them wet.

  • Adil Khan
    Adil Khan 20 天 前

    Can you do some indian food?

  • D'Angelo Murphy
    D'Angelo Murphy 20 天 前

    You should do 50 First Dates. (Waffle house, Spam and eggs , etc)

  • titan splice
    titan splice 20 天 前

    i think you should do a curry from the movie "Today's special"

  • Hubert Casabuena
    Hubert Casabuena 20 天 前

    Where’s Bread Part 2?

  • Jacob Hutchins
    Jacob Hutchins 20 天 前

    When re-seasoning cast iron, it is best to do many thin layers of oil rather than a couple of thick ones. The best way to achieve this is to apply the oil, and then use a dry paper towel to buff the entire pan, until there is NO shine left. This helps avoid the sticky thick coating which would be created by using too much oil. Repeat this about 5-10 times, or as many as you can be bothered to do - the more the better! It is also crucial to place it in the oven UPSIDE DOWN as this prevents the oil from pooling on the cooking side. Thanks for the great video as always Babish, I'm gonna have to go source some of that board cream stuff. Sounds ideal!

  • Ryan Arranz
    Ryan Arranz 20 天 前

    Babish is the type of guy to respect wood (if you were intentionally referencing Curb Your Enthusiasm I'm very happy)

  • Kyrell Jenkins
    Kyrell Jenkins 20 天 前 +2

    Wusthof ikons are sharpened to 14 degrees not 17-20. those quick sharpeners are total garbage and useless not recommended at all. a decent Honing rod for maitenance and whetstone for resharpening. thats all you need. I am a prep cook and I use my knives everyday. havent had to sharpen my knives with a whetstone only honed them in the month Ive had my newest knives (lost the last ones) and they still cut pretty much as well as they did when I bought them.

  • Fisklina
    Fisklina 20 天 前

    Never ever use any soap or such on cast iron. And also whet stones, not wet. And wrong on grit.

  • Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy

    Make the Sluzzle Wurst from The Amazing World of Gumball.

  • Niko Robbin
    Niko Robbin 20 天 前

    Can u make water tribe food from avatar the last air bender

  • Brittany Pattee
    Brittany Pattee 20 天 前

    More asmr please!! Loved it thank you :) great video great tips.

  • YNGcole
    YNGcole 20 天 前

    Do Green Arrow’s chili

  • Haylee Ortiz
    Haylee Ortiz 20 天 前

    Do a knife skills one

  • Mello TheKiller
    Mello TheKiller 20 天 前

    When he put the sound of the knife sliding on the rock felt so relaxing

  • Cold Night Creations

    You should make the giant pancakes or the gross breakfast from uncle buck!

  • Gongmong Vang
    Gongmong Vang 20 天 前

    You should try cooking the food dishes from the game Monster Hunter World.

  • Neil HD
    Neil HD 20 天 前

    Can you recreate foods from Spider-Man PS4? Specifically the dumplings, chicken curry, and Aunt May's Wheatcakes,

  • gimmpy91
    gimmpy91 20 天 前

    I really like using steal wool for my stainless pans. Works great as well.

  • Syrnian
    Syrnian 21 天 前

    WAY too much oil. You should try to wipe out all that you can, leaving a very thin coat. Not doing so leads to drips, a sticky pan and a "seasoning" that has not polymerized.
    Hone before and during every use of the knife.
    Hilarious that people go to great lengths to season cast iron and go to great lengths to remove seasoning from other metals. LOL
    Why dilute the vinegar? It is already diluted down to 5%.

  • Cian Fitzpatrick
    Cian Fitzpatrick 21 天 前

    You should do Timpano agin.

  • NER_O
    NER_O 21 天 前

    What about heavy plastic cutting boards?

  • Rob G
    Rob G 21 天 前


  • pyruleanfire demon
    pyruleanfire demon 21 天 前

    Ive never seen someone sharpen a knife like that, spine first on pull, on a whet stone. I've always seen, & done myself, edge first passes on the stone similar to how you used the steel. Whats the difference?

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 21 天 前

    Please do the Seven Layer Salad from How I Met Your Mother!

