How to make patchy brows a thing of the past with Benefit’s NEW Brow Collection!

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  • Bare spots, sparse hairs or scars? Learn the tips & tricks to filling the gaps from start to end with Benefit’s Brow Collection! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for easy eyebrows that wow! Use the NEW goof proof eyebrow pencil to add natural-looking fullness in a flash. Add drama with NEW ka-BROW eyebrow cream that boasts buildable color for bold, big eyebrows.
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  • Lacey Ann
    Lacey Ann 10 天 前

    patchy brows? Try having barely any hahaha :(

  • SAV Royal
    SAV Royal 23 天 前

    If this is what they call expert thanks! Her brows looked better before applying the product.

  • athena nikas
    athena nikas 个月 前

    Why is my kabrow so dry?

  • Aqua31 Forsberg
    Aqua31 Forsberg 个月 前

    Her Asian accent gets on my nerves I could watch whole vid

  • Eve CM
    Eve CM 个月 前

    I hate her voice...

  • Sara Brant
    Sara Brant 个月 前

    Could they find a more annoying host?? Need acting classes sweetheart.. I couldn't concentrate on the video I was just concentrated on how annoying she was.. that's my opinion and last time I checked I was allowed to have one

  • Mary Chua
    Mary Chua 2 个月 前

    I have shades 4 & 5 in Ka-Brow pomade😻 This product is really for people who are good at grooming their brows. Beginners at brow grooming might struggle with Ka-Brow. It took me a few times to finesse the product to my liking. It’s almost budge proof if you use less & buff off the excess💁🏻‍♀️👍🏼

  • Kathy Piza
    Kathy Piza 2 个月 前

    Alguien le diga que se depile las cejas pls ? Gracias :p

  • Kim Machiiko
    Kim Machiiko 2 个月 前


  • Oh My God, Gasp
    Oh My God, Gasp 3 个月 前

    I laughed out loud when she said "easy!" At the 1:47 mark lol she's so cute.

  • Jasmin Mendoza
    Jasmin Mendoza 3 个月 前

    the hell 🤨

  • Tasha Brooker
    Tasha Brooker 3 个月 前

    I love this product so much! ❤️😍

  • Sousou19889 S
    Sousou19889 S 4 个月 前

    Is the gel will dry

  • Gina Nae
    Gina Nae 4 个月 前

    A hot mess

  • R Hd
    R Hd 4 个月 前


  • Manjit Kaur Manjit Kaur


  • Shanplus3
    Shanplus3 4 个月 前

    That looks like crap.

  • pé mèo
    pé mèo 5 个月 前

    Where to buy the first number 2 Where to buy and where to export

  • heaven 101
    heaven 101 5 个月 前 +1

    You guys only have 6 shades like wtf

  • txrxirynnx tv
    txrxirynnx tv 5 个月 前

    Omg,is the girl with short hair (the one who’s eyebrow is drawn on)from Hunter Street?Tess?!

  • Avryl Carmona
    Avryl Carmona 5 个月 前

    That's not her eyebrow color! And it's messy!

  • only for fun every day
    only for fun every day 5 个月 前

    the host is so quiet ,,,😊😊😅😄

  • indirajane
    indirajane 5 个月 前

    The product made her brows look terrible!!!

  • Tulsiram Baghele
    Tulsiram Baghele 5 个月 前

    Foundation se kala pan aata h na

  • Pankaj Valand
    Pankaj Valand 5 个月 前

    Jamts haircut haircut is

  • Dar Ravia
    Dar Ravia 5 个月 前


  • Ravi Bartiya
    Ravi Bartiya 5 个月 前 +1

    wow you are so sweet i am from INDIA love to see you

  • Sukhwinder Kaur
    Sukhwinder Kaur 5 个月 前

    Oh its cool

  • indian Indian
    indian Indian 5 个月 前

    Not bad 😆😆

  • Marie Dayrit
    Marie Dayrit 5 个月 前

    Benefit still using animals to test their product, then hell know..... I was even planning to buy benefit product now i know i dont have to

  • OfficiallyKinza
    OfficiallyKinza 5 个月 前

    Say Aba Cada ba

  • Monique Hearts
    Monique Hearts 5 个月 前

    3:27 hahaha I thought she said: but if your dick goes really well you’re all set😂😂😂

  • Candy Lim
    Candy Lim 5 个月 前


  • Shamnasham6050 Sham
    Shamnasham6050 Sham 5 个月 前


  • Sugar Baby
    Sugar Baby 5 个月 前

    Oof proof

  • Kamola Rustamova
    Kamola Rustamova 5 个月 前

    She didn't do well! I mean her brows look bad

  • Daisy O'Rourkex
    Daisy O'Rourkex 5 个月 前

    Too blocky

  • Norma Parker
    Norma Parker 5 个月 前

    I have patchy eyebrows. I am definitely going to check this out

  • Gabi
    Gabi 5 个月 前

    i always mess up microwave popcorn

  • Alaskan_bunny
    Alaskan_bunny 5 个月 前

    Look at the tip.

  • keisha sayoto
    keisha sayoto 6 个月 前

    You copy michelle dy's eyebrow tutorial

  • Amaya Ame
    Amaya Ame 6 个月 前

    She's cute 😍

  • Liceria Parumog
    Liceria Parumog 6 个月 前

    i love benifit

  • Jasmine Lockhart
    Jasmine Lockhart 6 个月 前

    I like the “kabrow”

  • sei boy
    sei boy 6 个月 前

    her brows were already thick enough i think,u should try in somone who dnt hve

  • harshitha harshi
    harshitha harshi 6 个月 前


  • Angel Cuebas
    Angel Cuebas 6 个月 前

    They all look like shit
    "Short light strokes" and it looks like she smeared a crayon on her brows.

