Lilly Singh?! #NotMyCarsonDaly

  • 添加 2019年09月17日
  • Lilly Singh's monologue from Monday, September 16 highlights the "bawses" who came before her and tackles how some people are afraid that minorities are taking over. And maybe… they are.
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评论 • 15 088

  • styx84
    styx84 2 小时 前

    I think it's safe to say that she didn't steal any of these jokes, seeing how cringey and awful they are.

  • missylissy200
    missylissy200 2 小时 前

    Okay, you're a woman of colour. We get it.

  • chucktowne
    chucktowne 3 小时 前

    The racism is real

  • Noah Peifer
    Noah Peifer 3 小时 前

    I don’t care that there’s more minorities I care if they’re not actually funny

  • ArtFreddy1
    ArtFreddy1 5 小时 前

    I'm embarrassed for her and "women of color"

  • ArtFreddy1
    ArtFreddy1 5 小时 前

    She's bombing so hard, I thought she was a "suicide bomber"
    Jokes on her

  • Sakari Smith
    Sakari Smith 6 小时 前

    If so many people dislike this, why do they keep watching it? What's the point if your just gonna take offense to everything. Obviously it's all a joke, and I don't appreciate all the 'women aren't funny' comments on this video. Saying 'this show won't last' Now you're either some idiot with a whole lot of privileges trying to prove a point, or you're trying to dis Lilly because your life is trash.

  • felicia
    felicia 9 小时 前

    Wtf is sis on about, the “white” guy from green book is Italian which is the point that they’re both minority groups that learn each other struggles. Might want to actually do your fact checks before you start assuming things to use for your unstable argument, girl bye.

  • shr00mhead
    shr00mhead 9 小时 前

    I would love to see Conan O Brien do a whole monologue about how different he is than Chinese people.

  • nah im good
    nah im good 11 小时 前 +1

    As a white person, no, Lilly, we don’t give a shit about the race of the host. We just want them to be entertaining, something that you’re not.

  • nah im good
    nah im good 11 小时 前

    can’t yall just shut the fuck up about race for two seconds

  • Andrei Iosif
    Andrei Iosif 15 小时 前 +1

    this video should have much more dislikes

  • RL Stint
    RL Stint 17 小时 前

    im nt white

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 18 小时 前 +1

    Who decided to put this overt racist on TV?

  • Alien Commander
    Alien Commander 20 小时 前 +1

    The laughs r so fake

  • ishant m
    ishant m 20 小时 前 +1

    she sucked

  • oewankenobi
    oewankenobi 21 小时 前 +1

    No one:
    Lilly Singh: I'm more than a bisexual woman of color!

  • Unfortunately Peanutbutter

    this just in . . . no one needs to know your sexuality, you can keep that too yourself thank you.

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M 天 前 +1

    The jews from MNSBC are sendind the same old message, that will have the same old history showed us just a few decades ago.

  • AIR 666
    AIR 666 天 前

    This is supremely unfunny. You can tell shes nervous tho, her voice is cracking and her mannerisms are very over the top

  • Darth Tater
    Darth Tater 天 前 +1

    Too woke to stay awake for

  • Absolute Zero
    Absolute Zero 天 前 +1

    So why is it just okay for the media to openly attack the majority of their own country, now?

  • Tobi:Sad
    Tobi:Sad 天 前 +1

    why just why, i dont fucking understand. why her, why! She isnt funny at all not in all the years have i ever laughed at her even once

  • SquishyMain
    SquishyMain 天 前 +2

    Can someone fire her from her own show?

  • Luckysingh Luckysingh


  • Luckysingh Luckysingh


  • F Fox
    F Fox 天 前

    The 80's called...they want their shoulder pads back.

  • asifbih
    asifbih 天 前

    i'm white, i don't care about RaCiSm aGAinSt WhITe pEoPlE... this is just cringy as fuck
    also quite funny she keeps acting like she's black or something

  • John Isho
    John Isho 2 天 前 +2

    It’s okay to be white

  • Yaamin Mohmmed
    Yaamin Mohmmed 2 天 前

    I’m brown and this is horrific .....
    brown bisexual brown bisexual WE FUCKING GET IT

  • Sweety 7866
    Sweety 7866 2 天 前

    Shes a sellout trash

  • salinder singh
    salinder singh 2 天 前

    she is just bicth dont add singh in your name yu dont deserve it or mean its value

  • Whitney D.
    Whitney D. 2 天 前 +4

    The best part of playing the victim is that whenever someone attacks you, you can just claim sexism or racism.

  • Okidata29
    Okidata29 2 天 前

    ouch.. tripped right out the starting blocks. hopeful they pay for better writers in 2nd season?

  • how to live
    how to live 2 天 前 +3

    Imagine having so little personality

  • Mikooljohn
    Mikooljohn 2 天 前 +1

    This is shit.

  • Awais Ali
    Awais Ali 2 天 前 +1

    Rebecca pople you are so rude and not just targeting her loads of other people couloured women have gone through a lot and your just being rude respect saying about how this show is about how brown women being rude to white people it’s a joke calm down

  • hello sunshine
    hello sunshine 2 天 前

    Oh stfu you virtual signalling cuntbag. You’re playing into all of it and capitalizing on it.