  • A Triggerd Robloxian Boi

    Pls make Pie flavored pie from asdfmovie2

  • diveblock
    diveblock 21 天 前

    Do jelly filed donuts from pokemon

  • The Rare Stone
    The Rare Stone 21 天 前

    Babish you should make Bacon Pancakes from Adventure Time

  • Yaffa Lurie
    Yaffa Lurie 21 天 前

    Holy shit you just popped ny tingle cherry. All those ASMR videos didn't work but that knife!

  • Random Gabe
    Random Gabe 21 天 前

    I wonder if Babish would be interested in doing CBD edibles.
    There's so few people in that neck of the woods it would be great to see somebody with such prowess.

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 21 天 前

    The part of him cleaning the cast iron pan almost made it seem like he was cooking invisible food. :v

  • Beyblader 79
    Beyblader 79 21 天 前

    Do adventure time Finn cakes

  • Isaac Sp
    Isaac Sp 21 天 前

    You should do a video about what to do with leftovers.

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor 21 天 前

    Cast iron can be frustrating, cause you hear about how awesome it's supposed to be, while your eggs just keep sticking. Have to say, just buy Crisbee cast iron seasoning, follow the directions, & finally enter cast iron zen. Works on carbon steel pans too.

  • Lord Whiney X27X
    Lord Whiney X27X 21 天 前

    I haven’t really made an attempt at cooking but your videos are amongst the most entertaining and educational on CNclip. Subscribed!

  • MusicalWeasel
    MusicalWeasel 21 天 前

    Kent Rollins also has a really good cast iron care video. Check him out. It’s quicker and just as effective imo.

  • anonymous7851
    anonymous7851 21 天 前

    I'm still hoping for a cocktail basics part 2

  • Crappy / Edits
    Crappy / Edits 21 天 前

    Hey babish, you should make one of the shrimp plates from hawaii five-o

  • chenghao Lin
    chenghao Lin 21 天 前

    You call that pubg pan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G K
    G K 21 天 前

    Consider turning water off.

  • Cory Beale
    Cory Beale 21 天 前

    I dont care how many of these videos I have watched. It will always be pronounced Bing-ing with Babish inside my head.

  • DBSbluedevil
    DBSbluedevil 21 天 前

    Ermergerrhhhd I know how to heal my sad busted up cutting board. Thanks Babie

  • StonedT Rexxx
    StonedT Rexxx 21 天 前

    Who clicked on the video cause pan is from Pubg

  • James Stevick
    James Stevick 21 天 前

    PULL THROUGH SHARPENERS ARE THE DEBIL *momma Boucher intensifies*

  • Eli M
    Eli M 21 天 前

    What do people use to rub oil into their cast iron to season it? ime paper towels and cloth rags always leave lint behind.

  • Karma Lhamo
    Karma Lhamo 21 天 前

    Great tips! But the open tap water bothered me throughout... pls be mindful :/

  • Mgreyskull's Studio
    Mgreyskull's Studio 21 天 前

    Oh baby that beautiful sound of the blade sharpening over that wet stone wink. Hehehehe, gets me going. Oh wait, here comes that rod! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Guilherme Gramm
    Guilherme Gramm 21 天 前

    Hey Babish, when is the Basics Bread part 2 coming out? Would really love to see a sourdough one!

  • Zed J.
    Zed J. 21 天 前

    asmr... YES DADDY!!!

  • Armadio21
    Armadio21 21 天 前

    One question, do I have to do that every time with the cast iron?

  • MR Joombalee productions

    You should do sandvich from tf2

  • AbsoluteTrash C:
    AbsoluteTrash C: 22 天 前

    You looking on clean with that beard.

  • bugalaman
    bugalaman 22 天 前

    I'm going too disagree with how you seasoned. You don't want to use a lot of oil. It should be a very light coat baked many times over. If you're getting drips off of your pan, then you're using way too much oil. Too much oil will make your pan sticky.

  • Tyson Ly
    Tyson Ly 22 天 前

    Cevapi from key and peele

  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens 22 天 前

    609,321st view

  • Rikkay Moya
    Rikkay Moya 22 天 前

    Great tips babish!! Appreciate you going up and beyond