  • Tausi Kalazile
    Tausi Kalazile 6 个月 前

    jinsi kupika kababu

  • Andrea
    Andrea 6 个月 前

    i wish i had brows like that

  • shantha s
    shantha s 6 个月 前

    Very beautiful lady

  • loolizzyloo
    loolizzyloo 6 个月 前

    This lady is so cute and funny ! lol ...she makes me feel happy inside...I love her !

  • Hibiscus Angel
    Hibiscus Angel 6 个月 前

    Thicker brows definitely looks younger

  • Vasava Rahul
    Vasava Rahul 6 个月 前

    to yahki sochi

  • creative diy fun
    creative diy fun 6 个月 前 +1

    Her voice irritating me ugh 😵

  • Sham Singh
    Sham Singh 6 个月 前

    it looks awesome

  • fiza mukhtar
    fiza mukhtar 6 个月 前


  • Monika rai
    Monika rai 6 个月 前

    U r so cute nd beautiful

  • Williams Doyom Williams Doyom

    U r acting like baby...dnt act too much...

  • Sk Rabiddin
    Sk Rabiddin 6 个月 前 +1

    It's nice

  • Parvez Ruler
    Parvez Ruler 6 个月 前

    Soooooooo nice lovely u r

  • Dhanalakshmi Manikandan


  • vikash kumar
    vikash kumar 6 个月 前

    What the fuck

  • Zahra Khan
    Zahra Khan 6 个月 前

    Very good

  • Nagendra Jaiswal
    Nagendra Jaiswal 6 个月 前

    wel done

  • sunny. sunny.
    sunny. sunny. 6 个月 前

    Not Good

  • Gopalakrishnan Krishnan


  • sofia Khan
    sofia Khan 6 个月 前

    you are so sweet 😗😗

  • neversaw
    neversaw 6 个月 前

    I love her lol

  • krishnakant bedia
    krishnakant bedia 6 个月 前

    wow..nice ebrows and you necklace is so preety

  • Saira Shaikh
    Saira Shaikh 6 个月 前

    You r so cute😍😘

  • harish Ghazi
    harish Ghazi 6 个月 前


  • bishal sarki
    bishal sarki 6 个月 前

    wow good💚💚💚💚



  • Cat Anderson
    Cat Anderson 6 个月 前

    Oh my gosh the host is adorable

  • Poulamiyes Chakraborty
    Poulamiyes Chakraborty 6 个月 前

    maata darun

  • Kashaf Tabish
    Kashaf Tabish 6 个月 前

    I like you dress colour complete getup ...I really like it....

  • Ajanur Mondal
    Ajanur Mondal 6 个月 前

    Wow nice didi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sneha Binosh
    Sneha Binosh 6 个月 前

    tkuu 4 the cool tip

  • Mona Saud
    Mona Saud 6 个月 前

    I meaaaan.... at least they look good from far away...?

  • Thriftyshopper L
    Thriftyshopper L 6 个月 前

    Where do you buy this

    ISSA HEATHER 6 个月 前

    This just literally helped me

  • ป. ปลา
    ป. ปลา 6 个月 前


  • Alison Jane
    Alison Jane 6 个月 前

    sorry but I hate the clown eyebrow look. too scary. less is more.

  • lesley mbuyi kayembe
    lesley mbuyi kayembe 6 个月 前

    I have been using benefit cream gel eyebrows for a year now
    And I Love it

  • Gurbaani Kaur
    Gurbaani Kaur 6 个月 前

    How can I buy this product

  • Fiona Reynolds
    Fiona Reynolds 6 个月 前

    Is it just me or are the colours kind of red-ish, I always have that problem and so I always end up mixing shades to get rid of the red which can make my eyebrows too dark, is there any products you can recommend for light brown hair with no red undertones.

  • Susi Babie
    Susi Babie 7 个月 前

    Your eyebrows techniques is worse @@

  • Mind Flowers
    Mind Flowers 7 个月 前

    Why does the model look so familiar??

  • 75vasso
    75vasso 7 个月 前

    i think that so expensive products such as benefit etc, must have done better with the colour range and the quality. for most dark brows why don't they sell one bloody gray pencil with very thin tip, to make our lives easier? besides the reddish (awfully wrong) colour, nor the first pencil used here is great because of the wide tip, neither the brush was stiff enough to make strokes. i found some cheaper products as nyx for example, to be much better that these here.

  • Airah Shaik
    Airah Shaik 7 个月 前

    Ur way of talking is soo attractive mam

  • Suzi Healthy Home
    Suzi Healthy Home 7 个月 前

    Lovely backdrop and great effort but.. 1. Eyebrows needed serious waxing prior 2.really bad use of product.
    I have goof proof and it looks really good done properly :/

  • Your mom’s uncle
    Your mom’s uncle 7 个月 前

    Omg the host is so cute and adorable i love her 💕💕

  • Pretty Kitty
    Pretty Kitty 7 个月 前

    They still test on Animals? 🐶🐱🐰

  • Sander van Vliet
    Sander van Vliet 7 个月 前

    Atmosphere reply poem wpwxsr logic indicator finance counsel render whisper marriage trap dust.

  • Noora nooru
    Noora nooru 7 个月 前


  • Noora nooru
    Noora nooru 7 个月 前


  • Pushpa Patil
    Pushpa Patil 7 个月 前

    ur so cute

  • Davine Keza
    Davine Keza 7 个月 前

    My sister once burnt microwave popcorn to the point at which it was black.

    I wish to keep my patchy-ass eyebrows

  • meimei Chan
    meimei Chan 7 个月 前

    i think the one without is much more natural and pretty