  • Bone Headed
    Bone Headed 2 天 前

    Lol, CNclip...I like your "affirmative action" on the number of likes. So obvious. Put that self loathing thumb on the scale some more.

  • Wagwan It’s Bonbon
    Wagwan It’s Bonbon 2 天 前 +2

    I’m not even white and I was annoyed by her being *so prejudiced* about white people. Like how can you seemingly want racism to go away if you’re just going to start making mildly offensive broad sweeping statements about and ENTIRE RACE of people and being extremely judgemental about them even though the vast majority of them are actually good people who care nothing about what race you are!? It makes no sense. 🤦🏽‍♀️ We came so far to overcome racism just for some SJW types to start hating white people and constantly guilting them about behaviour that happened DECADES ago. I’m brown and mixed race so I feel comfortable making the statement that coloured people definitely can be racist against white people and I see it more and more these days and it drives me nuts! Most white people *do not* hate us or want to see us segregated again so why are so many coloured people acting like they do?

      FLA-TEXAN 6 小时 前

      Low self esteem and retribution pushed by marxists

  • NightmareX123
    NightmareX123 2 天 前

    The only reason this video doesn't have more dislikes because no nobody cares enough to view this...
    and How did you miss Opera?! You pick Michelle Obama over OPERA?!

  • Proapocalypse
    Proapocalypse 2 天 前

    Affirmative action talk show host.

  • Mello Jello
    Mello Jello 2 天 前

    I came here to cringe.

  • magic cheeseball
    magic cheeseball 2 天 前 +2

    this is so funny i can't wait to see more of her shows in the future........said not one person on this comment section

  • Shpahtel Lapsta
    Shpahtel Lapsta 2 天 前

    Her clothes are too tight.

  • Ryan Brownlie
    Ryan Brownlie 2 天 前 +1

    so shes a women of colour and bi? didnt get that from this video

  • Kermit 5
    Kermit 5 3 天 前 +2

    God this is like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres combined but 3x worse.

  • Anvesha Gautamtyagi
    Anvesha Gautamtyagi 3 天 前 +1

    I am an Indian. This is not funny. Why would someone waste their time at 1:30 am to watch this? And discriminating against any race is bad. You can't talk shit about anyone. No black or white. All are people!! Is it that hard to remember? I am sure she's​ gonna blame the failure of the show on racism. You heard it here first.

  • Greg Coleman
    Greg Coleman 3 天 前

    So your whole focus was how there isn’t enough people of color while telling jokes only about the stereotypes about people of color. Do you not see the irony of it all. And apparently the only reason I should watch the show is because of your skin tone, gender, and sexual identity? Wow, this show should be super funny and entertaining.

  • Ayşenur Özen
    Ayşenur Özen 3 天 前

    I've been a fan of superwoman for so lomg but I think she doesn't understand that this isn't youtube. People don't specifically care about you and your life unlike in youtube. They wanna see good comedy. And you're not giving them anything without claiming them racist and yourself a victim. Please notice your mistake and do it the best way you do Lilly.

  • Ykhraam
    Ykhraam 3 天 前

    really suggestive hand holding 😂

  • Vega The Destroyer
    Vega The Destroyer 3 天 前

    The arrogance needed to think you can take someone who is not a comedian and have them deliver a monologue like this is shocking.

  • Nonne B
    Nonne B 3 天 前

    o an she raycess

  • SeMperfi Patriot
    SeMperfi Patriot 3 天 前

    Who tf is this chic. using brown jokes and how hard it been for her n anti middle America joke cause hey thats the trend nowadays ...I'm sure the wardrobe ppl was like oh wear the red dress with the powerful feminist lipstick and dont forget to mention how you're Bi every other min in case we forgot. from the down votes im sure this wont last but if they try to cancel just blame it on the IST

  • Alexiosif
    Alexiosif 3 天 前 +1

    Fire your writing staff they're somehow more unfunny than you

  • Its Grace Diamond
    Its Grace Diamond 3 天 前 +1

    No supportive comment?.... hmm
    I'm I the only one who loves lilly here?🤔..... just cos of one thing she did. I'm pretty sure she ain't taking it seriously cos she got white friends. she ain't racist I get she talked about it too much but she ain't racist. what about the white people who do worse they don't only talk but do horrible things. I also didn't like the fact that she put her focus on the "bisexual woman of colour" I mean I'm also one but still hate will never help and she has stopped it. she no longer say those in her new segments.
    don't just take things to heart. when white people always say horrible things about coloured people you don't see us being so emotional..... jeez!
    no hate towards anyone, I'm just saying
    who else loves lilly?🤔

  • Joseph Manderley
    Joseph Manderley 3 天 前 +2

    Want a knee-slapper? Here goes:

    Lilly Singh

  • Proud Veteran
    Proud Veteran 3 天 前 +2

    You r right. U r not only a bi-sexual women of color, but u r not funny either.

  • Homicidal Fish
    Homicidal Fish 3 天 前

    She does know your race and sexuality are not personality traits right? If you don’t like stereotypical jokes against your race why are you making so many much ruder jokes against white people? Like come on your not paving the path, Ellen and Oprah did that first honey your not that special.